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Comprehensive resource on Mumbai massacre by Muslim terrorists

Posted by jagoindia on December 2, 2008

Two comprehensive sources

South Asian Journalists Association:

Wikipedia article: November 2008 Mumbai Attacks on Wikipedia

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high alert in TN cities, three suspected Islamic terrorists held in Coimbatore

Posted by jagoindia on December 2, 2008

TN cities on high alert

Hospitals across the state have been asked to prepare for emergency situations. Railway Protection Force and Tamil Nadu Railway Police personnel are scanning all outbound and inbound trains.

In Coimbatore, about 30 Special Task Force commandoes were roped in to give an impetus to the anti-terror preparedness. About 60 foreigners are staying in a star hotel in Coimbatore. The export hub of Tiruppur and the tourists’ paradise of Ooty have also come under a tight security cover. In Tiruchi, about 30 foreigners, mostly Europeans, are camping in a hotel. Roughly 200 police personnel are manning the Sri Meenakshi Amman temple in Madurai. Devotees are let in only after a thorough check.

Three terrorists held at Kovai
Tue, 02 Dec 2008

It seems that the new Union Home Minister P Chidambaram has got some job in his home State itself.  Just days after a terror attack rocked Mumbai, three Islamic terrorists have been arrested at Coimbatore.

Sources say that they had plans to blow up vital installations in the textile city. A map of Coimbatore, mobile phones and other materials were seized from them.

Based on a tip-off from Chennai that few suspicious persons were staying at a lodge in Coimbatore, a police team led by city police Commissioner Rajendran raided hotels and other boarding places in the industrial hub, which witnessed serial bomb blasts a decade ago.

During one such search at Lanka Corner, the police found three men hiding in a lodge. When enquired, the trio Samsudeen (23), Irfan Ahmed (20) and Abdul Thameem (21), all reportedly from Kozhikode, gave contradictory statements in Malayalam, Hindi and English.

This further fuelled the doubts of the police. A search in their room revealed that the trio possessed a map of Coimbatore, a diary, four mobile phones and two ‘willphones’ (wireless in local loop). It was found that they spoke to Dubai and Arab countries from their phones.

Police sources said that they might have had plans to ‘orchestrate’ explosions in the city. A search is on for a duo, both Coimbatore residents, who allegedly took the three persons on a tour to important places of the city including railway station, airport, Collector’s office, Police Commissioner’s office, telephone exchange, star hotels, hospitals and other important establishments. Further interrogations are on at the Race Course police station.

It is to be noted that Chief Minister M Karunanidhi on Monday said Tamilnadu would seek a detachment of the elite National Security Guards to be stationed at Chennai, following the terror attacks on the country’s business capital Mumbai.

At an urgent meeting of senior police officials at the Secretariat,  Karunanidhi took stock of the security scenario and preparedness of the police force in Tamilnadu.

Among other issues, the reaction mechanism of the law enforcing agencies in the event of an emergency was discussed at length.

According to Inspector General of Police (Operations), Ashutosh Shukla, the Tamilnadu Commando Force, which presently has 290 well-trained commandos, would request for acquiring modern weaponry, sophisticated gadgets and specialised training facilities. End

Also read how DMK government appeases Islamic terrorists in Tamil Nadu

DMK turns jail into spa for Coimbatore terror accused

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It is time for Muslims to take a serious stand against Islamic terrorism – Sultan Al Qassemi

Posted by jagoindia on December 2, 2008

It’s not enough for Muslims to be revolted by terror
It is time for Muslims to take a serious stand against the perpetrators and reclaim the religion, says SULTAN AL-QASSEMI.
“They knock on my door aggressively but I don’t open it, I stay very quiet.” The caller pauses briefly before continuing. “But I am fine.” These were the words of the UAE national, Rashid al Owais, a 40-year-old marble trader whose business took him to Mumbai last week. Rashid, a Muslim and an Arab, was among the hostages of the co-ordinated terrorist attacks by a cowardly crew of criminal gangsters. He was speaking to Dubai TV on Thursday night from his hotel room in the Oberoi Trident, where he had been holed up since the beginning of the siege. Naturally, the UAE was one of the first countries to condemn this “reprehensible crime”.

Nothing, the key word

The situation of the UAE is unique: Its ties with India go back hundreds of years, and it is a country where the peaceful Indian community constitutes a majority of the foreign residents.

