Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

50 things Mohammed did that Muslims DONT Want You To Know

Posted by jagoindia on January 8, 2009

What did Mohammed do:  Great quiz — 50 Things Muslims DONT Want You To Know

The original link got mysteriously deleted. Here is another source.

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3 Responses to “50 things Mohammed did that Muslims DONT Want You To Know”

  1. jewel said

    it is easy to find faults and say bad words about any religions, beleivers. for the greater peace we sould remember, religion is a belief, every religion has extremist, we should not generalise any community for the misdeed of any individuals. every criminals must be punished for their criminal activities, and you should proof yourself good by protecting his/her innocent family members, otherwise you are not anybody different from him/her.

  2. Cletus said

    Jewel, your culturally relativistic take on religion is both ignorant and wrong.
    These things are recorded in the holiest of Islams sources. No other religious prophet, whether Jesus or Buddha, ordered peoples deaths or had sex with a nine year old girl. These are FACTS, according to Islam and Muslims. If you had actually read any of the Qu’ran, Sahi Ahadith or Sira, you would realize that all religions do not preach the same thing. Islam clearly and specifically commands that it’s followers force the entire dar al-hard (land of war, i.e infidel world) to either convert to Islam, submit to Islam and pay Jizya (if you are a fellow monotheist) or die. This is clearly written, numerous times, throughout Islams holy scriptures, outside of any historical context. The violent expansionist verses outnumber the peaceful verses 100 to one, and come later chronologically, abrogating them. Also, every mainstream school of Islamic Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence), whether the four Sunni schools, the Shia or the Sufi, have agreed for the past 1000 years (since the closing of the gate of Ijtihad) that Islam is to be spread by the sword. This is why we see such a disproportionate amount of violent terrorists following Islam and citing Islams sources as compared to other religions.

  3. sarah said

    I can only say that there are two sides to any story. I am in a generation where the media is thriving. All i can see are the Americans (non-muslims if you prefer) are bombing Iraque, Afganistan and possibly Iran in due course. What were the crimes of the innocent children and civilians who are being killed for no apparent reason. The death ratio in these wars to the occasional minority known as terrorists are far greater than the latter. What are terrorists – isnt that a word describing people who are taking justice in their own hands because they have no one to turn to. Even the convention of human rights has been breached beyond comprehention. Terrorists are defenders but i do not condone the killing of innocent civilians or children no matter what they are called or which faith they belong to. Its not religion that is causing the problems, its the greed for money, land and ultimately power whihc are causing these deaths! Religion is the frontline or the surface used as an excuse or a scapegaot to permit the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. Dont be ignorant see it for yourself – its all out there!

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