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Most important excerpts of Mumbai terror dossier – must read

Posted by jagoindia on January 21, 2009

read it here at the source

Below are what I think count as important excerpts, and what the mainstream media saw fit to cut down or omit entirely.

At Nariman House, the Jewish center:

Caller: Brother, you have to fight. This is a matter of prestige of Islam. Fight so that your fight becomes a shining example. Be strong in the name of Allah. You may feel tired or sleepy but the Commandos of Islam have left everything behind. Their mothers, their fathers. Their homes. Brother, you have to fight for the victory of Islam. Be strong.

Receiver: Amen!


The New York Times reproduced the above monologue to readers, finally, in paragraph 25 thus: “Brother, you have to fight,” the caller said. “This is a matter of the prestige of Islam.”


At the Oberoi Hotel:

Caller: Brother Abdul, the media is comparing your action to 9/11. One senior police officer has been killed.

Abdul Rehman: We are on the 10th/11th floor, We have five hostages. …

Caller: Kill all hostages, except the two Muslims. Keep your phone switched on so that we can hear the gunfire.

Fadadullah: We have three foreigners including women. From Singapore and China.

Caller: Kill them.

(Voices of Fadlallah and Abdul Rehman directing hostages to stand in a line, and telling the two Muslims to stand aside. Sounds of gunfire. Cheering voices in the background….)


The AP presented the above exhange to readers in its lead:

“We have three foreigners, including women,” the gunman said into the phone. The response was brutally simple. “Kill them.” Gunshots rang out inside the Mumbai hotel, followed by cheering that could be heard over the phone.


Hotel Taj Mahal

Caller: The ATS Chief has been killed. Your work is very important. Allah is helping you. The “Vazir” (Minister) should not excape. Try to set the place on fire.


Hotel Taj Mahal

Caller: How many hostages do you have?

Receiver: We have one from Belgium. We have killed him. There was one chap from Bangalore. He could be controlled only with a lot of effort.

Caller: I hope there is no Muslim amongst them?

Receiver: No, none.

The New York Times may call these dossier excerpts “chilling,” but its readers, and readers of other MSM coverage, are missing out on just how chilling they really are.

One Response to “Most important excerpts of Mumbai terror dossier – must read”

  1. umair said

    the conversion you show above i think its completely planned from indian agencies those are involved in it…is it possiable military take action in very restricted area and mobile phone was working?they should used jammer to off cell phone? death behind the police chief must involved BJP because he orderd to arrest those person who were involved in SAMJHOTA express & Maligaon bomb blast…..
    you can also visit my blog and post comments and suggestions.

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