Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

Bajrang camp empowers people to fight off Muslim terror

Posted by jagoindia on December 30, 2008

This is a timely step in the right direction. The Indian Government is more into protecting terrorists and their apologists and providing security to hopeless politicians. As the Mumbai massacre shows, we cannot rely on the Muslim appeasing government any more. It is time the man on the street equips himself intellectually and physically to fight off jihadis.

Bajrang camp teaches people to fight jihad
By Dippy Vankani


Dec. 28: The Hindu right-wing organisation Bajrang Dal held a three-day training camp for anti-terror alertness on a four-acre plot at Sion Koliwada that concluded on Sunday.

Youngsters were taught the art of wielding lathis, swords and air rifles and they also indulged in discussions on how Islamic jihad is responsible for the recent terror raids. Bajrang Dal officials told this newspaper that they had not taken permission from the police, as is their usual practice.

Youth aged between 18-35 years were enrolled for the camp that the outfit refers to as “Shaurya Prashikshan Varg”. The camp was attended by 110 youth from across Mumbai.

“We hold this ‘varg’ for three days in Diwali and in December and for seven days during the summer vacation. Our aim is to train the youth in self-defence and give them an insight on religious conversion and other issues that are important to the Nation,” said Umesh Gaikwad, convenor from the Mumbai division of the Bajrang Dal.

According to Mr Gaikwad, the youth are trained in wielding lathis, swords and air rifles.

“We train them with weapons those are allowed under the law. We also train them in the skills of aiming and gripping air rifles. Apart from the weapons, we also teach karate to youth, to equip them to face any kind of uncertain attack,” Mr Gaikwad said.

They are taught tactics that would be of use when defending themselves if they are attacked by five or six people at a time.

When asked whether the outfit seeks permission from the authorities for organising such camps, Mr Gaikwad said, “The four-acre plot at Hanuman Tekri in Sion Koliwada belongs to the Dal. So, why should we take permission for training at that place? We have never taken permission before and will never take in the future either.”

According to him, the so-called secular government is not bringing out the real reason for the November terror raids. “The terror raids were carried out by Islamic jihadis but the government never brings it out in the open. We discuss these issues here with the youngsters,” added Mr Gaikwad.

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