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Pakistan’s slumdog jihadis

Posted by jagoindia on February 20, 2009

Slumdog Jihadis In Pakistan, the under-15 population is 37 per cent of the total. Given the poor education, health and skills of this youth, they are fodder for jihad and little else. With the mullahs constantly drumming that all of Pakistan’s ills are due to the evil Hindu India/Zionist Israel/Christian America troika, Pakistan’s biggest export for a long time is likely to be terror. Slumdog Jihadis: The Dawn on December 18, 2008, quoted the Pakistan Planning Commission’s Deputy Chairman Sardar Asef Ahmad Ali that poverty had skyrocketed to above 40 per cent in the country, leaving millions helpless. It is these poor/unemployed/uneducated people that are cannon fodder for the jihadis. The interrogation of the lone surviving Mumbai terrorist Ajmal Kasab’s  story fits the bill. There are such 48 million Ajmals waiting in Pakistan to be primed against India.

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Pakistan’s Jihad’s Factories
by Ben Barber
Afghanistan’s Taliban studied in the madrasahs-the Islamist religious schools-of Pakistan, where some 1.75 million students are currently preparing to fight for Islam around the world.

In a few moments chatting with them, I quickly learned that their major topic of study was jihad, or holy war. The nearly 2,000 students expect to fight infidels in Chechnya, Afghanistan, Palestine, or Indian Kashmir once they complete their studies at the madrasah, located inside the walls of the old city of Lahore.

About 1.75 million students are enrolled in the schools, though it is not clear how many of the academies are devoted to preparing their students for jihad. Some may focus only on religious studies. It is certain, however, that each time the repressive Islamic Taliban regime in Afghanistan needs to mount a spring offensive against its rebel opponents, tens of thousands of students from Pakistani madrasahs pour over the border in trucks to join the jihad, according to reports in the Jane’s defense publications. Thus, the system of madrasahs has become a hatchery for tens of thousands of Islamic militants who have spread conflict around the world. Incidents in the Philippines, Indonesia, Russia, Central Asia, and at New York’s World Trade Center have all been linked to graduates of the madrasahs. Indeed, Pakistan is terrorism’s fertile garden.

Khuddamuddin is run by Mohammed Ajmal Qadri, leader of one of the three branches of the fundamentalist Jamiat Ulema Islam party, who told me that nearly 13,000 trained jihad fighters have passed through his school. At least 2,000 of them were in or on their way to Indian-held Kashmir.

2 Responses to “Pakistan’s slumdog jihadis”

  1. They are purposely doing this so that they will get lot of jihadis in future. But the common people are unaware and tey don’t even think they are being exploited.

    Terrorism in Swat Region

  2. Manish said

    An excellent article on Hindu Nationalists by an American scholar:
    Hindu Nationalists: Indigenous resilience

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