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Pak Hindus hide in Punjab, forcible conversions, abductions, torture in Pakistan

Posted by jagoindia on December 25, 2008

Pak Hindus hide in Punjab
Ajay Bharadwaj
Thursday, December 25, 2008  01:09 IST

CHANDIGARH: Fearing persecution in Pakistan, more than 150 families of Pakistani Hindus have been hiding in Punjab and Haryana for the past two years without valid documents to support their stay in India.

Police in the two states have not initiated any legal action against them, though their stay has been termed “grossly illegal”. The police said about 5,000 to 6,000 Pakistani Hindus are living in the two states. “The refugees are refusing to go back to their country,” said a senior police officer.

Om Prakash, a Pakistani Hindu, said: “We lived in the Mianwali area of Pakistan. While many of our relatives crossed over to India in 1947, we failed to do so.”

“We were tortured in Pakistan. Daughters of poor Hindu families were abducted. There was no point in complaining to the police as they refused to help,” they said.

Om Parkash, who used to run a small shop near Peshawar, said in the past few years many Hindus had been killed by criminals for ransom or for not converting to Islam.

Many of the refugees are keen on taking Indian citizenship. Official sources said the problem had been brought to the notice of the Union home ministry. “If we give them Indian citizenship, our relation with Pakistan may be affected. That is why their cases have been pending for so long,” the sources said.

One Response to “Pak Hindus hide in Punjab, forcible conversions, abductions, torture in Pakistan”

  1. Apologetic attitude of Hindus towards other religionists is their most deprecating characteristic.Unfortunately, the Government of India also suffers from this vice and that is secularists obtain perverse pleasure in reviling the Hindus.My heart goes out to those hapless Hindus ,who are hiding in Punjab for fear of being persecuted or forcibly converted to Islam. It is a glaring fact that more than thirty five million illegal Bangladeshi Muslims are living in all four corners of the country.Most of them have been able to get Election Identity Cards and Ration Cards, they are posing grave threat to law and order , indulging into terrorist activities but nobody is asking them to leave the country.One Union cabinet Minister has even gone to the extent of providing them the citizenship.But in the case of only 150 Hindu families of Pakistan ,the Government is not willing to confer them citizenship lest it should sour the relationship with Pakistan.Ridiculous logic.As if Pakistan is so concerned to have good relationship with India. The deeds of Pakistan are known to the whole world.The Government of India should ,therefore,in all fairness immediately bestow citizenship to these helpless and hiding Hindus, at least for the protection of their Human Rights, so that they can at least live without fear.

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