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Kolkata Statesman newspaper apologizes as Muslim mob goes on a rampage over article

Posted by jagoindia on February 10, 2009

Demonstrators threw stones, soda bottles and shoes injuring four cops. Some agitators later took shelter in a nearby mosque and threw stones, empty bottles and shoes targeting policemen.”

Once again Muslim bullies win. Free speech loses.  And pseudo secular Indian media has once again demonstrated how pusillanimous it really is. Moral: It pays to be violent and intolerant

The article in question is:

Why should I respect these oppressive religions? Johann Hari:
Whenever a religious belief is criticised, its adherents say they’re victims of ‘prejudice’

You can also read it all here

BBC report : Pair held for ‘offending Islam’
By Subir Bhaumik, BBC News, Calcutta
Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The editor and publisher of a top English-language Indian daily have been arrested on charges of “hurting the religious feelings” of Muslims.

The Statesman’s editor Ravindra Kumar and publisher Anand Sinha were detained in Calcutta after complaints.

Muslims said they were upset with the Statesman for reproducing an article from the UK’s Independent daily in its 5 February edition.

The article was entitled: “Why should I respect these oppressive religions?”

It concerns the erosion of the right to criticise religions.

In it, the author, Johann Hari, writes: “I don’t respect the idea that we should follow a ‘Prophet’ who at the age of 53 had sex with a nine-year old girl, and ordered the murder of whole villages of Jews because they wouldn’t follow him.”

Mr Kumar and Mr Sinha appeared in court on Wednesday and were granted bail.

Angry Muslims have been demonstrating in front of the offices of the Statesman since its republication of the article.

Police have broken up the demonstrations using baton charges several times this week.

Some Muslims close to the Jamiat-e-Ulema e Hind (The Organisation of Indian Scholars, a leading Islamic group in India) later filed a complaint with police alleging that the publication had “outraged their religious feelings”, which is an offence under Section 295 A of the Indian Penal Code.

Mr Kumar has said he has already issued a public apology for reproducing the article.

“I admit it was an editorial misjudgement but it was never intentional,” Mr Kumar told the BBC in an interview.

20 HURT as protestors clash with police

Statesman News Service

KOLKATA, Feb. 9: More than 20 people, including four policemen, were injured in a clash that broke out when police tried to clear Lenin Sarani where Muslim agitators had put up a road block for four hours in protest against an article published in The Statesman a few days ago. Forty-four people were later arrested in connection with the attack on police and blocking traffic, said Mr Pradip Chattopadhyay, joint CP (administration).

According to police, trouble broke out around noon when the agitators tried to block CR Avenue in protest against an article ~ a comment piece ~ from The Independent that was published in The Statesman in its 5 February edition. Police chased away the mob and arrested seven people.

The agitators regrouped and blocked Lenin Sarani throwing traffic out of gear. They demonstrated in front of Statesman House and damaged a taxi, two private buses, and a tram. Commuters complained of being severely inconvenienced due to the roadblock. Some protestors forced local traders to shut down their shops and join the agitation. Long queues of vehicles were seen on either side of CR Avenue, Dorina Crossing, SN Banerjee Road due to suspension of traffic on Lenin Sarani.

Senior police officers, led by additional commissioner (I) Mr Ranjit Kumar Pachnanda, rushed to the spot and appealed to the agitators time and again to withdraw the blockade.

After agitators refused to call off the blockade, additional forces were deployed in the area. Later DC DD (I), Mr Jawed Shamim, DC (Central) Mrs Damayanti Sen, DC (Traffic) Mr Dilip Banerjee, Joint CP (Traffic) Mr Ranvir Kumar reached the spot and urged agitators to call off the blockade.

After all their pleas fell on deaf ears, leaders from some Muslim organisations and even imams of Shahi Tipu Sultan Mosque came to the spot and tried to pacify the mob. Meanwhile, Rapid Action Force and Armed Police jawans were deployed to prevent any further violence.

After several requests of police officers and religious leaders to call off the blockade went unheeded, police chased away the mob and resorted to a mild lathi-charge to clear Lenin Sarani. Demonstrators threw stones, soda bottles and shoes injuring four cops. Some agitators later took shelter in a nearby mosque and threw stones, empty bottles and shoes targeting policemen. These people later left the mosque.

