Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

In Pakistan Muslims kill Muslims; 27 Shiites dead and more than 50 wounded in suicide attack

Posted by jagoindia on February 9, 2009

Once Muslims exterminate minorities, they start targetting each other. That is what is happening in Pakistan. To understand this phenomenon of the peaceful religion  read here

Death toll in Shiite procession bombing increases to 27
South Asia News
Feb 6, 2009,

Islamabad – The casualty toll in a suicide blast outside a Shiite mosque in the central Pakistani town of Dera Ghazi Khan climbed to 27 dead and more than 50 wounded, police said on Friday.

A suicide bomber targeted a procession of Shiite Muslims Thursday evening when they were returning to the mosque after attending a traditional mourning ceremony.

‘Three blast victims died overnight at the hospital, taking the death toll to 27,’ senior police officer Maqsoodul Hassan said.

“Pakistan has a long history of violence between extremist groups among the majority Sunni and minority Shiite Muslims, although the general population peacefully co-exists despite the sectarian differences.

Thursday’s blast follows a number of suicide and other attacks on Shiite Muslims over the past few months, mostly carried out by militants also believed to have links with Taliban fighters based in the country’s ungoverned tribal region.

Sunni Muslims make up about 80 per cent of Pakistan’s more than 160-million-strong population. Most of the rest are Shiite Muslims.”

3 Responses to “In Pakistan Muslims kill Muslims; 27 Shiites dead and more than 50 wounded in suicide attack”

  1. Vinod said

    muslims killing other muslims. Well i can’t say that i’m sad about that.

  2. Christian said

    The greatest enemy of a Muslim is another Muslim. It makes me sick to listen to these murdering terrorists talk about God, because they are Godless, they are nothing more than murdering thieves that have no compunction regarding the killing of individuals of any gender, age or religion., to them, it is not who you kill, it is how many you can kill. They teach their children hatred, and they cover their tracts by blaming others. The leadership of most Islamic countries have been taken over by dictators that ransack their peoples treasuries, and get rid of people that dare to criticise them. One day, one of their surrogates will get hold of a nuclear device, and they will detonate it in a major city, within twenty four hours of that horrific event, Iran will in all likelihood be bombed back to the stone age, not by the killing of its civilians, but by the destruction of its refineries, oil fields, and all of its military without one foreigner stepping on their land, it will all be carried out from the sea, and when it happens, Iran will be starved into submission, and its Muslim leadership will be tried for war crimes and hanged like the common murderers that they are. You may think that this is unlikely, but my friends, this is a scenario that will happen, and the Muslims will cause it, the only thing that is not certain, is when!!!!????

  3. SAIMA said

    Whole World is in dangeour due to DEOBANDIS & SALAFIS. Here in Pakistan they even kill us to Sunnis. Hoppefully, soon Pakistan will get rid of these Extremists. SAUDI WAHABIS are their FINANCIAL SUPPORTERS…….SIPA E SAHABA (WAHABA) & LASHKAR E JHANGVI also killing to CHRISTIANS & HINDUS.

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