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RAW – Lashkar woman terrorists using Hindu names, plan to repeat Mumbai-like bomb blasts in major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Bengaluru

Posted by jagoindia on February 18, 2009

NSG women terror alert

RAW alert on Lashkar woman hit squad

By Pramod Kumar, New Delhi

Feb. 17: The Pakistan-based militant organisation Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, in association with the Taliban, is waiting to send 22 highly trained women militants, including five suicide bombers, into India. These women terrorists, between the ages of 18 years and 23 years, have been trained to carry out terror attacks like 26/11 in certain cities in India.

The RAW, in a report to the Centre, has said that these women terrorists plan to repeat Mumbai-like bomb blasts in major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Bengaluru. The RAW report adds that women terrorists have been trained at a terror camp nicknamed “Jangal-Mangal” located near Kotli, in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

Sources confirmed that initially only four or five LeT women terrorists would be sent to India. They have been specifically instructed to get jobs as helpers in schools and hospitals the moment they enter India. Later, their places of employment will become their targets, said a source. “They have been provided forged Indian identity cards bearing Hindu names to make it easier for them to get jobs in schools and hospitals,” said the official.

“These terrorist are likely to enter India via the Nepal or Bangladesh border. They have been given tough training, including rigorous physical training, handling of sophisticated weapons and how to position themselves in congested areas to cause the maximum damage, said the official. There are confirmed reports that these terrorists have completed their training and are now at undisclosed locations in Sialkot and Lahore in Pakistan, said the official. These women terrorists come from very poor backgrounds and the majority of them are orphans. “They have been provided maps of almost all important cities in India. Besides, they have been instructed to always keep on their persons certain Islamic literature related to iihad. They have been provided detailed information about Lashkar operatives (overground workers) operating in India so that they can contact them once they enter India,” said the official. End

2007 report

‘LeT training women militants’
6 Apr 2007, 0040 hrs IST, Pradeep Thakur, TNN

NEW DELHI: Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) has a full-fledged training camp for women militants situated 6 km from Muridke on GT Road between Lahore and
Rawalpindi, with infrastructure to provide rigorous training to cadres in guerrilla warfare, an intelligence report has said.

Giving details of the Lashkar’s women brigade, the report says these militants are imparted 21-day training in handling arms and ammunition, besides swimming and jehadi discourses.

The special course, called ‘Daura-e-Sofa,’ is given to women cadres drawn from madrassas in PoK and the Kashmir Valley. The trainee militants are housed in a double-storeyed building situated in the camp premises. The intelligence report says the LeT’s women-training camp is headed by a 45-year-old woman jehadi, Umi Hamad, a Pakistani national.

The presence of women militants in the LeT ranks was first detected late last year when a 20-year-old woman militant – Khalida Akhtar – was held in Srinagar. However, details of the location and infrastructure of the militant camp emerged from interrogation of other LeT militants who had surrendered before security forces in January-February this year.

Akhtar had told intelligence sleuths that Lashkar was raising a band of women militants of Kashmiri origin and providing them ideological and arms training in the camps situated in PoK. The emergence of women militants had created ripples in security forces and counter-intelligence sleuths had briefed authorities on the chances of these militants being used as honey traps to infiltrate the ranks of paramilitary forces deployed in Kashmir.

The claims made by counter-intelligence sleuths were based on facts that emerged from Akhtar’s interrogation. Her questioning revealed that one of her primary tasks was to trap army officers and jawans to monitor troops’ movements and operations.

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    The Islam fundamentalist factory keeps on churning new entities and methods. They sure are big on new adaptive ideas.

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