The Organisation of the Islamic Conference, an association of 56 Islamic states, also condemned the terror attacks stating that “these acts of violence contradict all human values and can be justified by nothing”. Nothing is the key word here.

Since the evil attacks of September 11, moderate Muslims dread the news of yet another “holy attack” in which the name of their religion — which means peace — is used as an excuse for bloodthirsty savagery.

In fact, there is an unannounced air of relief among Muslims whenever perpetrators of violent attacks turn out to be from non-Islamic fundamentalist backgrounds. Such was the case during the Virginia Tech University massacre in April 2007 in which 32, mostly students, were killed by a South Korean.

We like to remind others that, like Rashid al Owais, Muslims are victims of terror too. We also are mindful of other notorious non-Islamic groups that perpetuate violence, including Eta in Spain and the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka.

Symbol of humanity
The latter are responsible for up to 60,000 deaths and more than 200 suicide attacks, one of which took the life of Rajiv Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India. The perpetrators of last week’s Mumbai attacks could not have chosen a more powerful symbol of humanity than India, with its beautiful mosaic of ethnicities — a mosaic that will undoubtedly continue to shine, despite the crimes of an unrepresentative minority who hijack Islam whenever the state of their miserable existence dawns upon them. India is a proud nation in which the Hindu majority embraces many minorities such as Muslims and Christians, and where they are able to dream and flourish. This is the country of Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam, who, as a poor boy in the mid-20th century, was forced to sell newspapers to pay for his studies, but who grew up to be elected as the 11th president of over a billion people earlier this decade. This is the country, too, of Azim Premji, a young Stanford graduate who had the opportunity to turn a fledgling family business called Western Indian Vegetable Products Limited, into a global software giant now called Wipro, making him, until recently, the richest citizen.

This is the country of Shah Rukh Khan, an orphaned Muslim boy who rocketed into movie stardom and, yet, respects the religion of his wife and continues to place the Holy Quran next to Hindu Gods in his house. This is the country of the Taj Mahal, the most magnificent Islamic structure in the world, built by the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan, in memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

But, most importantly, this is the country of the everyday man and woman, Hindu, Christian and Muslim, who wake up each morning and often embark on a journey that could last several hours, leaving their loved ones behind to build better lives for their families. This vision of humanity is at odds with the beliefs of terrorists, brainwashed thugs, who also leave their homes and embark on a journey — but in their case to commit murder.

Psychological strike
It is not enough for moderate Muslims to be revolted by the attacks in Mumbai as we have been revolted by the attacks on the New York office towers, Amman wedding, London transport system, Madrid trains, Beslan school, Jerusalem pizzeria, Baghdad markets and numerous other places. It is time to take a serious stand against these perpetrators and reclaim our religion. Muslims must be more vocal in their sentiments regarding such criminals, and Islamic states must counter this behaviour proactively.

To borrow from an unpopular phrase, the Islamic states must launch a psychological pre-emptive strike against these terrorists and, more importantly, those who encourage them. Muslim preachers who fail to condemn terror must either be re-educated or discredited completely, and those who excuse terror using certain conflicts as a pretext must be silenced because the poison that they spread today will come back to haunt us all tomorrow.

Some media outlets can also act as a conduit for the terrorists’ propaganda. The stories of reformed radicals such as Sayed Imam, also known as Dr Fadl, must be highlighted to the ignorant minority. Our message must be clear: “These acts of violence contradict all human values and can be justified by nothing.” Nothing.

(The author is a Sharjah-based businessman and graduate of the American University of Paris. He is the founder of Barjeel Securities in Dubai. This article was first published in The National, Abu Dhabi.

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Videos: Mumbai terrorists speaking, Paki media, British humor on Islamic terrorism

Posted by jagoindia on December 2, 2008

Hear the terrorists speaking to news channels about their demands here

Pakistan media having a go at Hindus for orchestrating Mumbai massacre. click here
Some black humor from John Oliver on these islam terrorists — must watch video

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Left leaning prima donna Martha Naussbaum shows no sympathy for Mumbai massacre victims, goes on a Hindu fishing expedition

Posted by jagoindia on December 2, 2008

Am I blind, or did I not see even one word of sympathy or sadness by this lady for the victims of Mumbai massacre ? Is this what liberal academia in the US about. Blinkered ignorant justification for jehadi aggression?

