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Mumbai jihadis slit hostages throats and killed at regular intervals — Islam in action

Posted by jagoindia on December 1, 2008

Hostages’ throat were slit, killed at regular intervals

Ajay Banerjee,Tribune News Service

New Delhi, November 30
Some of the people killed by terrorists in Mumbai may have been done to death in the most barbaric fashion – bled to death from slits caused by terrorists on their bodies. While it is clear that the hostages were kept hungry and without water for more than two days, it is also clear that defenceless people were killed in cold blood almost at regular intervals as the operations were going on.

If the panic in the nation was not enough, investigating security agencies, who were collating eye witness accounts of the NSG commandos, say a few of the dead were found chained with cuts on their bodies – bled to death from the wounds afflicted by the terrorists. It is typical of Jihadis to slit the throats, said a senior official.

The precise planning was the key to success of the terrorists and they had managed to keep the security forces at bay for such a long time as they had kept hostages with them and used them as human shields.

Since the terrorists had only dry fruits with them there was little chance that the hostages got anything to eat for two to three days.

Torture was evident, the NSG commandos have told investigators. A hotel guard and a guest were found dead in a room. They had been stripped naked, there were marks of beating, their legs chained and were bled to death from wounds caused by knives.

It is still not clear how many were kept hostage, but one thing is clear all were not in the same room. Some hostages were kept together and were moved by the terrorists every time they wanted to move from one floor to another. To distract the commandoes, hand grenades were hurled.

Sources said a major part of the damage and torture of the guests was committed within the first few hours. This started as most of the guests hid in their rooms and bathrooms, terrorists stormed into their rooms and shot them dead or blew up the room with bombs. Only a handful of hostages – about 24 – were with the terrorists.

The hostages who were with the terrorists were kept in a room and were made to kneel down on the floor at all times. It seems the killings of the last hostages were done in batches – says a couple of them killed every few hours. However, most of the hostages were likely to have been killed on the last day of the operation when the battle was coming to an end.

It was only when no more hostages were left to be used as a shield that the commandos began increasing the pressure and began pushing them for an all out assault. Early morning on Saturday, at the Old Taj hotel, the last terrorist was killed in the ensuing exchange.

One Response to “Mumbai jihadis slit hostages throats and killed at regular intervals — Islam in action”

  1. Dr. O. P. Sudrania said

    This 26/11 attack experience gives one of the starkest lessons for the defending forces from such sieze that a sympathy used in favour of the “Hostages” has always proved unproductive, or I should say, counter-productive. Analyse the release of IC 814 flight in Dec 1999 and in trying to save the lives of 170 odd passengers, how much more innocent lives and the nation’s pride did he hurt, hit and slaughtered? Though I might add, you always become wiser after. So please no politics on my this comment.

    Therefore the 26/11 also proves as a big lesson that such incidences should not be delayed on false premise of humanitarian grounds for hostage sieze. Rather they should be attacked as expediently as possible and not allow them time to organise and secure their strategy. It will unnerve them too. These jihadis are barbarians and slitting throat or bleeding a captive to death is a part of “Halal”, which is recognised religiously a holy act in the name of “Allah”. After such an act, a Muslim gets the 72 hurries after “Shahadat” and so many masocistic greeds are they taught. Who has seen it? But they shower “Hell” in this world as compared to the “Other Unseen World” they call – “Jannat or Heaven”.

    Maulana Masood Azhar later founded Jaish-e Muhammad in 2000 and did far more damage. I feel that
    once confronted, you are a looser anyway. So why invite more trouble by sitting on this Trojan Horse? Deal with them then and there as fast as possible without thinking twice. That is the best, safest and most expedient way.

    Islam is a Hydra and needs to be handled as such. No other way.

    Dr. O. P. Sudrania

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