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Online Muslim jihadists congratulate Lashkar-e-Toiba on Mumbai massacre, now target US, UK and Israel

Posted by jagoindia on December 14, 2008

Popularity of LeT zooms on jihadi websites, chatrooms
13 Dec 2008, 0152 hrs IST, TNN

NEW DELHI: One man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. Even as Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), alongwith its parent body Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD), battles international sanctions, its popularity in Al Qaida chatrooms and websites seems to have shot through the roof after the Mumbai terror attacks.

These chatrooms have been flooded by complimentary messages for LeT with some even describing it as a force on par with Al Qaida in waging global jihad. Not surprisingly, many of those who have exchanged such messages in online debating rooms have no qualms about describing themselves as wannabe LeT terrorists and exhort the outfit to carry out more such attacks. These messages are also marked by vituperative utterances against the US, UK and Israel, according to the Washington based SITE Intelligence Group.

The monitoring agency has also reported about a `jihadist’ who has exhorted Muslims to use networking site Facebook for propaganda. This plea was apparently made on a blog protected by password.

The way LeT has been eulogised in these messages would suggest that it is no longer a regional organisation bogged down by Pakistan’s strategic interests in J&K. Some of these electronic terrorists, who also dole out information on how to join LeT, urge the outfit for similar strikes in the US and UK. Ajmal Amir Kasab and the nine others involved in the Mumbai attack are described as heroes.

According to reports in the US media, the contents have led to fear among security agencies that similar attacks can be carried out there too. In fact, so much so, that the New York Police Department has sent three of its officers to Mumbai to study the attacks in detail to prevent such attacks there.

It’s well known that Al Qaida operates a network of websites which are used for general training, recruitment and indoctrination. Previously, LeT never managed to occupy much space in these websites because the outfit never managed to fire the imagination of gullible Muslim youths in the Middle East and adjoining areas. The Mumbai attacks, however, have clearly helped LeT emerged out of the shadows of Al Qaida as evident by the flurry of complementary messages on these websites.

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Complete account of Mumbai terror by Ajmal Amir Qasab

Posted by jagoindia on December 14, 2008

It is not a confession, but only a narration of events by Mumbai terrorist Mohd Ajmal. Confession is just a media spin.

Qasab’s full confession
By: A Correspondent Date: 2008-12-10
MiD DAY brings to you the chilling first-person account of the lone surviving terrorist, as told to the police

Statement of accused Mohd Ajmal Amir Qasab; Age 21 yrs. Occupation: Labour, R/O – Faridkot, Tehsil -Dipalpur, Dist -Ukada, State -Suba Punjab, Pakistan

I am as above and reside at the above given address since my birth. I have studied up to 4th standard from Government Primary School.

After leaving school in 2000, I went to Lahore. My brother Afzal stays at galli No. 54, R.No. 12, Mohalla Tohit Abad, near Yadgar Minar, Lahore. I did labour jobs at different places till 2005. During that period I used to visit my native place. In the year 2005, I had a quarrel with my father. Therefore, I left my house and went to Ali Hajveri Darbar at Lahore.

At the said place, the boys who had run away from their houses are kept. From there, the boys are sent to different places for employment. One day when I was there, a person by name Shafiq came there and took me with him. He was in the catering business. He was from Zhelam. I started working with him on daily wages. I was given Rs 120 per day. After some days my salary was increased up to Rs 200 per day. I worked with him till 2007.

While I was working with Shafiq, I came in contact with one Muzaffar Lal Khan, aged 22 years, r/o Village -Romiya, Tehsil & Dist -Atak, State -Sarhad, Pakistan. As we were not getting enough money, we decided to carry out robbery / dacoity at some place so that we will get a large amount. As such we left the job.
Thereafter we went to Rawalpindi. We hired a flat at Bangash Colony, Rawalpindi, and started residing in it. Afzal had located a house where he thought we would get a large amount.

He had surveyed the said place and drawn a map of the said place. We required some fire-arms for our purpose. Afzal told me that he could get some fire-arms at his native place, but it was very risky, as there was frequent checking at his native place.

While we were in search of fire-arms we saw some LeT stalls at Raja bazaar, Rawalpindi, on the day of Bakri-id. We thought that, even if we procured fire-arms, we could not operate them. Therefore, we decided to join LeT for weapon training.