This is how it is for these loonie lefties, the Koranic inspiration of Islamic terrorism does not matter. The absence of human rights in muslim countries does not matter. The cleansing of minorities in Muslim countries does not matter.

They dilute Islamic terror and divert us with their regular, “But it’s important to consider Indian terrorism in a broader context.” And end up blaming America, Israel, India and what have you.

We just witnessed another super moron Deepak Chopra blaming America for islamic atrocities in Mumbai. Now here is University of Chicago Law School, Prof Martha Nussbaum cruel nonsense. And this bimbo considers herself an expert on India!!!

Analysis by William Krystol

“Consider first an op-ed article in Sunday’s Los Angeles Times by Martha Nussbaum, a well-known professor of law and ethics at the University of Chicago. The article was headlined “Terrorism in India has many faces.” But one face that Nussbaum fails to mention specifically is that of Lashkar-e-Taiba, the Islamic terror group originating in Pakistan that seems to have been centrally involved in the attack on Mumbai.

This is because Nussbaum’s main concern is not explaining or curbing Islamic terror. Rather, she writes that “if, as now seems likely, last week’s terrible events in Mumbai were the work of Islamic terrorists, that’s more bad news for India’s minority Muslim population.” She deplores past acts of Hindu terror against India’s Muslims. She worries about Muslim youths being rounded up on suspicion of terrorism with little or no evidence. And she notes that this is “an analogue to the current ugly phenomenon of racial profiling in the United States.”

So jihadists kill innocents in Mumbai — and Nussbaum ends up decrying racial profiling here. Is it just that liberal academics are required to include some alleged ugly American phenomenon in everything they write?”

Here is another analysis of this bimbo’s anti Hindu outbursts. Apparently she has worked “closely” with Amartya Sen another left leaning, Indian who supresses Islamic atrocities (even though he traces his beginnings from Bangladesh)

The jihadist-multicultural alliance

Once the jig was up on their attempts to hide the identities of the perpetrators and their victims alike, the jihadists’ multicultural enablers started blaming the victims. For instance, on Sunday, The Los Angeles Times published an op-ed by University of Chicago law professor Martha Nussbaum attacking Indian Hindus. After blithely dismissing the atrocities that were still under way while she wrote as “probably funded from outside India, in connection with the ongoing conflict over Kashmir,” Nussbaum focused her ire against India’s Hindus. Recalling the gruesome and apparently state-sanctioned violence against Muslims in India’s Gujarat state in 2002, Nussbaum cast the jihadists as nothing more than victims of a Hindu terror state which has been victimizing Muslims for no reason since the 1930s.

Nussbaum’s essay was a patent example of selective multicultural memory. She apparently forgot about the Islamic conquests of India from the seventh through the 16th centuries in which India’s Buddhists were wiped out and 70 million-80 million Hindus were slaughtered by Muslim overlords. She also forgot about the thousands of Indian Hindus who have been murdered by jihadists since the 1990s.

After ignoring India’s long and recent history of jihad, Nussbaum condemned an imaginary double standard which she claimed labels all Muslims as terrorists and gives Hindus a free ride in subjugating them. Of course, thanks to multiculturalists like Nussbaum, the double standard we suffer from is the exact opposite of what she described: Muslim terrorists, we are told, are victims of persecution and represent a teensy-tiny fraction of Muslims. On the other hand, all non-Muslims involved in even marginally violent activities against Muslims are murderers, fanatics, extremists. Moreover, they are representative of their non-Muslim societies.
Cloud over India’s Muslims
The terrorist attacks in Mumbai may be indelibly linked to the country’s Muslims, despite the likelihood of outside influence.
By Martha Nussbaum
November 30, 2008

If, as now seems likely, last week’s terrible events in Mumbai were the work of Islamic terrorists, that’s more bad news for India’s minority Muslim population. Never mind that the perpetrators were probably funded from outside India, in connection with the ongoing conflict over Kashmir. The attacks will feed a powerful stereotype of the violent and untrustworthy Muslim, bent on religious conquest, who can never be a good democratic citizen. Such stereotypes already shadow the lives of Indian Muslims, who make up 13.5% of the population.

But it’s important to consider Indian terrorism in a broader context.

Terrorism in India is by no means peculiar to Muslims. A string of recent incidents has been linked to Islamic groups, most of these with foreign ties and pertaining to Kashmir. However, the most bloody recent example of terrorism in India was the slaughter of as many as 2,000 Muslim civilians by Hindu right-wing mobs in the state of Gujarat over several months in 2002.

