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Difference between the Gita and the Quran

Posted by jagoindia on February 18, 2009

This interesting note is a comment by little indian this this Link

The writer articulates the difference between the holy Gita and the unholy Quran quite well.

littleindian on December 1, 2008 at 22:17
Hi chris,
I followed the pingback to read your article. I wish to make a few points.

As you know in Mahabharata, at the start of the battle, Arjuna sees his step-brothers in the opposing army and questions why he had to fight.

Let us accept the war refered to is the historical event and not allegorical is some argues.

The Gita – is a narration of the alleged conversation between Krishna and Arjuna on the battle field following Arjuna’s refusal to fight.

Of the eighteen chapters of the Gita, it is only in two, the second and third, where Krishna instructs Arjuna of his duties as a warrior on a battlefield and why in certain situations war becomes necessary and the reasons why Arjuna had to fight that War. The rest of the text is Krishna revealing his true identity and discusses soul, religion, yoga, philosophy etc.

This was a conversation between two individuals about a specific task at hand. It does not advice battle against “non-believers”, idolators, or establishing a global hindu nation.

The text in Quran, gives a directive to fight a war against
1. obpression and injustice – I have no problems with that.
2. against non-believers who refuse to believe.

I have serious objections to that. It goes against my fundamental belief in equal human rights.

If, in this 21st century, ever a movement arises says the Gita (based on those two chapters of Gita) gives hindus the directive
1. to be intolerent of all other religions,
2. to wage wars to convert the entire world into hinduism 3. or to kill to wipe out a religion in entirely
– I will be one of the firsts to denounce it and burn those pages.

I expect all “moderate” muslims to do that.
I am fed up of hearing that those who kill in the name of Islam are not muslims.

Of course they are.
To me they are the honest followers of Islam – who are simply practicing what is written without denying their true directive.
I am unable to trust a “moderate muslim” for I will never know how fundamental are their unspoken beliefs.

11 Responses to “Difference between the Gita and the Quran”

  1. John Sudhaker said

    Alas Gita had given a directive to intolerate,hate and kill all non-believers then There would have not been a single muslim or chritian in India. Then India would haven’t been divided on relegion basis as per demand of treacherous muslims of Inda. This nation then have been from Afghanistan to Lanka.It would have been a most peacfull nation on earth,free from Fitna & Fassad by Islam/Jehad and Kuran.

  2. jagoindia said

    Then Hinduism would have been no different from Islam. Condemning anybody we don’t agree with as non-believers is the complete antithesis of Hinduism since we believe there are infinite ways to truth and God.

    All that will happen is that we will end up as violent as Islam.

    What is required is each and every Indian has to be well acquainted with the intolerant teachings of Islam and they have to relate to how it affected India. Only when there is awareness that Islam is not a religion but a violent fascist cult, then and only then India can be saved. Same goes for the other civilized parts of the world as well.
    India wake up.

  3. Mahendra said

    The answer lies somewhere between the views of John and Jagoindia. India has and should have welcomed oppressed people like Parsis who came seeking refuge. But it was wrong to welcme people who came to kill, rape, loot and destroy as did Ghaznavis, Ghouris, Nadirshahs etc; and it would have been consistent with Gita’s teachings to fight and eliminate these barbarians. Now the only alternative left for us to re-educate the Muslims to turn to non-violence in the mould of Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan. Alas, that man’s brthplace is now ruled by sharia law.

  4. John Sudhaker said

    “Then Hinduism would have been no different from Islam. Condemning anybody we ——”

    So what then dear jago? We would have been saved from at-least the biggest ‘tortures and murders and haulocasts’ of the world at the hands of most evil & barbaric Islam and its followers,for 1000 yrs. Why didnt the greatness, the kindness,and the so called bigg tolerence of Hinduism save hindus from islamic butchers and this Indian continent (Hindusthan)from being dehinduised ‘and islamised? Think of Afganisthan,Pakistan,Bangladesh, were they not our Bharat? There was no masjid or islamists in it prior to 910. In India do you think that India will be a land of peace with muslims and christians in it ? Islam& xtianity are incorrigible.
    No sir. There must be a fault in our religion.We behaved Atithi Devo Bhav to infiltrators,attackers,and predaters to our country. It is all due to our religion’s teachings of Tolerance,Pardon,love to all,kindness to all etc even to enemy.History is full of all these blunders done by us as per demand of our religion. Whole world was crawling and living in caves as uncivilised when we were dicussing the six schools of thouhts about life and truth in the universe. Still we got a defeat and beatings in our own land, WHY. Because we didnt become like islam or xtianity even after geting thrashings. What did give our great religion to us. Talk Talk Talk Talk ‘Secularism”Minority’ and ‘ALL THE RELIGIONS ARE EQUAL’. Dummy & Dhimmi PM says—Muslims have the First right on the sources of India.
    Sir, Jainism and Budhism,such a kind hearted religions, where are they now? In bamyan in Afganistan when Lord Budhas statu was being blasted no islamic country or even xtian country came forward or write pages,but these very ppl cry cry cry endlessly till now even 10 yrs after Babri structur.
    Islam & xtianity or Missionaries have to be countered in thier own style,cunningness, or intolerence.We have, yes, to be not different from islam and christianity.