The situation came under control around 5 p.m. A police picket was posted near the mosque. Later in the evening, a group of people belonging to some Muslim outfits blocked AJC Bose Road near Rajabazar for one-and-a-half hours on the same issue. The blockade was later withdrawn. In a Press release, the Indian Union Muslim Leage (West Bengal) condemned the lathi-charge on protestors and accused The Statesman of “obstinacy” with regard to issuing an apology for carrying the comment piece by Johann Hari. (In fact, The Statesman has, already expressed its deep regret if the publication of the article had caused hurt to any community or religion.)

Pamphlets call for agitation
Later in the evening, unsigned pamphlets and posters were being distributed in the Esplanade area urging members of a particular community to “continue the agitation” and stating that the “protests were not against the state government or police administration”. The pamphlets also demanded that The Statesman be “banned” and that its editor be “arrested”.

11 Responses to “Kolkata Statesman newspaper apologizes as Muslim mob goes on a rampage over article”

  1. beena said

    Peaceful followers of the religion of peace!

  2. Bharti Dogra said

    Bengal Govt has been cowed down by muslims. All our press and media can only frighten ignorant hindus.Before muslims huliganism they start trembling in thier legs and becomesheeps. Our media is slave to islamists and churches and friendly to communists.
    India! Curse , Curse Mahatma Gandhi who got India divided and also kept these muslims in India refusing the request of Baba Ambedker to send them to their demanded land of Pakistan. India You have to bear yet many more burnts from these muslims. study Islam, Kuran ,Hadiths and Islamic history, your eyes will be opened.Had Gandhi,Nehru,Vinoba bhave,Lallu,Mullu,Paswan and Arjun and karuna nidhi read kuran and hadiths they must then have realized the Jihadi mind-set of Muslims. They cannot tolerate any body,any color,any thought,any view,any religion different than thier own.

  3. Chatterjee said

    Contrary to popular perception, West Bengal has been Talibanised gradually over many years. The case of Taslima Nasreen being hounded out of the so-called liberal state is well known. Parts of West Bengal are almost completely muslim now due to unchecked illegal infiltration from the Bangladesh border. This was only a matter of time.

  4. Hindu said

    It’s all happening because,we hindus are selfish,we get educated and start looking for job and then feeding our family adn making such sites which are not connecting all hindus.If somebody takes the responsibility of my family,I can solve this muslim problem prevailing in India.These muslims are like scums,they just keep on multiplying,contributing nothing to nation,except movies like slumdog millionaire,and stars like Shahrukh Khan favoring such movies.It it was not hindus,if we were racist to muslims to from the very beginning,whcih they keep on complaining on us,their would have been no shahrukh khan or salman khan.Muslims don’t have that much money to make them superstars.They keep on talking about arab and dubai.All south asian muslims are descendents of those hindus who bend to violence of barbaric muslims from central asia.Now they think they are pure muslim.Illitrate muslims,but it was all written in our ancient scriptures about all kalyug thing.So now we,”coward hindus” have to suffer,unless we are in minority.Then someone will rise again,surely from upper caste,as history shows lower caste never played any crucial role in liberating india from muslims or british,except few.Now they are in power in India,so they are taking all their hatredness on upper caste and doing all to retain power.But these muslims are so cunning,they are voting for these guys now,but as soon as they’re in power,or majority,they will rule,and then all the words of SIMI will come true.
    God Bless Hindus,but he’ll not bless,as nobody helps anyone who just wishes god to help them.So Hindus just wait for your doomsday,and wish you live no longer to see that.

  5. revolted said

    90% of muslims are good people, and may wonder about the accusations of Mohammed being a pedophile.
    This link

    lays out the evidence based on islamic scriptures.

  6. jagoindia said

    If 90% of Muslims are good people, then you will find Islamic nations a beacon of tolerance, but that is hardly the case.

    You should change your statement to 90% of Muslims are good people to other Muslims. But as far as non-Muslims are concerned, they are programmed to hate them. Islamic countries have the worst records with respect to freedom of religion, treatment of minorities — Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Egypt and all the others.

  7. Secularist said

    I wonder about the consistency in Indian Laws. They talk about secularism, free speech and finally oppress the real monority who differ with pseudo minority with section section 295A of the Indian Penal Code which forbids “deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings”. If you read through some of these religious texts you will find the texts themselves are the culprits against section 295A.

    No Indian print or electronic media has guts to talk on these things a lot of western media are full of rage.

