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9 reasons how UPA government encouraged Islamic terrorism in India

Posted by jagoindia on December 4, 2008

Fight against terror – record, reasons and suggestions!

Monday, 01 December 2008, 03:30 PM
B R Haran

This is the 19th major terror attack happened in the last four and a half years (7th attack in the last 7 months) of miserable administration by the UPA government. The enormity of the attacks could be realised from the fact that more than 1200 people have lost their lives and almost three thousand people have been injured in this period. No sensible, responsible and patriotic government would have brazenly continued in office after this Mumbai terror attack, and in the first place, no such government would have allowed the ‘internal security’ to reach such squalid levels!

It is not at all difficult to find out the reasons for this government’s utter failure in the fight against terror.

1.  The first move by this UPA government after coming to power in May 2004 was to repeal ‘POTA’, the Prevention of Terrorism Act. The repealing of POTA has become, in other words, as enacting of another POTA, the Protection of Terrorists Act!

2. The UPA government refused to hang the dreaded terrorist Afzal Guru, the mastermind of Parliament attack.

3. Its state government in Kerala passed a resolution for the release of hardcore terrorist Abdul Nazar Madhani from Coimbatore prisons. It didn’t prevail upon its ally, the ruling DMK in Tamilnadu, to appeal against the release of Madhani, giving scant regards to the death of sixty innocent people and injury of over 200 people in the Coimbatore blasts. (It is no surprise that Unnikrishnan, father of martyred Major Sandeep, showed the doors to Madhani’s supporters!)

4. It restrained the Gujarat government from taking severe actions against the accused in the Godhra train carnage and the subsequent riots. It didn’t approve the Gujarat government’s ordinance (Gujarat Organised Crime Act 2001) on terror. It constituted the Bannerjee Committee with a deliberate intention to exonerate the Godhra accused showing slight respects to the 59 people, who were roasted alive.

5. It facilitated the illegal immigration of Bangladeshis through IMDT Act and Foreigners Act.

6. It restrained the Armed Forces from taking stringent actions against the Kashmiri militants and joined the Kashmir parties like NC & PDP in maligning the Army. It reduced the number of forces deployed in the borders in the name of confidence building measure and facilitated infiltration of terrorists.

7. It allowed SIMI to regroup and spread to all corners of the country.

8. It allowed the mushrooming of fundamentalist institutions such as Madrasas and even started funding them in the name of modernisation and minority development.

9. It has not given freedom to the intelligence agencies to carry out their jobs, but blamed them every time when a terror attack occurred. It has also not allowed the investigation agencies to complete their job and so far, there is not even a single terror attack thoroughly investigated and charge sheets filed.

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One Response to “9 reasons how UPA government encouraged Islamic terrorism in India”

  1. beena said

    It constituted the Sachar committee. It increased the Haj subsidy. It is fuelling religious divide in the name of secularism. In AP, it has even started the Xtian holy land subsidy. It brought forth the principle that Muslims have first rights to the nation’s resources. It has not focussed its attention on securing our borders from the aggressive Chinese and the ruined and failed country of Pakistan. The follies and appeasement of Muslims and minorities by this spineless Government is so massive that the country has regressed by decades. All the UPA constituents and the main congress party has done India irreparable harm.

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