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In Pakistan, Muslim women held in military torture cells, forced into sexual slavery

Posted by jagoindia on February 15, 2009

Read some Paki claiming: “Pakistan is destined to play a special part in the Divine plan for Islam.”  Sure it is!

PAKISTAN: Young women held in military torture cells and forced into sexual slavery

January 12, 2009

A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission

Ms. Zarina Marri, a 23-year-old schoolteacher from Balochistan province, was arrested in late 2005, and has been held incommunicado in an army torture cell at Karachi, the capital of Sindh province. She has been repeatedly raped by the military officers and is being used as a sex slave, to induce arrested nationalist activists to sign state-concocted confessions.

Mr. Munir Mengal was also tortured and his penis was severely injured when he refused to have sex with Zarina Marri. He told RSF, “on 27th January, 2007 at 6 pm Major Iqrar Gul Niazi (Military Intelligence) called me in his office and showed me some nude pictures, and laughingly told me that you have been a director of a TV channel so certainly you have good relations with actresses.

When he returned to his cell he found porn pictures strewn all over it. Around 12 pm a low-ranking military officer called Subedar brought a female there. She was trembling and weeping. “He threw her on my body and told me, ‘You know what to do with her. You are not a child we have to tell what to do with her.'” Mr. Mengal says after half an hour the officer returned, and seeing them sitting apart, abused them and forcibly took off their clothes. Mengal said he was stunned when the woman began praying in the Balochi language. She told Mengal her name was Zarina Marri and that she belongs to the Kohlu area, headquarters of the rebel Marri tribe, a scene of a bloody insurgency that begun in 2005. She said she was a schoolteacher and that the army personnel had abducted her along with her one-year-old.

“They accuse us for spying for the Baluchistan Liberation Army,” Zarina Marri said. She begged Mengal to kill her. “I have been undressed several times for them.”

Mengal said on the refusal to have sex, the intelligence officials inflicted cuts on his private parts. “I thought I would lose my manhood,” he said. Ms. Zarina told to Mengal that she has seen some females in the torture cell but was not allowed to talk with them.

Read more: Link

Baluchistan wants freedom how to get it?

Pakistan army would not think twice before shooting Gandhi in a point
blank and move on. Pakistani army would not respect Gandhi like
British did. That is not the peaceful way I am suggesting.

The way I suggest may make you uncomfortable and not willing to take
the leap. But in my opinion, it is much more preferable than the death.

The peaceful way is to become Hindus.

The entire edifice of Pakistan is built on the concept of Islamic
nation. The four provinces are tied together in the name of pakistan
because of Islam.

If entire population of Balochistan declares themselves as Hindus,
what right pakistan has over Balochistan?

It is not one person converting to Hinduism. It has to be entire
Balochistan converting to Hinduism.  link

4 Responses to “In Pakistan, Muslim women held in military torture cells, forced into sexual slavery”

  1. Gypsy said

    No, that will not be a viable solution. Killing the infidel gives the title of Ghazi to the killer. The first thing all the Muslim invaders did in India was to massacre thousands of non-believers. History has recorded such massacres in detail, which were perpetrated by invaders like Lodhi, Babur, Timur Lane – name any. Even “The Great” Akbar at the tender age of 13 massacred the Hindu army of Hemu after the Second Battle of Panipat and created a tower of chopped off heads of Hemu’s soldiers and proclaimed himself a Ghazi (see and historical accounts of Sir Jadunath Sircar, Riyasatkar Sardesai, etc. Even in these times, one of the naval vessels of Pakistani Navy is PNS Ghazi – killer of the unbelievers.

    If the Baloch people convert to any other religion, it will give license to the oppressors to massacre them. Remaining in Islam gives them at least some chance of being alive.

  2. wsqthh said

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  4. Every creature on this earth is the wonderful gift of almighty and nature is the best judge for all mistakes done by anyone. Laws are necessary and they only give the direction for any civilized society to move ahead in the manner where no one could harm anyone in any manner. But in the society where inhuman behaviour accepted by law makers as a right this decides the end of that society in near future. Nature never allow any one to take law in his hand.


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