This horrendous pogrom was portrayed at the time as retaliation for an alleged Muslim torching of a train car carrying mostly Hindu passengers. Two independent inquiries have since concluded that the fire was, instead, a tragic accident caused by passengers’ kerosene stoves.

But even if that was not known at the time, most of those killed — or raped or beaten — lived long distances from the original incident and could have had no connection to it. Moreover, there was copious evidence of pre-planning: Hindu right-wing groups had kept lists of Muslim dwellings and businesses.

Evidence that Gujarat’s state government egged-on the perpetrators was also overwhelming and led to the U.S. State Department in 2005 denying a visa to Narendra Modi, Gujarat’s chief minister. Recently, the Indian investigative journal Tehelka uncovered even more proof of government complicity in the murderous, anti-Muslim attacks. A Tehelka reporter using a hidden camera interviewed participants in the Gujarat violence, who described how bombs were manufactured in factories owned by members of the Hindu right; how arms were smuggled from other states; how the police were instructed to look the other way.

One leader of the Bajrang Dal (a paramilitary Hindu right-wing group) described his own role with pride: “There was this pregnant woman, I slit her open. …They shouldn’t even be allowed to breed. I say that even today. Whoever they are, women, children, whoever, nothing to be done with them but cut them down. Thrash them, slash them, burn the bastards. … The idea is, don’t keep them alive at all; after that, everything is ours.”

The revelation that members of the Hindu right have embraced ethno-religious cleansing should amaze nobody. Since the 1930s, their movement has insisted that India is for Hindus, and that both Muslims and Christians are foreigners who should have second-class status in the nation.

This year, in the eastern state of Orissa, members of the Bajrang Dal have murdered scores of Christians who refused to reconvert to Hinduism. (Most Indian Christians are descendants of converts, often from the lowest Hindu castes.) Peaceful villages have been reduced to ashes; a church-run orphanage was torched; dozens of churches have been destroyed; missionaries and priests have been murdered in cold blood. Thousands have been forced to flee their homes, and at least 30,000 are homeless. The rallying cry: “Kill Christians and destroy their institutions.”

In August, the Catholic bishops of India closed Catholic schools across the country “as a protest against the atrocities on the Christian community and other innocent people.” Such actions, aimed at transforming India’s pluralistic democracy into an ethnocentric regime, pose a grave threat to India’s future.

All of this is terrorism, but most of it doesn’t reach the world’s front pages. When it does make it into newspapers outside India, the word “terrorism” is rarely used. The result is a perception, in India and abroad, that Muslims are the bad guys in every incident of terrorist violence.

Such stereotypes are so prevalent that many state bar associations in India refuse to defend Muslims accused of complicity in terrorism — despite the fact that India’s constitution guarantees all accused a cost-free defense.

Meanwhile, Muslim youths are often rounded up on suspicion of terrorism with little or no evidence, an analogue to the current ugly phenomenon of racial profiling in the United States.

Some Muslims are criminals. However, this does not justify demonizing Muslims, any more than the violent acts of the Hindu right justify stereotyping all Hindus as rapists and murderers. Let’s go after criminals with determination, good evidence and fair trials, and let’s stop targeting people based on their religious affiliation.

Martha Nussbaum is a professor of law and ethics at the University of Chicago. Her books include “The Clash Within: Democracy, Religious Violence, and India’s Future” (2007) and “Liberty of Conscience: In Defense of America’s Tradition of Religious Equality” (2008).

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Supermoron Deepak Chopra believes Washington is responsible for Islamic massacre in Mumbai

Posted by jagoindia on December 2, 2008

This is the same way that many twisted marxists, poorly informed media writer blame India for Islamic terrorism. Super bimbo academic Martha Nussbaum blames India for Muslim violence A cloud over India’s Muslims. The left justifies and dilutes islamic terrorism by their regularly parroting “But it’s important to consider terrorism in a broader context

Wall Street Article Deepak Blames America

“Dr. Chopra pointed out, quite unnecessarily, that most of the terrorism in the world came from Muslims. It was mandatory, then, to address their grievances — “humiliation,” “poverty,” “lack of education.” The U.S., he recommended, should undertake a Marshall Plan for Muslims.

Nowhere in this citation of the root causes of Muslim terrorism was there any mention of Islamic fundamentalism — the religious fanaticism that has sent fevered mobs rioting, burning and killing over alleged slights to the Quran or the prophet. Not to mention the countless others enlisted to blow themselves and others up in the name of God.

