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Muslim leader shoots, seriously injures police, red alert in Hyderabad

Posted by jagoindia on December 3, 2008

Two Indian police injured in shooting in Hyderabad
Wed Dec 3, 2008
HYDERABAD, India, Dec 3 (Reuters) – Two policemen who tried to arrest a local Muslim leader in the southern city of Hyderabad were injured on Wednesday when an unknown assailant open fire.

Police said officers were searching for the member of a Muslim self-defence organisation, when one of his companions opened fire with a home-made pistol.

The shooting came amid heightened security across Indian after the attacks in Mumbai by Islamist militants that killed 171 people.

Ex-SIMI activist opens fire at police, Hyderabad on alert
Dec 03, 2008

There was panic in Hyderabad after a former SIMI activist Waqar Ahmed, an accused in the Mecca Masjid blast case, opened fire on a police team at Santhoshnagar Cross Roads today afternoon. Waqar Ahmed has been absconding and police said they received a tip-off that he was moving around in the slums adjoining Santhoshnagar. A team of anti-insurgency force was dispatched there to check the information. Police officials said that head constables Rama Raju and Jaffer Sheikh spotted him walking near the Santhoshnagar cross road and started to chase him. Police said, in his attempt to flee Ahmed opened fire at the cops in which Raju was hit in the stomach and collapsed on the road. He has been rushed to the Apollo DRDO hospital where his condition is stated to be serious.

“A police patrol recognised him and he was surrounded but suddenly he opened fire and a Head Constable A Raju was hit in the stomach. He has been admitted to the Apollo Hospital. The activist fled the spot in the ensuing melee,” Hyderabad Police Commissioner B Prasada Rao said.

Meanwhile, a red alert has been announced in the city as police is trying to verify if the former SIMI activist was alone or was accompanied by others. Police put up barricades across the city and all vehicles are being checked. Additional forces have been rushed to public places and suspicious persons are being frisked and their identifies are being checked.

One Response to “Muslim leader shoots, seriously injures police, red alert in Hyderabad”

  1. beena said

    Where are those idiot cabinet ministers, Paswan, Laloo and their ilk who demand that SIMI not be outlawed? Those rascal worms wont come out of their woodwork till the heat is all cooled down.

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