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400 Muslims attack sculpture in Bangladesh

Posted by jagoindia on December 3, 2008

400 Muslims attack sculpture in Bangladesh

DHAKA: Police in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka arrested eight Islamists after they attacked a sculpture depicting a group of white storks, in a continuing campaign against statues and artwork they say are forbidden by Islam.

“We detained eight members of a fanatic Islamist group for damaging the sculptures at Dhaka’s Motijheel commercial area around midnight on Saturday,” police officer Fazlul Haq said yesterday. Witnesses said nearly 400 Ulama Anjumane Al-Baiyanat activists gathered around the sculptures with shovels and hammers, chanting slogans calling for the demolition of all stoneworks, which some hardline Islamists consider to be idols. First they tried to pull down the 13m sculptures by putting ropes around the necks of the storks.

Unable to do this, the group attacked the base with hammers and other tools. Various Islamist groups, including the Al-Baiyanat, have been vandalizing sculptures in Bangladesh in recent months.

They destroyed a huge statue of poet Lalon Shah outside  Dhaka international airport in October, triggering national protest.

“These are attacks on Bengali culture and a state of impunity has encouraged them to carry out such acts,” said Mrinal Haque, who sculpted both Lalon and the storks.–Reuters

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