  5. jagoindia said

    There are degrees of intolerance. Eg if a belief is intolerant but does seek to convert, destroy and impose itself … that type of intolerance is not a problem as such and there are some instances amongst Hindu sects itself. Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, are non believers to each other, but tolerance still existed. So beliefs are not the problem per se. They become a problem when they seek to replace the existing beliefs through whatever means available.

    For Hindus and many other non semitic religions, it is inconceivable that religions can be used to teach hatred and justify killings. Many even today cannot accept that Islam and Christianity have less to do with religion and are more of a political/fascist ideology masquerading as a religion.

    Besides, the peculiar liberalism of the Hindu religion can be seen in the Western nations as well. Their response to Islam closely reflects the way Hindus react .. appeasement, introspection, inability to attack the enemy’s ideology. These westerners also, cannot conceive that a religion (Islam) sanctifies and rewards the killing of non-believers.

    The way out and the way forward would be for Hindus and the civilized world wto realize the true nature of Islam, realize the weakness of their liberal systems (which tolerate the intolerant), and work from there on. This will call for major changes in how our secular democracies decide to accomodate and address hate based religions.

    In India, Islam and Christianity have to be countered. But before that we have to counter a more serious threat which acts as a shield to the former — the marxists, pseudo secularists, Ambedkar dalits and a bunch of foolish Hindus, naive Hindus, religious Hindus.

    It is not impossible, however. For one Modi has shown the way. If not anything else the very intolerant actions will force Hindus to act eventually. How much, how far, how effective will Hindus be, that may be where you, I and other millions of assertive Hindus step in.

  6. V. Menon said

    In our enthusiasm, let us not forget that Ghazni and his ilk were not welcomed into India by the “Athithi Devo Bhava” tolerance of Hindus. They fought their way in. Hindu is a name given to all the people east of the Arab peninsula (say, east of Sindh as some historians would say). People from Afgahanistan to Srilanka did not believe in one uniformly coded religion – they just worshipped their respective tribal gods. The subcontinent consisted of hundreds- if not thousands- of small kingdoms and ferfdoms of different faiths, cultures, marriage and funeral practices and, of course, gods. It was easy for the Moghal, Dutch, Portugese, French and British invaders capture these minor ferfdoms and unify them into one. India is the large Country that it is today thanks to these invaders. An upalatable truth.

    As for religious tolerance, yes it existed. If you had 36 Million gods, as Adigo suggests, it was easy to assimilate another, and yet another. But let us not forget that Hinduism – or at least Shaivism in the middle ages, was intolerant of other religious faiths intruding into their domain – it was Shankaracharya, the first fundamentalist from this subcontinent, who got Buddhism thrown out of trough murder, abuse and mayhem. The cultural zealots of Karnataka, Maharastra and other parts of India today, the Bhajrangbals, the VHPs, the guys who killed three thousand sikhs in the North and burnt a priest and his sons alive in Orissa and raped nuns are not exactly fine examples of tolerance. Hidnu practices of Sati, treatment of women in their periods, child marriage, forced polyandry and such barbaric marriage customs, killing of female infants and many such practices are not exactly respectful ways of treating women either.

    By the way, the fact “kill your uncles, teachers, cousins and all ther rest regardless” maight only be in two of the eigteen chapters in Bhagawad Gita – but the other 16 chapters were simply justifications for that grave order : “see, I am God, so I am right”. Let us not forget that Pandavas had no right to the kingdom – even assuming that Pandu was a temporary regent and his sons had inherited some right, Pandu had no legitimate sons. So the god was pesuading Arjun to fight an unjust war.

    I am not suggesting that other religions are any better. All religions stink of tribalism and hence are unfit for a civilized world. Notice how the Pope dresses like an African tribal chieftain and gestures with his cross as the exorcists Brahmins of India. Don’t forget that the cruel crucifixion of Christ is painted as the ultimate human sacrifice planned and executed by God himself. “Spare th rod and spoil the child” is not an old worthless saying; it comes directly from the psalms of the holier-than-thou bible. Mahabharat through the crusades to the world wars were tribal battles abetted, if not initiated, by religions.