After making enquiries we reached LeT office. In the LeT office we met a person. We told him that we wanted to join LeT. He made some enquiry with us, noted our names and address and told us to come on next day.
On the next day, we went to LeT office and met the same man. One more person was present with him.

He gave us Rs 200 and some receipt. Then he gave us the address of a place called Marqas Taiyyaaba, Muridke, and told us to go to the said place where LeT is having their training camp. As directed, we went to the said place by bus. We showed the receipt given to us at the gate of the camp. We were allowed inside. At the entry gate, our details were filled up on two forms. Then we were taken to the actual camp area. At the said place, initially we were selected for 21 days training called Daura-Sufa. From the next day, we started attending training. The daily programme was as mentioned below.
04.15: Wake up call and thereafter namaz
08.00: Breakfast
08.30-10.00: Lecture on Hadis and Quran by Mufti Sayyed
10.00-12.00: Rest
12.00-13.00: Lunch Break
13.00-14.00: Namaz
14.00-16.00: Rest
16.00-18.00: PT and Game Instructor Fadulla
18.00-20.00: Namaz and other work
20.00-21.00: Dinner

After completion of the above said training, we were selected for another training called Daura-Ama. The said training was also for 21 days. We were then taken in a vehicle to a place called Mansera, Buttal Village. At the said place, we were given training of all weapons for 21 days. The daily programme was as mentioned below.
04.15 – 05.00: Wake up call and thereafter namaz
05.00-6.00: PT Instructor abu Anas
08.00: Breakfast
08.30-11.30: Weapons training. Trainer Abdul Rehman, Weapons AK-47, Green-O, SKS, Uzi gun, pistol, revolver
11.30-12.00: Rest
12.00-13.00: Lunch break
13.00-14.00: Namaz
14.00-16.00: Rest
16.00-18.00: PT
18.00-20.00: Namaz and other work
20.00-21.00: Dinner

After completing the said training, we were told that, we will be given the next advance training, but for that purpose we have to do some Khidmat for two months (Khidmat is a sort of service in the said camp as per the trainees’ liking). We agreed to do the Khidmat for two months.

After two months, I was allowed to go to meet my parents. I stayed with my parents for one month. Thereafter, I went to LeT camp situated at Shaiwainala, Muzzafarabad, for further advanced training. At that place, they took my photographs and filled up some forms. Then we were taken to Chelabandi pahadi area for training called Duara-khas. The said training was for 3 months. The training included PT, handling of all weapons and firing practice of the said weapons, training of handling of hand grenade, rocket launchers and mortars. The daily programme was as mentioned below.

04.15-05.00: Wake up call and thereafter namaz
05.00-06.00: PT Instructor Abu Mawiya
08.00: Breakfast
08.30-11.30: Weapons training handling of all weapons and firing practices of the said weapons, training of handling of hand grenade, rocket launchers and mortars, Green-O, SKS, Uzi gun, pistol, revolver, Hand grenade, rocket launchers. Trainer Abu Mawiya
11.30-12.00: Rest
12.00-13.00: Lunch Break
13.00-14.00: Namaz
14.00-16.00: Weapon training and firing practice. Lecture on Indian security agencies
16.00-18.00: PT
18.00-20.00: Namaz and other work
20.00-21.00: Dinner

At the said place 32 persons were present for training.
Out of these 32 trainees, 16 were selected for some confidential operation by one Zaqi-ur-Rehman Chacha. Out of these 16 trainees 3 trainees ran away from the camp. The above said chacha then sent the remaining 13 of us along with a person called Kafa to the above said earlier camp at Muridke. At Muridke, we were taught swimming and getting acquainted with the environment experienced by a fisherman on a sea.

We did some experimental tours by launches on the sea. During the said training, we were given lectures on working of Indian security agencies. We were shown the clippings highlighting the atrocities on Muslims in India.
After completing the said training, we were allowed to go to our native places. For seven days, I stayed with my family members. After seven days I went to the LeT camp at Muzzafarabad.

The above said 13 of us were present for training. Thereafter, as per the instructions of Zaki-ur-Rehman, the above said Kafa took us to camp at Muridke. At the said camp again we underwent the training of swimming and getting acquainted with the environment and experience on sea. The training continued for one month.

