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I have done right, I have no regrets says Mumbai Islamic terrorist

Posted by jagoindia on December 1, 2008

I have no regrets, surviving Mumbai terrorist tells Indian police
Dec 1 2008 By Victoria Ward

MUMBAI massacre terrorist Azam Amir Kasav proudly boasted to police: “I have done right, I have no regrets.”

The baby-faced 21-year-old, the sole survivor of the fanatics who killed at least 174 people in a string of attacks, has now gone on hunger strike to kill himself.

An Indian police source said: “Kasav is not sorry for what he’s done. He’s just sorry he got caught.

“It is very difficult to get information from him. He keeps asking us to kill him. And now he’s starving himself in an attempt to die.”

It emerged yesterday that India’s intelligence services had warned of a terror attack on Mumbai.

And home minister Shivraj Patil and national security adviser MK Narayanan quit as pressure grew to explain why the carnage was not prevented.

Radio and phone intercepts had tipped off the research and analysis wing that an attack using Pakistani fishing boats was set for November.

The warnings are believed to have come as long ago as August.

But coastguards said they lacked the resources to prevent the group landing and beginning their killing sprees.

The intelligence suggested they originally planned to target prominent political leaders but it is not known why this plan was abandoned.

Pakistani Kasav, shot at Mumbai’s main railway station, has told police two of his group stayed at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel for four days before the terror blitz.

They were frequently visited by other people, who brought them ammunition and other supplies for the attacks.

Another team of men spent four months living in Mumbai, checking out the area in preparation for the attacks.

Two of them worked as a chef and a table boy at the Cama Hospital – the women and children’s hospital that was attacked on Wednesday night.

There were unconfirmed suggestions the terrorists who attacked the hospital were accompanied by a woman.

Kasav, from Faridkot in Pakistan, has also told of the months of training he received in a Pakistani terror camp.

Along with his comrades – aged between 18 and 28 – he was trained in close combat, hostage-taking, explosives handling, using satellite navigation and swimming.

The police source added: “Kasav still believes that this wasn’t a suicide mission – all the terrorists expected to come out of it alive.”

The terrorists travelled in a stolen fishing trawler to India, then used rubber dinghies for their landing in Mumbai.

It is believed they may have killed the fishermen who unsuspectingly acted as their guides.

And sources say that a satellite phone found in one of the dinghies proves that the gang were in touch with a key member of the Pakistani militant group Lashkar-e-Tayyeba.

Mumbai police commissioner Rakesh Maria said yesterday the attackers were from “a hardcore group in the LeT”.

The group, who have been linked to al-Qaeda, have long been seen as a creation of the Pakistani intelligence service to help wage a clandestine war against India in disputed Kashmir.

Pakistan has denied involvement in the Mumbai attacks.

Meanwhile, an elite commando involved in the siege at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel spoke of how he was shot as he hunted for survivors.

Sunil Kumar, of the Black Cat Commandos, said room-by-room searches took place.

He added: “We had to enter some by force to get people out who were too scared to evacuate. I wasn’t afraid, though. I’ve spent five years fighting militants in Kashmir.”

Kumar said a hotel employee who was guiding the soldiers was shot as one door opened.

He added: “I dragged him out of range of the shots but as I did, I received three rounds to my back.”

Intelligence sources said last night it was believed the terrorists had also been scouting for a possible attack on the popular tourist destination of Goa.

One Response to “I have done right, I have no regrets says Mumbai Islamic terrorist”

  1. Gope Lalwani said

    Terrorist did not touch the main road going towards Bhendi-Bazar from V.T. Station Junction;
    as the Haj House is located on this road and has Muslim Population presence

    Two Roads were targeted.
    1. Road going towards Metro Cinema, which also covered Cama Hospital.
    2. Road going towards Lhar Chawl which covered Police Head Quaters.

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