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Muslim MPs from BSP, SP and JD(U) support AR Antulay

Posted by jagoindia on December 22, 2008

The loyalty of Indian Muslim is generally first towards Islam, Islamic countries, Islamic Ummah and then only India. The enemy within is 1000 times more dangerous than the external enemies and more often will help out the enemies and the homegrown Islamic terrorists so often prove. Antulay or Mumbai butcher Kasab, two faces of the same coin. The sooner Indian people realize this the better. Conversely a Muslim who supports India is less of a Muslim and more of a Hindu (Bollywood Muslim actors fit this definition)
December 20, 2008
Muslim MPs from BSP, SP and JD(U) support AR Antulay
Breaking News! While Union Minority Affairs Minister AR Antulay remained defiant on his remarks on the death of former Mumbai ATS chief Hemant Karkare, Muslim MPs from Samajwadi Party (SP), Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and JD(U) came out in open supporting Antulay over this issue.

SP MP Rashid Masood and BSP MP Ilyas Azmi supported Antulay’s demand for a separate probe into Karkare’s death. JD(U) MP Ejaz Ali had also supported Antulay. Knowingly or unknowingly, AR Antulay divided both common people and political establishments of the county into two groups on the basis of religion. This is the most disturbing trend, which may only bolster the fundamentalist forces.

In addition, Antulay, who is hailed in Pakistan media and among their people as a “hero”, strengthened Pakistan’s case on the global arena and brought further embarrassment to the Indian government and Congress Party. If that was not enough, Antulay told CNN-IBN that he made India proud by his remarks!!!

Even though the Congress Party does not subscribe to Antulay’s views, they may not afford to take strong action against the veteran Muslim leader, who is the most popular minority figure in the party. The vote bank politics may win the day yet again, while the national cause will be left behind forever.

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2 Responses to “Muslim MPs from BSP, SP and JD(U) support AR Antulay”

  1. Rama said

    Please read Offstump article on the whole episode.Antulay’s statement is a delibrate act, not a spur of the moment statement. He is not a fool to make such statement. It is a preplaned attack on hindus to defelect attention on the main issues.

  2. Read this hilarious article:

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