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Mumbai terrorists dropped Cama Hospital attack plan to avoid Muslim casualties

Posted by jagoindia on January 9, 2009

Cama Hospital attack plan dropped to avoid Muslim casualties

9 Jan 2009, 0325 hrs IST, S Ahmed Ali, TNN

MUMBAI: If the 10 Pakistani terrorists were asked by their handlers to go to the highest floors of their given targets and take hostages why did two
of them — Ajmal Kasab and Ismail Khan — not take hostages at the Cama and Albless hospital?
Sources said Kasab has said that they had clear instructions from their handlers in Pakistan to avoid Muslim casualties so when they saw several burkha-clad women and children at the hospital they decided to leave the place.

Many lower middle class Muslim patients from nearby areas such as Bhendi bazaar, Mohammed Ali road, Dongri, Pydhonie, Byculla and even Sewree and Wadala visit the hospital which is a walkable distance from CST railway station.

On 26/11 after their attempt to climb up to the office of CST failed due to resistance from railway cops, the duo walked out of the station and entered Cama hospital from the rear entrance. At Cama Hospital, a group of policemen (led by additional commissioner Sadanand Date) engaged the two terrorists, who were on the terrace, for 45 minutes. Finally, the duo threw hand grenades in which two policemen were killed and Date and the others were injured.

After leaving Cama Hospital, the duo hid behind the bushes near Rang Bhavan and opened fire on a police jeep, killing three senior officers, including Hemant Karkare. Kasab also told the police that the actual plan to attack Mumbai was in September which was the holy month of Ramzan.

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    I found this blog while surfing the web. It provides a nationalist viewpoint. Just thought I would leave the address here.

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