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SIMI literature spreading vitriolic hate towards Hindu religion

Posted by jagoindia on November 15, 2008

Despite ban, SIMI stoking passions
Saturday, November 15, 2008
Rakesh K Singh | New Delhi

The ban on the Students’ Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) has failed to curb the outfit’s jihadi designs of spreading its terror network from Kashmir in the north to Tamil Nadu in the south and from Maharashtra in the west to Assam and Manipur in the east with the intent to stir up communal passions.

Documents and literature seized by the Madhya Pradesh police and the Intelligence Bureau show that even after the ban, the terror outfit was actively engaged in running a vitriolic campaign against the Hindu religion through its monthly publication, Tahreek-e-Millat (Movement for Coordination) ((RNI No 2003/10770).

In its April 2005 issue, the outfit’s mouthpiece carried a story by Ibn-e-Mumtaz Shahabadi, headlined “Exposing Hindutva — Kya Ram Aatankvad Ke Himayati They?” (Was Lord Rama a supporter of terrorism?). A copy of the issue is in possession of The Pioneer.

The article compared lord Hanuman’s act of setting Lanka on fire with terror attacks using weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

Another write-up in the same issue portrays lord Rama as a “failed husband” under the sub-title “Ek Naakaam Pati Tha Ram” (lord Rama was a failed husband). The perverted portrayal of the Ramayana also paints Sita as having abused lord Rama for doubting her character.

The magazine makes several other offensive and derogatory comments about the Hindu religion, publication of which could be highly offensive to the majority community.

The SIMI’s propaganda machinery remains fully active and its cadre base is expanding despite the ban. The Intelligence Bureau has furnished a list of more than 200 SIMI terrorists operating in Madhya Pradesh alone. The agency has also provided a State-wise list of 400 other cadre of SIMI, active in other States like Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

However, the intelligence agencies are yet to track an arms dump of the outfit at Darjeeling, as revealed by the top leaders of SIMI during questioning by police.

Revelations by SIMI chief Safdar Nagori about the possession of Chinese hand grenades by the outfit have “rattled” the Union Home Ministry as they point to the outfit’s links with the Bangladesh’s Directorate General of Forces’ Intelligence and the militant outfits of the North-East, a senior official pointed out.

During the narco test, the SIMI commander revealed, “There are sleeper cells of SIMI in Hubli in Karnataka and the intelligence (IB) is very much aware of them.” Nagori has already admitted about the outfit’s infiltration in a number of educational institutions in Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and the Jamia Millia Islamia.

One Response to “SIMI literature spreading vitriolic hate towards Hindu religion”

  1. Vasu said

    The (North Indian dominated) UPA Cental Government arrested Raj Thackery (a South indian politician from Mumbai ) for his remarks against north indians. But why don’t take action against the North Indian Political Leader who supports SIMI. Mulayum singh refused ban SIMi when he was the UP-CM. Taking this support SIMI people from UP(Azamgarth Distt) travelled to south Mumbai (Train blast), Hyderabad, Bangalore, West-Ahmebdabad and Jaipur and killed innocent civilians. UPA, Congress, Soniaji, Manmohan Sigh are not bothered about the death of innocent SouthIndians (Hyd,Bglr,Mumbai) and in the west (Ahmedabad and Jaipur). Why cannot he take similar action (as the MH Congress took inMumbai -arresting Raj Thackery) in Delhi, against the North Indian Politicians who support SIMI (Mulayum, Lallu, Paswan, AmarSingh), which inturn killed South Indians.
    Even now these above mentioned NorthIndian Politicians are adamant and showing support to SIMI, saying it is a “Cultural Organizaion”????.

    UPA, Congress, and Entire Delhi, UP and Bihar belt is really posing a great threat to the Democary and Unitiy of India, by the representation of leaders like Lallu,Mulyum and AmarSingh, who support SIMI, and which inturn want to kill maximum Civilians from Hindu community, across temples, courts, market etc.

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