Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

Video:- Muslim converts back to Hinduism. Find out why

Posted by jagoindia on January 27, 2009


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10 Responses to “Video:- Muslim converts back to Hinduism. Find out why”

  1. JB said

    wow…this guy has guts. Hopefully he is safe as we know the muslim (the religion of peace and freedom) fanatics will kill him for being an apostate…such is the the freedom they offer.

  2. waseem said

    Hai I would like to say you something about it that ALL MUSLIMS ARE NOT TERRORISTS and dont blame to muslim people and terrorists are not muslims and they oppose to muslim religion and they wont become muslims because ISLAM ALSO OPPOSE TO TERRORISM but some people dont know about it

  3. sabah said

    In my point of view you have not given sufficent proof that Hinduisam could be accepted as a religion… We dont have to follow our ancestors, we have to find out the truth ourself. Islam is not a religion of Arabs.. If it was you will not find muslims all over the world. If you have Gone through the Quaran
    you will not have been misguided.. Quran is the only book in the face of the earth that could not be challanged in the world. You will not be able to find any mistakes or scientific errors in the book. Its because the Quaran is from Allah, The Creator.

  4. Rajnish said

    If Quaran is so perfect then Sabah take this challenge.

  5. sameer said

    sir ji

    terrorists kaun hain??? kya tumne ek bhi terrorist se bat ki hai?? kya personnaly kisi ko jante ho???

    bas bachcho ki tarah jo NEWS me dikhate hai sab sach jan lete ho

    kya kabhi socha hai

    israel palastine me muslims ko mar raha hai
    afganistan aur iraq me america muslims ko mar rha hai

    sirf 2000 log jo world trade center me mare gaye (jo ki america ki khood ki sajish thi, kyunki ek plane WTC ko uda hi nahi sakta) ke badle iraq ke 20 lack se bhi jyada log mar dale

    fir bhi terrorist kaun



  6. ankit said

    dear sameer,

    yaha par sawal yeh nahi ki every muslim is a terrorist…but it is every terrorist is muslim…thats why we dont want to be a muslim…in this age of science and technology you people ..always talk about jannat….allah..are kisi ne dekha hai allah ko??ya koi wapas aakar bola hai tum logo se ki jannat bhi koi jagah hai????koi mila hai kya tumko??to phir kyu…??pahle apni jindgi ji lo…marne k baad ka….tabhi dekhna jab mar jana….abhi se kyu…jannnat k chakkar me pad rahe ho…

  7. aditya said

    saara muslim terorist hai, jab hindu jid pe ayega tab duniya me sara muslim mar dega

  8. Hashmi said

    And look at this mindset: When a Non-Muslim converts to Islam nobody listens to his reasons.He does not get any attention from media.If he happens to be a celebrity then the news of his conversion gets censored.When a Muslim does anything against the ethos n spirit of Islam, he becomes a hot cake, an overnight celebrity! We have innumerable instances to prove that!
    Just see we started shouting against Chidambaram for he linked terrorism and Hindus,but we and our media do not hesitate in using the yerm of islamic/muslim terrorism.If at all it is true then we must accept that there are Christian, Jew,Hindu terrorists as well.We should refrain ourselves from relating ANY religion or religious groop with terrorism..

  9. rahul said

    hi all…i really feel its nt tht all muslims are terrorists but most terrorists are muslims…wud really appreciate if the entire muslim community unites against these terrorists and eradicate them completely…because they are like virus…spreading every where…they are spoiling the name of ur muslim community…i think Indian muslims are far better than the rest of muslims in the world…we hindu and muslims need to unite and declare a war against terrorists…if india develops we r benefited…so please help us grow one and all…

    Thanks all

  10. Mohil Patel said

    A lot of Muslims in India are not Muslims and even they know that. But they have deny it because; if they are not Hindu and do not be part of Islamic Community, they would be not where. Names like Patel, Shah, Desai, Chowdhaury, Malik and many other names that are similar to Hinduism, which Islamic community have, they were Hindus before. But they were forced to convert with so much abuse. They have understood their mistakes aand want to return back to who they were. I as a Hindu show repect to every religion, but you should not sell yourself and make yourself and your community look bad. In contrast, no Muslims have converted to Hinduism or Sikhism as it says in their religion that it death. So if they could look after their community, also others should do so.

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