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Thousands of gun-toting Muslims attack Hindus in Manipur

Posted by jagoindia on January 7, 2009

Group clash in Langlem, 4 women hurt as police burst tear gas

Imphal, Jan 04: Four women were injured as police burst tear gas shells to quell two clashing communities at Langdum area in Imphal East district of Manipur on Sunday.

Sources said thousands of gun-toting members of a minority community attempted to attack Langdum village, dominated by the majority Meitei community, after the body of a boy of the minority community was found at a place near Langdum some days ago.

As the Meiteis prepared to retaliate, a police force went to the spot, about 10 km south of here, and burst tear gas shells.

Four women were injured in police action.

Police were investigating whether the Muslim boy was killed by one of his relatives, as one of his uncles was missing.

Heavy police and security have been deployed at Langdum to prevent any further flare-up.

Bureau Report

6 hospitalised as police disperse irate crowd at Irilbung PS

The Imphal Free Press

IMPHAL, Jan 4: Six persons were injured when police resorted to firing tear gas and mock bomb to disperse a menacing crowd which stormed the Irilbung police station demanding action against the killing of a boy, Md. Wahidur Rehman, 14, of Keirao Litan Makhong on January 2.

The six had subsequently to be hospitalised at the RIMS and JN hospitals.

The clash with the police happened when about 100 men belonging to the JAC formed against the killing as well as members of the local clubs of Urup, Kyamgei and Keirao, marched to the Irilbung police station at 2 p.m. after assembling at Keirao Litan Makhong.

Police had to resort to violent crowd dispersal measures when they were unable to pacify the irate slogan shouting mob who demanded the government to produce the murderer without further delay.

In the reprisal, six people were hit by either tear gas shells or mock bombs. The injured are: Md. Jaheer of Urup Awang Leikai, Jumma Khan of Keirao, Nurbanu of Keirao Litan Makhong, Nungshirei of Keirao Awang Leikai, Nganbi of Urup Makha Leikai and Razia of Keirao Mayai Leikai.

A member of the JAC formed after the boy`s killing, W Hasan said the public are furious for they had been promised by the chief minister when they met him on January 2 that the culprit would be produced within 24 hours, and now after two days, the government was remaining mum.

He said since the government continues to remain inactive and unconcerned in the matter of the killing of the innocent boy, they would launch an agitation in all Muslim inhabited area of the state from tomorrow onwards.

He also said all untoward incidents that may occur during the agitation would be sole responsibility of the government.

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