  8. surj said

    Let us not delude ourselves in thinking that Islam is a religion of peace,as Muslims have us believed,far from it, It is EVIL and can’t co-exist with any other religion.From the times of Mo-Ham-Mad, muslims have been killing non-believers or killing each other,Sunni v Shiite, I can see India has a BIG problem, if the Hindus ,Sikhs ,Buddhists Jains don’t unite and fight back now , then I am afraid it may be too late,

  9. Since the article under the banner, “Why should I respect these oppressive religions?” has been published also in The Statesman, Kolkata Edition. on 05/02/09, the illegal Bangladeshi Muslims are trying to establish their strength of criminality through a repeated road show along with their urdu speaking counterpart. Very few Bengali muslims are in this row. Most of them did not read the article properly, nor they are able to understand the same.

    This is not a new thing to Kolkata civil soceity as the same frenzy people deadlocked the Kolkata Life Line over the issue related to the extermination of Dr. Taslima Nasrin, the humanist writer of Bangladesh who took her shelter at Kolkata being driven out from her Motherland ‘Bangladesh’ by the same muslim fundamentalist. It dates back only to 21/11/2007.

    Earlier, such fundamentalists have issued various ‘fatwas’ against Salman Rushdie or Anwar Seikh or to many others for their capital punishment, very much sanctioned by some brute and blind followers of Islam.

    But it is shocking to say that no columnist in the Statesman group articulated nothing against the wrong side of the miscreant muslims in Kolkata. Even they reported the matter very reluctantly without pointing the misrule of the local Govt. to control such situation and the apathy of all the political party aspirant of muslim vote bank.

    As a result of that the muslim hooligans and the ‘Jehadi’ young forces are making its trailer in Kolkata to produce a full length film like Great Calcutta Killing in 1946. And We are giving our full support to make it very easily as we are not conveying our full support in favour of our rights to express our opinion supporting civilization, liberty and equality. In most of the cases we fear the fundamentalists than to support the oppressed. We should justify the history of torture and oppression caused by both Islam, Christianity or any semitic religion in many ways. If we love humanity or honour the freedom, we should condemn the fundamentalists in Kolkata, Karachi or anywhere.

    J. Hari pointed out oppressions, injustice and non ethics committed by Muslims, Jews and Christians also. But the repercussions come from only one side. The reason should be narrated again and again. I request J. Hari to send his reactions directly to The Statesman, Kolkata over the issue…”Why Should I respect…..?” I really interrogate myself, WHY SHOULD I RESPECT ISLAM ?

    The other day, I saw a protest rally by some 40 people near Rani Rasmoni Statue, Esplanade, Kolkata on 18/02/09 at about 2.30pm. condemning the attack upon press concerning Hari’s Article. One “SAVE INDIA MISSION” organized the rally demanding the liberty of the Press and protested the reported arrest of Editor of The Statesman. But I am astonished to see that there was no reflection of the news anywhere in the news papers in the day after. Actually the Press in India also gives importance to the 400 muslim goons than 40 intellectuals. The Press in India is evidently under the pressure of reactionary fundamentalist groups of all verities. But We should not lose our courage to fight against.

  10. v.mukherjee said

    When I drive through various city and country locations of West Bengal, I have noticed the demographic patterns of the various locations.The Muslim dominated areas are very heavily crowded compared to the Hindu dominated areas and driving through these areas in nightmarish.Anyone who takes keen notes will observe this.The Kolkata Muslims are mostly Urdu speaking who came initially to work in the labour intensive jute mills and other factories and settled down in the various localities.The Muslims who had migrated from Bihar and UP to East Pakistan/Bangladesh have also slowly moved back to India and particularly to Kolkata and are settling down with the existing Urdu speaking crowd.They are the ones who crowd the pavements of central Kolkata and mostly of criminal nature.This crowd can be galvanised by vested interests very easily.Bengalis who have small families mostly of one child are very rapidly turning into a minirity of no consequence if they do not see the sinister plan of these migrant crowd.They have vacated the central part of the city to the business communities of Gujrat and Rajasthan (which in a way is not very bad) and to these urdu speaking semiliterate thugs.It is this segment which is most violent but occupy the central district of the city.

    Only solution of restoring decency in these parts is by regulating hawking in the central parts with an iron hand.But alas, this is not to be till we see leaders who can see through the gameplan of these people and bring about structured changes to the city planning process so that the city is decentralised in such a way that the central parts loose all relevance.

  11. Gautam said

    The violence by Muslims should not have been tolerated and should have been treated as an ordinary law and order problem. If they did not head police calls to disperse, they should have been arrested. If there was further violence, then they should have been beaten up or gunned down. We should not tolerate mullah nonsense in secular India. If they carry on their mullah habits, then they should be deported to Pakistan. We are paying the price of stupud CPI (M) policies of admitting Bagladeshis inot bengal. It is a criminal offense. The BJP backed up the RSS should come to power in Bengal.

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