During the said training, we were given the lectures on India and its security agencies, including RAW. We were also given the training on how to evade the chase by security personnel. We were strictly instructed not to make phone calls to Pakistan after reaching India.

The names of the persons present for the said training are as mentioned below.
Mohd Azmal aka Abu Muzahid
Ismail aka Abu Umar
Abu Ali
Abu Aksha
Abu Umer
Abu Shoeb
Abdul Rehman (Bada)
Abdul Rehman (Chhota)
Abu Umar

After completion of training, Zaki-ur-Rehman aka Chacha selected 10 of us and formed 5 teams each having two persons on 15 Sept 2008. My team included myself and Ismail. Our code name was VTS team. We were then shown the site ‘Google Earth’ on Internet. On the same site, we were shown the information about Azad Maidan, Mumbai, how and where to get down at Mumbai. We were shown the film on VT railway station and the film showing the commuters moving around at rush hours at VT railway station.

We were instructed to carry out the firing at rush hours in the morning between 7 to 11 hours and between 7 to 11 hours in the evening. Then kidnap some persons, take them to the roof of some nearby building. After reaching at the roof top, we were to contact chacha. After that, chacha would give the telephone or mobile no of electronic media. We were then to contact the media persons on the same phone. And as per the instructions received from chacha, we would make demands for releasing the hostages. This was the general strategy decided by our trainers.

The date fixed for the said operation was 27th Sept 2008. However, the operation was cancelled for some reason. We stayed at Karachi. Again we made practice of travelling by speed boats on the sea. We stayed there upto 23rd Nov 2008. The other teams were as mentioned below.

2nd Team
1) Abu Aksha
2) Abu Umar

3rd Team
1) Bada Abdul Rehman
2) Abu Ali

4th Team
1) Chhota Abdul Rehman
2) Afadulla

5th Team
1) Shoeb
2) Abu Umer

On 23rd Nov 2008, the above said teams including our team left from Azizabad, Karachi along with Zaki-ur-Rehman aka Chacha and Kafa. We were taken to the nearby sea shore. At 04.15 hours we reached the sea shore. At the sea shore we boarded a launch. After traveling for 22 to 25 nautical miles we met a bigger launch in the sea. We boarded the said launch and after journey of 1 hour we boarded a bigger ship by name Al-Huseini in the deep sea. While boarding the said ship, each of us was given a sack containing 8 grenades, one AK-47 rifle, 200 cartridges, 2 magazines and one cell phone for communication.

Then we started towards Indian coast. When we reached Indian waters, the crew members of Al-Huseini ship hijacked one Indian launch. The seamen from the said launch were shifted to Al-Huseini ship. We were then boarded the hijacked Indian ship. One Indian seaman was kept along with us.

At the gun point, he took us towards the Indian coast. After journey of about 3 days, we reached near sea shore of Mumbai. While we were at some distance from the shore, Ismail and Afadulla killed the Indian seaman, (Tandel) at the basement of the said Indian launch. Then we boarded floatable dinghi and reached Budwar Park Jetty as per the instructions received earlier.

After getting down at Budwar Park, I went along with Ismail to VT railway stn by taxi.
After reaching the hall of VT railway stn. We, i.e. Ismail and myself, went to the common toilet, took out the weapons from our sacks, loaded them, came out of toilet and started firing indiscriminately towards the passengers.

Suddenly one police officer in uniform came towards us and opened fire. In retaliation, we threw hand grenades towards him and also opened fire towards him. Then we went inside the railway stn threatening the commuters and randomly firing at them.

Then we came out of the railway stn and started searching for a building with roof top. But we did not find a suitable building. Therefore, we entered a lane. Then we entered a building and went upstarts. On 3rd or 4th floor we searched for hostages but we found that the said building was a hospital and not a residential building. Therefore we started coming down.

At that time policemen started firing at us. As such we threw some grenades towards them. When we were coming out of the hospital premises, we suddenly saw one police vehicle passing in front of us. Therefore, we took shelter behind a bush.

Another vehicle passed in front of us and stopped at some distance. One police officer got down from the said vehicle and started firing at us. One bullet hit my hand and my AK-47 dropped down. I bent to pick it up when second bullet hit me on the same hand. I got injured. Ismail opened fire at the officers who were in said vehicle. They got injured and firing from their side stopped.