Nor did we hear, in these media meditations, any particular expression of sorrow from the New Delhi-born Dr. Chopra for the anguish of Mumbai’s victims: a striking lack, no doubt unintentional, but not surprising, either. For advocates of the root-causes theory of crime, the central story is, ever, the sorrows and grievances of the perpetrators. For those prone to the belief that most eruptions of evil in the world can be traced to American influence and power there is only one subject of consequence.” Wall Street Article Deepak Blames America

Deepak Chopra believes “Washington” was responsible for the attacks in Mumbai.
HuffPo and CNN reported:

Chopra: What we have seen in Mumbai has been brewing for a long time, and the war on terrorism and the attack on Iraq compounded the situation. What we call “collateral damage” and going after the wrong people actually turns moderates into extremists, and that inflammation then gets organized and appears as this disaster in Bombay. Now the worst thing that could happen is there’s a backlash on the Muslims from the fundamental Hindus in India, which then will perpetuate the problem. Inflammation will create more inflammation.

CNN: Let me jump in on that because you’re presuming something very important, which is that it’s Muslims who have carried out these attacks and, in some cases, with Washington in their sights.

Chopra: Ultimately the message is always toward Washington because it’s also the perception that Washington, in their way, directly or indirectly funds both sides of the war on terror. They fund our side, then our petrol dollars going to Saudi Arabia through Pakistan and ultimately these terrorist groups, which are very organized.

rest go here for comments.

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That Muslim population is largely moderate, is a fantasy media feeds us with

Posted by jagoindia on December 2, 2008

In Fighting Terrorism, Appeasement Will Never Work

In your Nov. 28 editorial “Murder in Mumbai,” you write, “As in Pakistan, India’s 150-million strong Muslim population is largely moderate and not easily radicalized.”

I believe the problem is not only radicalization, but more importantly, silence and complacency of so-called “mainstream” Muslims during such events as killing of non-Muslims.

We witness this everywhere in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Arab countries, Indonesia, and other Muslim countries. When a suicide bomber blows himself up in a populated area somewhere, we do not see demonstrations of protests, burning of effigies of Osama bin Laden or other extremists. But if somebody publishes a caricature on Islam, we immediately see mass protests.

Silence of the majorities in Muslim countries is, in fact, the best support the extremists can get from the people. Therefore your comment that the “Muslim population is largely moderate” should not calm us down. It is, rather, a repetition of that fairy tale that the media feed us with.

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Is Tirumala, the world richest Hindu temple safe from Islamic terrorists?

Posted by jagoindia on December 2, 2008

Is Tirumala a soft target?
2 Dec 2008, 0008 hrs IST, TNN

TIRUPATI: Is Tirumala, the abode of the world’s richest temple, safe? In the wake of the dastardly attacks in Mumbai, serious questions are being
raised on the security apparatus in and around the temple premises as the path up to the seven hills is extremely porous and could come under terror radar any time.

Surprisingly, the temple administration seems to look the other way insofar as security-related matters are concerned, which need immediate attention. Sources said with the TTD management bogged down by internal squabbles among the vigilance officials, the security aspect has been overlooked by the TTD mandarins.

While the proposal to separate TTD vigilance and security wings has been hanging fire for the last six years, the fact that the wing with its 1,200 personnel does not have direct powers to tackle criminals has stumped experts and analysts. “It’s no wonder the TTD security wing is often described as a `toothless tiger’ by people and officials,” a defence analyst said.

Sources said some former vigilance and security chiefs had tried hard to secure separate powers for the vigilance sleuths to take on criminals and assailants, but their efforts yielded little result. “Security of the temple and the pilgrims takes precedence over everything else, more so in the light of the Mumbai terror attacks,” an expert said.

Though CVSO B V Ramana Kumar is keen on separate vigilance and security wings, an official next in command has reportedly put a spoke in the CVSO’s plans by raising objections. “This has unnecessarily delayed the process of bifurcating the two wings,” a top official said.

Sources said the TTD has also ignored key suggestions made by former IPS officer Subramanyam to strengthen security at the temple precincts. “Tirumala could be a sitting duck for the terror operatives. Imagine the trail of devastation they could cause,” another security expert observed.

