Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

Live blogging on Mumbai terror

Posted by jagoindia on November 27, 2008

For live blogging on Mumbai terror, visit here

4 Responses to “Live blogging on Mumbai terror”

  1. Jane said

    heck of a day, shock and awe terror attack, its horrible

  2. horizon said

    our people are busy framing charges on sadhvi pragya.They are too busy injecting truth serum to her for finding out who bombe dthe bicycle. Other side hoards of mohammudians arrive in ships on the coast of the country.

    Lets unite and kick out these mohammudians forever. Jai Bharat mata

  3. B Bhatt said

    Attacks of this magnitude and sophistication by foreigners (L-e-T) can not be carried out without a strong and resource full local support.

    This fits in perfectly with the earlier reports that Lashkar-e-Toiba and Dawood Ibrahim’s network had merged earlier this year at the behest of Paskistani ISI.

    It is high time the perpetrators of such horrific and cowardly crimes are brought to justice. The international community this time around will have to support India in pressurizing Pakistani Goverment (really ISI – which we don’t even know if is in its goverments control!) to nab the suspects and bring them to justice. It is an open secret that Mr. D Ibrahim is in Karachi (and we are sure the ISI would have forced him to go under ground by now).

  4. Raj said

    This brutal act will not be taken lightly by Indian Government and this terrorist group and all persons behind this act will pay a big price in near future. I consider this terrorist are not Muslims….why because? true Muslims will never act in such cowardly way to kill innocent people thus this terrorist’s should be named as “Bastards”.

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