Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

Muslim villages in Kerala fly Pakistani flags

Posted by jagoindia on December 9, 2008

Mumbai Attacks Hit Home For Young South Asian Americans

New America Media, Roundup, Rupa Dev, Posted: Dec 03, 2008

Editor’s Note: The attackers in Mumbai were apparently in their twenties. NAM reporter Rupa Dev spoke with South Asian Americans in their twenties about how these attacks affected their lives and their view of South Asia.

Were you disturbed by the youth of the terrorists?

Yagnesh Vadgama, 26, Behavior Therapist Los Angeles, CA
No, I wasn’t surprised by the smiles on their faces and their bootlegged designer shirts. When I was backpacking through Kerala few years ago, I got to see different areas of the state, and specifically, the towns and villages that are predominately Muslim. There were streets and streets with houses flying the Pakistani flag. I asked these people why they were flying Pakistani flags, and they told me they felt a deeper connection with Pakistan because Pakistan represents Islam. Even though India is a secular nation founded on secular ideals, they reiterated that Pakistan represents Muslim ideals. So when I saw the faces of these terrorists on television, it almost brought me back to those feelings of tension amongst people in these Kerala villages who felt they were somehow being cheated by India and the government.

6 Responses to “Muslim villages in Kerala fly Pakistani flags”

  1. beena said

    How come these anti nationals flying paki flag on Indian soil are not arrested? Has Kerala become so lawless that such elements continue to do as they wish with impunity!?

  2. Nishant Singh said

    Two days back i was spending my weekend in wayanad district of Kerala and i was shocked to see Pakistani flag all over the district.It was really heartbreaking to know that such people are allowed to show disrespect for their own country in the times when country needs their support ? How can our politicians and administrative authorities turn blind eye to such acts ?

  3. jagoindia said

    You should have taken photos of the Pakistan flags. In Wayanad district, Hindu population is smallest with most of them being adivasis.

  4. ranjit said

    i think you must have seen flags of Indian Union Muslim League which is similar to that of pakistani flag

  5. kannan said

    u must have seen flags of “Indian union muslim league”…..kerala is d state where religious sentiments of muslims towards pakistan doesnot exist…

  6. Rafeeq said

    That is Not Pak Flag friends.Tis MUSLIM LEAGUE,s flag

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