We waited for some time and then went towards the said vehicle. Three bodies lying there. Ismail removed the three bodies and drove the said vehicle. I sat next to him. While we were moving in the said vehicle, some police men tried to stop us. Ismail opened fire towards them while we were on the move; our vehicle got punctured near a big ground by the side of road. Ismail got down from the driver seat, stopped a car at the gun point and removed the three lady occupants from the said car. Then Ismail carried me to the car and sat me inside as I was injured. Then he drove the said car.

While we were moving in the said car, we were stopped on the road near sea shore. Ismail fired towards them. Some policemen got injured. Police also opened fire towards us. Due to the police firing Ismail got injured. Then police removed us to some hospital. In the hospital I came to know that Ismail succumbed to the injuries he has sustained.

My statement is read over to me, explained in Hindi and it is correctly recorded.

(The statement has been reproduced verbatim)
Ajmal Amir Qasab:

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Ajmal Amir Kasab:- I am Pakistani and a terrorist, I am the biggest sinner, I have killed so many innocent people, may God forgive me

Posted by jagoindia on December 14, 2008

Kasab in his own words: I am Pakistani and a terrorist
14 Dec 2008, 0604 hrs IST, S Ahmed Ali, TNN

MUMBAI: Pakistan wanted proof and now it is there in the killer’s own words and in his own hand. Ajmal Amir Kasab, the lone captured terrorist in Ajmal Amir Kasab
Mumbai, has written a three-page letter to the Pakistani High Commission, stating that as a citizen he was entitled to seek legal help from his own country to fight his case in Indian courts.

The document not only finally settles the debate about the origins of Kasab and his fellow terrorists is a major embarrassment for Islamabad which has dithered about accepting that the Mumbai attack was launched from Pakistani soil.

Perhaps, what’s worse for the detractors in Islamabad is a confession contained in the letter written in Urdu. “Mein sabse bara gunehgar hoon, kitne bekasoor logon ki jaan li hain, Khuda mujhe maaf karein (I am the biggest sinner, I have killed so many innocent people, may God forgive me),” the terrorist wrote in a repentant tone.

“Sabse bara gunehgar to mein mere maa-baap ka hoon… unke dil ko thes pahunchaya hain (My biggest crime is against my parents… I have given them immense pain).”

Kasab has also requested the Pakistani high commission to at least bury Ismail Khan’s body in Pakistan. It was Khan’s last wish, the letter added. Khan was the terrorist who accompanied Kasab as they spread terror from CST to Girgaum Chowpatty.”Uski aakhri khwaiash thi ke marne ke baad usko Pakistan mein dafnaya jaye (His last wish was that he be buried in Pakistan after his death),” Kasab wrote.

“We have forwarded the letter to the Union home department which, in turn, will be sending it to the Pakistani high commission in New Delhi,” joint commissioner of police (crime) Rakesh Maria said.

The letter contains details of his nine colleagues (and himself) Pakistan may now find difficult to ignore. Additional commissioner of police Deven Bharti said the letter had minute details of each of his nine colleagues killed on 26/11. It mentions not only their addresses but also names their handlers, including four important Lashkar-e-Taiba operatives: Hafeez Saeed, Zakir-ur-Rahman Lakhvi, Kahafa and Abu Hamza.

Kasab claims he had lost his head in the swirl of the jihad brainwashing by LeT and ISI operatives.

“Bahak gaya tha mein, Lashkar ke darindon ne mukhe phansa diya (I was misled, Lashkar’s devils ensnared me),” he said.

“Pure Pakistan ko badnaam kiya hai, Khuda mujhe maaf karein (I have tarnished Pakistan’s image, may God forgive me).”

The letter also mentions that they were allowed a week’s leave after they had completed their arms training some time in September. “They were told they could go anywhere they wanted to and Kasab, who left home two years before that, went to his village and met his old parents. He also took their blessings, saying he was going for jihad,” Maria said.

The State Forensic Science Laboratory has sent a report of the two taxi blasts in Vile Parle and Wadi Bunder, confirming the use of RDX and petroleum oil in the two bombs. The composition of explosives was prima facie similar to those used in the 1993 serial blasts, Maria said.

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