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India concerned as Tailban strikes Sharia law deal with Pakistan. The Islamic threat is closing in on the civilized world

Posted by jagoindia on February 18, 2009

Taliban strikes Sharia law deal with Pakistan

India concerned over Sharia law in Malakand
17 Feb 2009, 0334 hrs IST, Indrani Bagchi, TNN

NEW DELHI: As senior Indian officials and US special envoy Richard
Holbrooke discussed American policies for the Pakistan-Afghanistan
region, the ceasefire between Islamabad and the Taliban in Swat valley proved to
be a dramatic example of the Islamist extremist threat closing in on
the civilised world. Stepping out of his meetings with foreign
minister Pranab Mukherjee, Holbrooke told reporters, “What is
happening in Swat now is a common threat to the US, India and
Pakistan, who now face a common enemy.”

In a dramatic and more extreme replay of the 2006 peace deal between
the Pakistan government and the Taliban, President Asif Zardari signed
Sharia law for the Malakand division and Swat valley on Monday, a day
after the Pakistan Taliban, led by Baitullah Mehsud, announced a
10-day ceasefire.

India is looking at the deal with growing trepidation, as it brings
the Taliban much closer. Nobody in the Indian government would comment
on record, but privately, there is growing concern here, which was
discussed in detail with Holbrooke. But much more important, it shows
the Pakistan government submitting to the growing powers of the

The Pakistan government’s deal with the Tehrik Nifaz-i-Shariat
Muhammadi (TNSM) to promulgate Sharia may be replicated in other
divisions in the NWFP.

The distress about the deal in Swat also comes from the fact that
after Swat, it could well be Peshawar, and then it’s a leap to

India believes Taliban needs to be squeezed in terms of funds, weapons
and legitimacy, but many also suspect that the Pakistan army continues
to be the chief patron of the Taliban, as it believes Taliban to be
essential to its policy of strategic depth in Afghanistan and bleeding
India to death.

Pakistan government reportedly gave in on the Sharia laws to stop
further violence in these areas which the army just could not stop.

The ceasefire with the Taliban, Indian sources believe, is not likely
to make the Taliban give up either its ideology, weapons or intent to
undermine the Pakistani state. While Islamabad has released many
arrested Taliban commanders in return for one Chinese engineer, there
is no talk about the Taliban disarming.

The peace deal, therefore has no other strategic objective, apart from
stopping the violence. But by giving in to the Taliban demand and
getting a limited concession for 10 days, Islamabad may only be
prolonging the inevitable.

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