Observers said that keeping in view the increased threat perception to the famed temple, the TTD satraps should beef up security. “The government should set up an in-house police station and bifurcate vigilance and security departments,” an ex-IPS officer who has served in TTD said.

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The jihadi massacre in Mumbai – India pays the price for Muslim appeasement

Posted by jagoindia on December 2, 2008

Dr. Babu Suseelan

Several Jihadi terrorists have stormed luxury hotels, crowded railway stations and an old Jewish center in Mumbai, killing more than 100 people. Hundreds of people were injured. Among the dead were Indians, Australians, Japanese and British. Jihadi terrorists also seized the Mumbai headquarters of the Jewish outreach group center Chabad Lubavitch.

The savage and predatory Jihadi terrorism in Mumbai is aimed at reasserting or tightening Jihadi control over the Kafir country, India. Jihadi terrorism is nothing new in India. It is as old as Islamic invasion of India. It is widespread and systemic. Jihadi terrorism is an intrinsic part of Islam.

Jihadi terrorism could not flourish as it does without the support or at least toleration of the institutions like the media, the judiciary, the police and bureaucracy. The bogus secular Congress government, media and the alienated Indian intellectuals do not openly condemn Jihadi terrorism.  By treating Jihadi terrorism as individual acts of disgruntled Muslims, journalists, social scientists and pseudo secular political leaders conceal the Islamic politics underlying Jihadi terrorism. They whitewash Islamic terrorism with bogus theories and phony social analysis and in the process preclude public discussion on the real cause of Jihadi terrorism namely Islam. Yet without public discussion on the root cause of Jihadi terrorism we cannot plumb the reverberations on the Islamic psyche of feeling permitted to terrorize non-Muslims.

The history of modern India is a shameful chronicle of the pseudo secular Congress party’s disinterest and indifference in curtaining Jihadi terrorism. The Congress government leader’s deliberate trampling of citizen’s rights and their repeated betrayal of public trust has grown up behind a curtain of denial, indifference and ignorance.

The recent Jihadi terrorism in Mumbai proves the horrible betrayal of the ruling Congress party which is nothing than genocide.  The Congress policy on Jihadi terrorism promulgated by Italian Sonia Manio’s government, under the auspicious of Manmohan Singh is a disguised program of appeasement of Jihadis through extra privileges. The Congress government instead of acknowledging its legal and moral responsibilities to the majority and safeguarding freedom and security in good faith, now proposes to wash its own hands on the majority, passing the buck to disgruntled Islamists.

It is time for the majority to challenge the Congress government to reexamine their unfortunate and ineffective policy on Jihadi terrorism. Instead of offering hope, freedom, safety and security, the Congress government is providing despair and fear, frustration instead of freedom, cultural annihilation instead of life in the just society.

It seems that the Congress government shows more interest in preserving and protecting Jihadi terrorists than the peace loving nationalist majority.

Indifference? We have witnessed the growing concern of Jihadi terrorism in all major cities of India. Hundreds of people were dead and injured.  We have watched the justifiably indignant reaction of fellow Indians to the horrors of Jihadi terrorism in New Delhi, Assam, Kerala, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Vododhara, and Coimbatore.  Television has brought into our homes the sad plight of dead people injured people and their families. Yet the government has ignored the plight of the victims and the seriousness of Jihadi terrorism.

The facts are available, dutifully complied and checked over by the police and intelligence agencies. The Congress government’s deliberate ignorance and indifference on Jihadi terrorism is inexcusable and suicidal. The government has almost endless resources to wipe out Jihadi terrorism. But the Congress government and the political leaders responsible for matters relating to security have been outstanding in their indifference and ignorance and remarkable in their insensitivity to the security needs and aspirations of the peace loving, and tolerant majority. More often, government leaders are busy appeasing criminal thinking Muslims and terrorists and buckle under Islamic political pressure. The government leaders make decisions, the policies, the plans and programs to encourage, appease, and promote Jihadi terrorism in order to increase their own importance and stress the need for their own continued presence.

If the majority citizens are to realize their potential, and protect their freedom, safety and security, they have to take part in Indian affairs. They have to flex their muscles. If the present leadership is unable to come to terms with Jihadi terrorism, unable to confront its root cause that is Islam, unable to win respect for the rights and safety of the majority, the public will have no reason to believe that the existing political system has much meaning for them. The public should organize and organize effectively to destroy the Jihadi-Congress nexus. Only by being active, can we ever be at peace.

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