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Was Mohammed tolerant of other faiths?

Posted by jagoindia on January 14, 2009

“If you read the Hadith you will see for yourself that nothing that was done in 1971 to Hindus in Bangladesh, or in 1989 to Hindus in Kashmir is against Islam. On the contrary, it is exactly as per the diktats of the Hadith.”

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6 Responses to “Was Mohammed tolerant of other faiths?”

  1. Zakir said

    Dharmaveer has hit the nail on the head – all the cruel intolerant and crazy behaviour muslims exhibit comes straight from Muhammad. I was a muslim and gave up Islam precisely when I found out the hatred, cruelty and barbarism that Muhammad showed throughout his so-called “prophethood.” For at least 3 years I tried to justify it in one way or other, but one day I realized that Muhammad had fooled everyone, and I owe it to myself not to fool myself anymore. So I gave up Islam, and am a humanist. I do believe in a higher power, but I think Muhammad had absolutely no link to it. That higher power cannot preach hatred, violence, sexual conquest etc.

  2. Mahendra said

    Zakir has to be congratulated for being honest and brave to become a humanist. He should now encourage other Muslims to think on the same lines so that eventually this menace can be obliterated from the surface of the earth.

  3. Zakir said

    Mr Mahendra: You probably know that leaving Islam is to be punished by death (within Islamic law). Something you hindus may not know is that in more radical mosques, there are sometimes photos put up of people who have left Islam, and the “believers” feel it is their sacred duty to kill these people for leaving Islam.

    So while I have left Islam, I would not dare to reveal this to the community. I want to live. Unfortunately, a large number of muslims are quite fanatical when it comes to such issues. I even visit mosque from time to time so that no one can suspect that I am no longer a muslim. It pays to be safe.

    If I lived in a western country, I would have done what you suggest. But in India, you cannot be too open about such things. I do know that there are others like me, but it is far too dangerous to openly criticize Islam. You could easily be lynched on the spot for doing this.

    How to get muslims out of this crazy cult is a real question that haunts me day and night. There are some websites by ex-muslims like me. islam-watch is one such made by Indian and Pakistani ex-muslims. So there is hope. We are gaining momentum…slowly…

  4. Sriya said

    Islam as religion is NOT a menace! It is the inaccurate interpretation of it ,at various points,on various issues that need to be dealt with ..!
    Who doesn’t get that?!
    All those who believe that India is a Hindu state should be reminded that this is a secular,democratic polity and the objective is not to ACCOMMODATE minority groups whether linguistic,religious,ethnic,caste but to provide equal strength,rights,justice and dignity to ALL.

  5. jagoindia said

    You mention equal India as a secular state and equal strength for all.
    So first you should work to remove Muslim law for Muslims and insist on one secular law for all. Crores are spent on haj subsidies coming from mainly taxes paid by hindu majority. The current flavour is to make madrassas certificates equivalent to All India board. Clearly we do not see secular forces working here.

    And as for Islam being inaccurately interpreted, Muslim authorities insist on Sharia law (which openly discriminates non Muslims). Which explains why not even one muslim country treats its minorities well and provides freedom of religion. Of course you are no expert in Islam. But Osama, Khomeini are well respected and Muslims world over follow them. It is you who are misinterpreting Islam not us.

    Have a look at what Muslim experts have to say:
    The world’s three leading mainstream Sunni Muslim figures espouse violence and hatred

  6. Gabby said

    Take a good long look at islam, you will see that it preaches hate to others, I keeps it’s own falthful from enjoying freedom. GOD gave all of us the freedom to choose either to believe in him or not. Islam takes that freedom away and forces you to follow or die. perhaps all muslims need to relook at thier religion and see it for what it is the following of Satan and the forces of evil. Islam/satan has taken control of thier world and is pushing it on to the rest of us, resist it. Any religion that preaches the killing of innecent women and childern as correct behavior can only be the work of evil. The war between good and evil started in 634AD when mohamud started his religion and forced by the point of the sword others to adopt his ways and threatens death to those who don’t think as they do. In the christen religion Jesus says to bring your enemy to me and introduce him so he may know my love. In islam it says to kill allwho are not of our faith and you will go to paradice. Yeah, that makes sense.

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