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Mumbai Islamic terrorists line up and kill 5 chefs: Islam in action

Posted by jagoindia on November 29, 2008

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They shot 5 chefs after getting their sandwiches
Saturday, November 29, 2008
From Devika Sequeira,DH News Service,Panaji:

It is a moment Kevin Rego will never forget. At 4.30 am on Thursday, he heard his brother Boris dying gasps over the cell-phone after he was gunned down in the Taj Hotel kitchen by the terrorists.

“All he could do was whisper my name twice, and then call out to my dad, before the phone went completely silent at his end,” Kevin told Deccan Herald. Boris Mario, 23, was among the chefs at the Taj Hotel, cold-bloodedly gunned down by the militants. “They forced them into the kitchen sometime after 4.00 am (Friday) and ordered them to make sandwiches
“As soon as the chefs had finished, they lined up five of them, including my brother, and shot them down,” Kevin said. Boris’ father Urbano is the top chef for the Taj group in Goa.

Boris had been sneaking telephone calls to his brother and father in Goa, even as the terror-drama unfolded Thursday night, Kevin added.

Tragic note

His 37 years’ loyalty to the company and desire to see his son succeed him has struck a tragic note. Boris often told his father he was going to better him at the job.

The family was in touch with the young chef soon as they heard the news of the terror attack on Wednesday. Till 4.00 am on Thursday, they hung on to the sliver of hope that he would be somehow delivered from the endless nightmare.

“He called us at 4.00 am to say they were in the basement and ready to be evacuated in the next 15 minutes. When we didn’t hear from him we called up at 4.30, but his voice was already faint by then,” Kevin said.
Boris’ body was flown to Goa on Friday. His funeral will take place on Saturday at his village home on the island of Divar.

Hyderabad chef

Meanwhile, Vijay Rao Bhanja, 48, an executive chef at the Taj Hotel, was gunned down by terrorists in the early hours of Thursday. One of his colleagues, who luckily escaped, informed the family about the tragedy, according to agencies. Bhanja’s house at Sainikpuri in Hyderabad plunged into gloom as the family received the shocking news.

He is survived by his wife and a son.

He spoke to his wife late Wednesday night to inform her that he, along with others, was holed up in the hotel but was safe, only to be gunned down a few hours later.

Bhanja’s family was to join him in a few days for a family function in Mumbai.

2 Responses to “Mumbai Islamic terrorists line up and kill 5 chefs: Islam in action”


    Let’s pray that all senseless killing will cease
    With greater love and care all evils will decrease
    And mutual respect for human lives will only increase
    When mankind accepts that “God is love” with real ease

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 301108
    Sun. 30th Nov. 2008.

  2. rakesh said

    Please dont use sentence :Islam in Action”

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