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Mumbai Islamic terrorists promised sex with virgins in heaven — must read

Posted by jagoindia on December 23, 2008

This article may be written tongue in cheek, but it is a fact that one of the prime motivations of jihadis is to become martyrs so that they can enter paradise and enjoy all that is promised to them such as 72 virgins young boys, water, wine, fruits and wealth, all that is tough to obtain in desert Saudi Arabia.

Read more about the jihadi paradise here: The X rated paradise of Islam

Mumbai terrorists promised sex with virgins in heaven
Mon, Dec 22 06:55 PM

New Delhi, Dec.22 (ANI): The lone surviving terrorist of the Mumbai terror attack Ajmal Amir Kasab has admitted that he along with his militant partners were lured into the terrorist camps by the Pakistan army officers as they were made to believe that the ‘Jehad’ in which they are going to take part will offer them a chance to put an end to their quest for ‘holy virgins’.

The 10 Pakistan terrorists who attacked Mumbai were indoctrinated by the Pakistan terror establishment.

Jehad-for Virgins Scam was used to cheat teenage muslims to become terrorists.

During the training Pakistan Army officers and Lashkar-e-Toiba commanders repeatedly told the terrorists that “the moment you are killed in the Jehad against India in Mumbai attack,your body will emit divine glow and an intoxicating fragrance, before the body rises to heaven, to enjoy sex with beautiful virgins waiting for you,” The Political quoted Kasab’s confession with the Mumbai Anti-Terror Squad (ATS).

Kasab now believes that Jehad is an unholy quest for sex with virgins in heaven.

According to Political Kasab was horrified to see the dead bodies of his colleagues killed in the Mumbai attacks.

Kasab is now accusing the Pakistan army officers and Lashkar commanders of cheating the teenager terrorists with promise of sex with beautiful virgins in the heaven.(ANI) End

According to below article we note Muslim jihadis really look forward to dying since they get immediate access to 72 doe eyed virgins in Islamic paradise.

The Guardian, Saturday 12 January 2002
In August, 2001, the American television channel CBS aired an interview with a Hamas activist Muhammad Abu Wardeh, who recruited terrorists for suicide bombings in Israel. Abu Wardeh was quoted as saying: “I described to him how God would compensate the martyr for sacrificing his life for his land. If you become a martyr, God will give you 70 virgins, 70 wives and everlasting happiness.” Wardeh was in fact shortchanging his recruits since the rewards in Paradise for martyrs was 72 virgins. End

Saudi Cleric Omar Al-Sweilem Extols the Breasts and Thighs of the Black-Eyed Virgins of Paradise (video clip for registered users)

Excerpts from jihad watch: link

“Saudi Cleric Omar Al-Sweilem Extols the Breasts and Thighs of the Black-Eyed Virgins of Paradise,” from MEMRITV (thanks to Sr. Soph):

Following are excerpts of a video-clip featuring Saudi cleric Omar Al-Sweilem, which was posted on the Internet. The video quality is low in the original.

Omar Al-Sweilem: Harith Ibn Al-Muhasibi told us what would happen when we meet the black-eyed virgin with her black hair and white face – praised be He who created night and day. What hair! What a chest! What a mouth! What cheeks! What a figure! What breasts! What thighs! What legs! What whiteness! What softness! Without any creams – no Nivea, no vaseline. No nothing! He said that faces would be soft that day. Even your own face will be soft without any powder or makeup.

You yourself will be soflt, so how soft will a black-eyed virgin be, when she comes to you so tall and with her beautiful face, her black hair and white face – praised be He who created night and day. Just feel her palm, Sheik! He said: How soft will a fingertip be, after being softened in paradise for thousands of years! There is no god but Allah. He told us that if you entered one of the palaces, you would find ten black-eyed virgins sprawled on musk cushions. Where is Abu Khaled? Here, he has arrived! When they see you, they will get up and run to you. Lucky is the one who gets to put her thumb in your hand. When they get hold of you, they will push you onto your back, on the musk cushions.

They will push you onto your back, Jamal! Allah Akbar! I wish this on all people present here. He said that one of them would place her mouth on yours. Do whatever you want. Another one would press her cheek against yours, yet another would press her chest against yours, and the others would await their turn. There is no god but Allah. He told us that one black-eyed virgin would give you a glass of wine. Wine in Paradise is a reward for your good deeds. The wine of this world is destructive, but not the wine of the world to come.

8 Responses to “Mumbai Islamic terrorists promised sex with virgins in heaven — must read”

  1. Nimmy said

    Jehad-for Virgins Scam was used to cheat teenage muslims to become terrorists

    When you ahve the answer within your article,why do you need to look elsewhere for the answer..This bloody sex with 72 virgins is a scam and hoax,which has not reliable base in REAL Islam..Its just fabrication by some horny men..

    So,if evverything that muslims do are called ‘Islamic’,Does it make sense to you that Hinduism or christianityalso preescribes the rubbish that come hindus or christians do??

    Have tolerance…

  2. jagoindia said

    Check out the posting again. It is buttressed with more facts and video.

