Islamic Terrorism in India

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Indian Mujahideen’s plan to destroy India and establish Islamic rule

Posted by jagoindia on November 20, 2008

IM aimed to tarnish integrity of India’
AHMEDABAD, Nov. 19: The banned outfit Simi was rechristened as Indian Mujahideen (IM) by its active members who aimed to disintegrate India as a nation by conducting serial blasts in the city, says the chargesheet filed by the police in the 26 July serial blast case.
IM members accused in the serial bomb blast case also wanted to damage India’s secular character and avenge demolition of Babri Masjid and killing of people from the minority community during the 2002 post-Godhra riots, the 2000-page chargesheet, a copy of which is with PTI, said.

They wanted to establish Islam in India and for that they would go to any extent, including mass killing or target killing, create an atmosphere of fear among the people and instigate communal tension, the chargesheet filed in connection with the blasts at the city civil hospital and LG hospital said.

It said the serial bomb blasts in Hindu areas of the city and planting of bombs in Surat city was part of a conspiracy hatched by the IM members so that people lose faith in the constitutionally elected government in Gujarat.

Twenty six accused have been named in the chargesheet which was filed last week before metropolitan magistrate G M Patel here. 59 people have been named as absconders in the chargesheet. Eight people altogether have been arrested. n PTI

2 Responses to “Indian Mujahideen’s plan to destroy India and establish Islamic rule”

  1. Naveen said

    India is one of the nation that has tri color flag where each color has its own meaning . But the real meaning of each color as follows. Saffron – hindu , Green – Muslim , White to leave in peace with world community and relegions inspite of boundries and borders .As a human. Let me remind something to the worlds greatest idiots who thinks in a wrong way . India is not a hindu nation or a muslim nation its the life place for human to live in peace and prosperity with unity.Thats why the Nation’s administration is carried out by multiple people belong to multiple community and the relegion.Ex: The Second Father of our Nation in our young indian’s hearts Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam (the former president of india and the scientists who works for thhe nations growth is a muslim . He understood that he is one of the pillar in the nation to up hold it.So comes every citizen has nothing said as relegion they are one , India is our father and mother . in that hindu , muslim , christine and the other relegions names ….. are the names given by our parent for their childrens.Parents would never differntiate any of its children at any cost.SO we are one . We muslim , hindu , christine and all the communities are blood relative brothers . No one can seperate the strong bondage between us .if so till the last drop of blood in our body we fight against terrorism which threatens our nation…Every indian is capable of handling the weopons very well than u.Beware fools…… Together if we start our action u may never find a hideout in this world to escape …. No nation is our rival . all are our family blood relations .indians would raise not only against an attack on india or an indian citizen. World is our home , Nations are our blood relatives , india is our father and mother together we fight against terrorism …………Jai Hind ……….. Indian Citizen for our families( Nations ) peace and prosperity ……

  2. Harish Chakrawarthy said

    Pakistan will be only DESTROYED. India is becoming a super-power. Nobody especially Pakistan

    cant even touch the dust of Indian Holy lands. You Pakistanis are yourself begging for alms. Then

    how for arms?



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