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Uttarakhand Madarsas misuse state funds, multiply 200%, refuse modernisation

Posted by jagoindia on November 23, 2008

Madarsas multiply 200%, refuse modernisation
Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rajendra S Markuna | Haldwani

In spite of the Uttarakhand Government’s best efforts to modernise madarsas and bring these on par with mainstream schools by adequately funding the traditional religious learning centres, the madarsas have failed miserably to live up to expectations.

At the most, the State exchequer’s generous gesture could help increase the number of registered madarsas from 11 in the hill State (when it was part of Uttar Pradesh eight years ago) to a whooping 299 at present.

In a shocking display of utter misuse of the Government’s money, of the 299 madarsas registered with the Muslim Education Mission (MEM), only 33 could be modernised by the Social Welfare Department under its ambitious mission of bringing the hitherto old school of learning into the mainstream. The department finds it tough to convince teachers of these madarsas to include subjects like mathematics and sciences in the curricula. “To convince these teachers to switch over to modern education is not an easy task,” Social Welfare Department’s additional director RP Pant told The Pioneer.

Pant said, “Inhibitions in the minds of not-so-literate religious leaders about modernising the education in madarsas are so deep-rooted that we have been able to introduce mainline education in only 33 madarsas.”

There are nearly 2,000 students in these modernised madarsas. As these madarsas are yet to impart the same level of education as modern schools, the students fail to get good jobs after the completion of their studies.

The only option available to these students is teaching and, that too, only in these madarsas.

The Social Welfare Department extended a grant of Rs 7,000 to these identified madarsas as fund for two teachers’ salaries. Now it has been decided to double the grant, Pant said.

He added that the total number of madarsas could be much higher than anticipated in the absence of any survey. Despite the resistance shown by these traditional learning centres, the Social Welfare Department has set aside Rs 24 lakh this year for their modernisation. The MEM has computerised 125 madarsas at a cost of Rs 2.64 crore. It has also prepared a multi-media activity-learning module based on mathematics and science in Urdu for students of Classes IX to XII. About Rs 7.46 lakh have already been spent on this project during the financial year 2007-2008.

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