    Nimmy, this is a serious blog dealing with Islamic terrorism. We have no time to attend to your snide, sarcastic comments. There are thousands of Islamic websites and blogs venting hatred and jihad on Non muslims. Why are you not there, but ranting here. That is because you are also supporter of this demon possessed, devil inspired terror cult of paedophile Muhammad.

    You are certainly not part of the solution of Islamic terrorism, which makes you part of the problem and this blog does not entertain terrorist wannabes.

    72 virgins for male martyrs in Islamic heaven. Did you realize Allah is shortchanging you by not providing virgin men for jehadi women. I suggest come back to your ancestral religion Hinduism and let go of that evil religion guilty of unspeakable atrocities.

  3. beena said

    Islamic paradise is described in great sensual detail in the Koran and the Tradition. For instance, Koran sura 56 verses 12-40 ; sura 55 verses 54-56 ; sura 76 verses 12-22. As per the celebrated Penguin translation by NJ Dawood of sura 56 verses 12- 39: “They shall recline on jewelled couches face to face, and there shall wait on them immortal youths with bowls and ewers and a cup of purest wine (that will neither pain their heads nor take away their reason); with fruits of their own choice and flesh of fowls that they relish. And theirs shall be the dark-eyed houris, chaste as hidden pearls: a guerdon for their deeds… We created the houris and made them virgins, loving companions for those on the right hand…”

  4. vikram said

    Islam basically took its birth at wrong place and wrong time!Prophet’s Arab world was purely tribal in nature,constantly fighting and natrual dry and harsh climate.However Mohammed was a wise man and could forsee the success of islam in for its population.His ideas and ways of spreading Islam was best fit for his time and place.Islam spread rapidly..because it was not just zeal of finding new GOD and philosophy of life but enjoying looted wealth and women.For harsh climate dwellers India or towards east..was the known heaven of the time.Islam after finishing the loot within Arabia..headed towards India!It came after several attempts established its rule over India.But tolerant Hindu culture affected islam too much.It softened..more to the dislike of its Arabian Mullahs!During Mughal time also..Indian rulers were often critisized for relatively soft towards Hindu India!Later staying alongside oldest and one of the most cultured religion..Sufi islam too birth.Sufi Islam flourished till begining of last centure.Over last 50-60years..specially after discovery of huge wealth(oil) in Arabia..and really they have too much in too few hands!Now that wealth is secretly being spent by conservative Sunni Bahai islam to convert the form of Softer Sufi islam on sub-continent!They found heaven in Afghanistan first…and now Pakistan..which was ideal for such terrorist islam to flourish!It was huge historic blunder of British and few Indian leaders to create was never a mass demand by muslims of undivided india rather an ambition of few rich Punjabi muslims!They kept looting and adding to their wealth.They ignored Bangla Muslims,Muhajirs,Baloochs,Afghans!At the same time kept whole Pak fooled with so called rivelary with India!Found allys like USA and now a days both US & China…still eating away all donations..but within 5 years…mark my word…Pakistan will break up!

  5. Anu said

    Such bigotry is the very reason terrorism is flourishing all over the world… No religion propagates violence or injustice. It depends on individual interpretation. If evil rotten minds are misusing Islam, the only way to defeat them is to NOT allow their stupidity to affect our sanity and intelligence. If everyone in the world becomes fanatic and prejudiced against any one religion/community/race/country, there is no difference between terrorists and their victims.

  6. S said

    Anu said

    “Such bigotry is the very reason terrorism is flourishing all over the world… No religion propagates violence or injustice.”

    Islam divides the world into two parts – Dar-Ul-Harb and Dar-Ul-Islam ; the former where jihad is to be waged against Kafirs, and the latter where Islam and Sharia law rules. Islam also divides people into two parts – Believer (Muslim) or Infidel (Kafir) ; The former are regarded as the purest of the pure, and the latter are Najis (unclean) and they must be converted or killed, their women raped and children taken into slavery.

    If people like us cannot comprehend from reading the 1400 year old bloody history of Islam that the terrorists are not misinterpreting their religion but merely imitating their founder, Muhammad, who was a mass-murderer, rapist, looter and a paedophile, it is most likely that the future would be very like our past and we Kafirs will continue to lost land to Muslims. Indian lost West Punjab and East Bengal in 1947 with the birth of Pakistan and Bangladesh, now the Muslims are demanding Kashmir. What next ?

    Here is the history of jihad –

  7. frank said

    Once a muslim told me that 72 virgins are the minimum reward for a muslim. The prophets will get more virgins. He also said that that hazrat Issa (Jeasus) will get 4,000 virgins, because he did not marry here on earth.

    But how about muslim women…….I hope they will get many men too, according to their ranks and the relations with mohammed. I hope Fatima the loving daughter of mohammed will also be rewarded with many husbands.

    I can amagine a long line of men outside her tent in paradise waiting for their turn.

  8. Infinity said

    To understand the complete truth about Islam, everyone should read this book (highly educational, important and eye opening to say the least, for Muslims and the rest of the world):

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