  7. Bharti Dogra said

    V menon’s response to John Sudhaker is an old , repeated reply. It has not impressed me. All the arguments and facts given by him, already have been mouthed and written 100 times,by communists(traitors), Christians(britishers and missionaries),and muslims(predaters,terrorists and separaters)in thiere malicious & ochestrated propaganda against Hindus and Hindusthan. The same reasons and spins and propaganda is beeing pedled by secular talibans in schools and colleges thru NCERTbooks and Congress of History etc. Reality of islam/Quran and Mohammad is being hidden from comming generations. Many truths are beeing hidden and many concocted truths are beeing propounded and polished by anti-hindu forces.Some sikhs,some dalits, and some budhists have been trapped, purchased and misled by christian nations and dar-ul-islams by suchlike propagandas. In my old shooldays history students were taught that Aryas attacked this country and pushed away the dravidians down to south. Every effort is being made,by hook or by crook,by love or by force, by information or by misinformation, to weaken, to denigrate hindus and thier culture,and thier past.
    Lot of fake drugs, lot of fake currency,lot of fake preachers,lot of jehadis and terrorists,lot of bangladeshis and pakistanis , missionaries and conspiraters,lot of fake media persons and writters are being pushed into my country. There are 50 muslim countries on the back of muslims, and again 50 xtian countries are at the back of christians. But who is at the back of Hindus ? Hence Hindus always remain without any support and weak against secular fundamentalists+islamists+missionaries.

  8. jagoindia said

    Menon is a thorough bred pseudo secularist, fed on MSM propaganda.
    He is aware of so called atrocities on minorities but seems to be ignorant of atrocities on Hindus.

    In fact he is not even aware of atrocities on Hindu minorities in Kashmir and in the North Eastern States.

    Islamic Terrorism and Genocide of Kashmiri Pandits

    Christian terrorism in North East India

    Comment is free, but facts are sacred and Menon’s are only comments not supported by facts. For example he contends Shankaracharya defeated Buddhism by “through murder, abuse and mayhem”. But the truth of the matter is he defeated Buddhism through logic and debate. Why Buddhism disappeard from India is a mystery. Most likely it self destructed because it could exist on its own. In Afghanistan the Muslims destroyed it.

    To compare Hindu fundamentalism with Islam and Christian extremism is pure imagination. Can he name one Muslim or Christian country (think Fiji, Trinidad and Tobago) where Hindus are treated well. And why does he not mention of the hundred buthered by Khalistan terrorists. And for Christianity — It has probably the worst record in treating non Christians.

    India hosts the maximum pluralism in many ways be it religious,cultural, linguist. All under the grand banyan tree of Hinduism.

    Lastly there is not much to shout about the “civilized world”. There is more suffering, more hunger, more poverty and more destruction in the “civilized world” than in the past 5,000 years or so.

    Menon is full of crock! That is understandable since the state Menon hails from, Kerala is communist, and Kerala is the most violent and Hindu bashing and jihadi appeasing state in India.

    Kerala: Jihad’s own country

    In Kerala Hindus need help

    In Kerala, Left moots pension for Madrassa teachers to please Muslims

  9. Yukti said

    Welldone Bharti and Jagoindia.You have blasted the myths floated by communists,christists and islamists and supported blindly by dhimmi congress and pseudo-secularists.India needs only 10,000 nationalists like you to liberate itself from negationism planted and nurtured by anti-hindu organisations of the world.
    Following last lines by Bharti Dogra have straight way touched my heart and mind,oh!what a bitter but great truth:
    ” There are 50 muslim countries on the back of muslims, and again 50 xtian countries are at the back of christians. But who is at the back of Hindus ? “

  10. yatish said

    All religions are same in their own ways…. its just like languages if u mean same thing u can put / speak in different languages…similarly religions all go in one way only are followed from different paths… Main thing is GOD did not create religion… he has not created geeta bibble n quaran…normal human beings from past ages have created so its like people in previous which one they liked to follow…example for this is in a football some supports man u, some support aresenal n some other team so just like tht some captain/leaders had formed geeta/ bibble n quaran some like geeta some bibble n some quaran…

    main thing is whichever religion u beleive as far as its gng one way we dont have a prob but we have a prob one religion speaking bad abt others major example in these cases are Muslim ..they want people to believe in freinds you have ur religion u teach ur ppl…some have their religion let them follow dont tell That ONLY QUARAN is right and other are rong..

  11. yatish said

    Remember one thing if GOD is one, and he wants as to be ONE then Y Hindu Muslim or Christian?????
    there is no peace in these world now… if u see the major wars how does it arrive???? its because of Religion…so if we believe in God more less religion i think there will b more peace n love than warss

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