Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

The jihadi massacre in Mumbai – India pays the price for Muslim appeasement

Posted by jagoindia on December 2, 2008

Dr. Babu Suseelan

Several Jihadi terrorists have stormed luxury hotels, crowded railway stations and an old Jewish center in Mumbai, killing more than 100 people. Hundreds of people were injured. Among the dead were Indians, Australians, Japanese and British. Jihadi terrorists also seized the Mumbai headquarters of the Jewish outreach group center Chabad Lubavitch.

The savage and predatory Jihadi terrorism in Mumbai is aimed at reasserting or tightening Jihadi control over the Kafir country, India. Jihadi terrorism is nothing new in India. It is as old as Islamic invasion of India. It is widespread and systemic. Jihadi terrorism is an intrinsic part of Islam.

Jihadi terrorism could not flourish as it does without the support or at least toleration of the institutions like the media, the judiciary, the police and bureaucracy. The bogus secular Congress government, media and the alienated Indian intellectuals do not openly condemn Jihadi terrorism.  By treating Jihadi terrorism as individual acts of disgruntled Muslims, journalists, social scientists and pseudo secular political leaders conceal the Islamic politics underlying Jihadi terrorism. They whitewash Islamic terrorism with bogus theories and phony social analysis and in the process preclude public discussion on the real cause of Jihadi terrorism namely Islam. Yet without public discussion on the root cause of Jihadi terrorism we cannot plumb the reverberations on the Islamic psyche of feeling permitted to terrorize non-Muslims.

The history of modern India is a shameful chronicle of the pseudo secular Congress party’s disinterest and indifference in curtaining Jihadi terrorism. The Congress government leader’s deliberate trampling of citizen’s rights and their repeated betrayal of public trust has grown up behind a curtain of denial, indifference and ignorance.

The recent Jihadi terrorism in Mumbai proves the horrible betrayal of the ruling Congress party which is nothing than genocide.  The Congress policy on Jihadi terrorism promulgated by Italian Sonia Manio’s government, under the auspicious of Manmohan Singh is a disguised program of appeasement of Jihadis through extra privileges. The Congress government instead of acknowledging its legal and moral responsibilities to the majority and safeguarding freedom and security in good faith, now proposes to wash its own hands on the majority, passing the buck to disgruntled Islamists.

It is time for the majority to challenge the Congress government to reexamine their unfortunate and ineffective policy on Jihadi terrorism. Instead of offering hope, freedom, safety and security, the Congress government is providing despair and fear, frustration instead of freedom, cultural annihilation instead of life in the just society.

It seems that the Congress government shows more interest in preserving and protecting Jihadi terrorists than the peace loving nationalist majority.

Indifference? We have witnessed the growing concern of Jihadi terrorism in all major cities of India. Hundreds of people were dead and injured.  We have watched the justifiably indignant reaction of fellow Indians to the horrors of Jihadi terrorism in New Delhi, Assam, Kerala, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Vododhara, and Coimbatore.  Television has brought into our homes the sad plight of dead people injured people and their families. Yet the government has ignored the plight of the victims and the seriousness of Jihadi terrorism.

The facts are available, dutifully complied and checked over by the police and intelligence agencies. The Congress government’s deliberate ignorance and indifference on Jihadi terrorism is inexcusable and suicidal. The government has almost endless resources to wipe out Jihadi terrorism. But the Congress government and the political leaders responsible for matters relating to security have been outstanding in their indifference and ignorance and remarkable in their insensitivity to the security needs and aspirations of the peace loving, and tolerant majority. More often, government leaders are busy appeasing criminal thinking Muslims and terrorists and buckle under Islamic political pressure. The government leaders make decisions, the policies, the plans and programs to encourage, appease, and promote Jihadi terrorism in order to increase their own importance and stress the need for their own continued presence.

If the majority citizens are to realize their potential, and protect their freedom, safety and security, they have to take part in Indian affairs. They have to flex their muscles. If the present leadership is unable to come to terms with Jihadi terrorism, unable to confront its root cause that is Islam, unable to win respect for the rights and safety of the majority, the public will have no reason to believe that the existing political system has much meaning for them. The public should organize and organize effectively to destroy the Jihadi-Congress nexus. Only by being active, can we ever be at peace.

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