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Indian Muslim Minister A R Antulay raises doubts over the killing of Hemant Karkare by Pakistani terrorists, blames Hindus

Posted by jagoindia on December 19, 2008

We have conspiracy theory believers at the highest levels of the Indian government. The Pakis are sure to latch on to this and blame India for the Mumbai attacks. Antulay’s outburst provides a glimpse of the perverted Muslim mind and should caution the government against such appointments in the future.

Antulay raises doubts over Karkare’s killing
17 Dec 2008, 1916 hrs IST, PTI

NEW DELHI: Union minority affairs minister A R Antulay set off a major controversy on Wednesday when he raised doubts over the killing of Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare by Pakistani terrorists, suggesting a link with the Malegaon blasts that were investigated by him.

Opposition parties were quick to attack the minister for his “misdemeanour” and demanded immediate clarification from the prime minister but the Congress party distanced itself saying they were his “personal remarks”.

BJP and Shiv Sena members raked up the issue in Lok Sabha and demanded home minister P Chidambaram, who had moved two anti-terror bills, to clarify the situation.

Maintaining that “there is more than what meets the eyes”, Antulay said Karkare was investigating some cases in which “there are non-Muslims also”, an apparent reference to the Malegaon blasts case in which sadhvi Pragya Thakur and a Lt-Colonel Shrikant Prasad Purohit were among the 11 persons to be arrested.

“Unfortunately his end came. It may be a separate inquiry how his (Karkare’s) end came,” he told reporters outside Parliament.

Antulay said “Karkare found that there are non-Muslims involved in the acts of terrorism during his investigations in some cases. Any person going to the roots of terror has always been the target, he said.

“Superficially speaking they (terrorists) had no reason to kill Karkare. Whether he (Karkare) was victim of terrorism or terrorism plus something. I do not know,” he added.

When he came under attack in Lok Sabha on the issue, Antulay sought to wriggle out saying he had not talked about who killed Karkare but about “who sent him in the direction” of Cama hospital, outside which he was killed.

“Who had sent them to Cama hospital (a lane opposite which he and two other officers were killed by Pakistani terrorists on Nov 26). What were they told that made them leave for the same spot in the same vehicle.

“I repeat what I had said. I had not said who had killed them but only questioned who had sent them there (Cama Hospital) in that direction,” he said in Lok Sabha where BJP and Shiv Sena members attacked him for his remarks.

Anant Geete of Shiv Sena accused him of “misleading” the house and sought Chidambaram’s clarification.

Earlier in the day, describing Hemant Karkare as a very bold officer having great acumen and vision, Antulay asked “How come instead of going to Hotel Taj or Oberai or even the Nariman House, he went to such a place where there was nothing compared to what happened in the three places?”

“Why all the three (Hemant Karakre, Vijay Salaskar and Ashok Kamte) went together. It is beyond my comprehension,” the minister said.

The minister’s remarks came under immediate attack from BJP which asked the prime minister to clarify whether his remarks are an “individual misdemeanour or the collective wisdom of the Cabinet”.

“The remarks are obnoxious and deserves a clarification from the prime minister,” BJP spokesman Rajiv Pratap Rudy told reporters.

Reacting to Antulay’s remarks, Congress spokesman Abhishek Manu Singhvi they should be treated his “personal views” and Congress party does not agree with them and does not support such a formulation.

To a question, he said there was no question of embarrassment to the party.

Samajwadi Party MP Amar Singh, who himself was in the centre of a controversy when he had raised doubts over the killing of a Delhi police official in an encounter recently, said a senior leader like Antulay should before issuing any statement uphold the cherished tradition of collective wisdom of the cabinet.

Not completely disapproving the remarks, Union minister Ram Vilas Paswan said Antulay must be having “more information” since he hails from Maharashtra.

The issue came up when the house was discussing two bills brought in by the government to tackle terror against the backdrop of Mumbai terror attacks.

Geete said the prime minister and several senior union ministers have gone on record to say that Karkare was killed by terrorists.

Not satisfied with Antulay’s reply, Geete charged the union minister with “misleading” the house, which he “did not “expect”. End

One Readers Opinion

nivaas,world,says:To enable to solve the mystery of why three officers were travelling together, I suggest the minority muslim minister to travel to pakistan and seek an answer from his secret contacts in ISI. Jokes aside this is just the tip of the iceberg of what goes on in some peoples mind. I have personally heard some people whispering and admiring the islamic terrorist guts to take on several hundred security men and grudging admiration for the massacre of indians with under the breadth remarks such as “thats our gujerat revenge
[17 Dec, 2008 1936hrs IST]

7 Responses to “Indian Muslim Minister A R Antulay raises doubts over the killing of Hemant Karkare by Pakistani terrorists, blames Hindus”

  1. beena said

    Abdul Rehman needs to be kicked and booted out.

  2. Vijayan said

    let’s not over react. I think the question is legitimate. Three top Police officials get killed back to back. There is more than meets the eye. And whatever it is we need to get to the bottom of it. If the terrorots did infact kill them, then we need to change our rules of engagement and the method of first response. How can they die in spite of wearing bullet proof vests. This is very sad. Don’t blame the minister, we as a country need an answer not only because we are a responsible civilized country but also because we need to be prepared to prevent something like this happening again.

  3. Jas M said

    In fact these supporters of Antulay are creating Hindu militant groups in India.

    Hindu militancy is a reactionary response.

    Antulay should be sacked on this ground as well. As a person who propels the growth Hindu militancy in India, through irresponsible comments.

  4. Gaurav said

    Vijayan the point which you are making does not make any sense at this point of time, as you may be aware when the news of these Police officers massacre was getting broad casted the terrorist were celebrating which shows a clear connection of terrorist had plans for targeting some top officials and now if you try to say that someone else tried to exploit the situation, if so then how could it be so quick, its impossible? also one more thing should be taken into consideration is the weapons that were used, the weapons were so advanced that were matching the terrorist ammunition, i can not say it was coincidental common you should try to understand the fact how political leader try to exploit the conditions without understanding the consequences of their remarks in international politics…leading a way for other countries to defend themselves under this political remarks.
    The time at which statement is released seems Antulay’s has some connection with this terrorist act. Its really shameful act by Antulay.

  5. Mike said

    India can never succeed. AR ANULAY works for the ISI and He is paid by PM and Sonia Gandhi to get rid of all Budists, Hindus, Jews and Christians from India and People like ANTULAY’s goals are to have Sharia Law in India. He is teh proxy for the weakest Sardar in Indi the PM to Buy Moslem Votes and allow The Pakis and Bangladeshis to invade India. No Hope.. Better leave India if you want to preserve Hinduism.

  6. gita said

    If the Member of the Parliament speaks with no responsibility we can come to no the situation of our country. The person who works for the country in every good or bad situation is given such a respect. So what should be done to such people who are still handling our country.Think about it…..

  7. iqbal singh said

    What is Mike trying to say? Not at all clear to me.Apni baat ko seedhe seedhe kaho dost !

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