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Pakistani Americans elated over Mumbai massacre, spew extreme hatred and venom towards Hindus and Jews — must read

Posted by jagoindia on December 25, 2008

Source: The below remarks in an online forum are from a well respected Indian Muslim community leader in the United States

Dear xx sb,
Obviously Daniel Pipes is an extreme Muslim basher who is trying his best to harm Muslims.

Yet, let me tell you that just a few days ago in a gathering of mostly Pakistani Muslims I heard some of the worst denial about the direct involvement of Pakistani Muslim terrorists in the Mumbai massacre. Those people also spewed the worst hatred trowards Jews and Hindus to me. While condemning terrorism per se they also indirectly provided alibi and rationale for the Mumbai massacre. They said point blank to me that Jews and Hindus are the worst enemies of Muslims who have been killing and oppressing them for long time so the killing of Hindus and Jews in Mumbai was just poetic justice. They told me that in India Muslims are constantly oppressed and treated like slaves by Hindus so why am I feeling sad at their killing in Mumbai. They said Jews are massacring Muslims so why am I sad that some Jews were killed in Mumbai.

They told me that America is trying its best to get Pakistani Muslims humiliated at the hands of Hindus, whereas these are the people who have hurt Muslims so much for so long. All of them are very well educated and professional people. I was shocked that they had so much venon against Jews and Hindus, and they were drawing some satisfaction from the killing of Jews and Hindus in Mumbai.

In fact these Pakistani Muslims asked me that among Hindus I should defend Pakistan against the false American/Indian charges of harboring terrorists in their country.

In the American Muslim political scene Pakistanis are dominant. Now you can imagine how their strong bias against Jews and Hindus hurts the efforts of the American-Muslim community in trying to get into mainsatream US political secene.


3 Responses to “Pakistani Americans elated over Mumbai massacre, spew extreme hatred and venom towards Hindus and Jews — must read”

  1. islamsux said

    treat like slaves is too good… they shd be treated like shit… ungrateful islamist morons

  2. UmmeAaiman said

    Whoever those pakistani muslims are, that say such things, should be aware that bullets and bombs don’t know the religious orientation of people they kill.

    Pakistanis, Indians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews – all should get this clear that in the attack several Muslims were also killed. There were Parsi’s, there were people of every religion.

    Anyway, what happens to those indian muslims who were killed in the attacks? They go to Heaven because they were sacrificed in the name of Allah? (BTW in India, all sects of Muslims live in harmony. Unlike in Pakistan where Sunnis and Shias kill each other in their fanatic quest for paradise)

    And what happens to people of other religions, Christians, Parsis ??? They go to the Dogs Hell?

    Fuck these Muslim fanatics. If they’re so interested in going to Allah and Paradise, why don’t they sacrifice their lives first???

  3. sneha said

    How can those foolish muslims say that muslims in india live like slaves. our first education minister was a muslim, Maulana abdul kalam azad. All our classical musicians of national fame are muslims. the bollywood badshah Sharukh khan is muslim, majority of his fans are hindus . many of our cricket captains hve been muslims, . Sania mirza in tennis is muslim, the richest indian Azim premji is a muslim. Music director AR Rahman, Famous Architect Ahfiz Contractor; Prem Nazir and Momukutty the famous South indian Superstar are all muslim there arer many muslim who are heads of private and public sector enterprises. not only men muslim women hve been successful in every walk of life like Shahnaz Hussein, Shabana Azmi, Najma heptullah. Our own President APJ Azad who came from very poor family and rose to become an eminent scientist and the father of nuclear india. All of them achieved success thru their hard work and were able to fulfill their dreams in India where majority are Hindus. Muslims in India enjoy much greater personal freedom than any of the muslim world. we hve more successful muslims in india than anywhere in the world. Pakistan knows this and are jealous of this. they created Pakistan onthe pretext that they can’y flourish in Hindu India and look what happened. The Indian muslim men and women were able to flourish in India better while in Pakistan they are just producing madrasa education and terrorism, they very well know theirs is a failed state and wnt to defend their existence and are trying to spread venom amongst Indian muslims in kashmir and now trying to spread in other parts. and to dismantle india and trying to destroy our secular fabric just b’coz they can’t bear our success and want to defend and justiy the creation of their country to its own people. But indian muslim shuld understand this and shld be greatful to be in india b’coz once the other muslim countries loose the demand for their oil they don’t hve anything but vast desert. We on the other hand can achieve so much if we don’t hve to waste our money fighting the Pakis and maintaing the most expensive battle field in the world,the Siachin Glacier and developing weapons instead of medicines etc but inspite of these we hve world class pharmaceutical companies like Ranbaxy etc which again is owned by Sikh family.There are so many successful companies owned by non hindus like Tata, Godrej, Briatania by Parsis, MRF by Christians. Here we hve so many examples. many muslims remained in India after partition b’coz they knew hindus are well behaved people than they own counterparts. only the confused muslims who were not aware of their own past went to form Pakistan and now are the most hated country in the world and day by day falling into gutter.I am saying they are not aware of their past means some were in the past these idiots were Hindus and got converted to islam by Ghasnis, ghoris , mohamud bin kasim etc they had raped their ancestors killed their fathers and look at these fools they adopted the religion of their oppressors and now Pakis named their nuclear weapos Ghori and Ghazni.The same goes to the iranis, egyptians iraqis they had such glorious pre islamic past and made contributions in science, maths etc but once they became muslims they were made to forget their glorious civilization and culture and became slaves of Arabic Islam and are ready to kill their own mother tongue and adopted everything Arabic. If u see todays egypt and their ancient past u won’t find connection b’coz the egyptians of today are brainwashed they are ready to destroy there own past they will destroy the pyramids if the arabs tell them so since they don’t hve oil the only money they can make is by showing the pyramids made by their non muslim ancestors b’coz the muslim egyptian havn’t achieved or created anything after becoming muslims. look what the Afganis did they destroyed their own national monuments the Bamiyan Bhuddist sculptures.

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