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Anti Hindu film Slumdog Millionaire wins 8 Oscar

Posted by jagoindia on February 23, 2009

When will Danny Boyle make a movie on Hindus suffering at the hands of Islamofascists? Will he? Why will he not?  He will definitely not.  Because if he shows the Muslims as aggressors there is every chance he may have to confront violent Muslim mobs baying for his blood. It is far easier to target the gentle Hindu as the evil one.  Here is the fate of one courageous film maker who made a film critical of Islam

Dutch filmmaker Vincent van Gogh, shot and stabbed by Muslim for making movie critical of Islam

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) — A filmmaker who was the great-grandnephew of the painter Vincent van Gogh was shot and stabbed to death on an Amsterdam street Tuesday after receiving death threats over a movie he made criticizing the treatment of women under Islam.
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Slumdog’ claims 8 Oscars

Slumdog Millionaire: Another Husain?

Here is a interesting comment in above article

With everyone singing hosannas to Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire, let me offer an alternative perspective. This film targets the easiest target: the placid Hindu. The hero is a Muslim in India, whose mother is burned to death by Hindu mobs. No need for subtlety in dialogue or depiction, the Hindu mob says: “They are Muslims. Let us hit them,” and the hapless Muslims cry as they flee in terror: “The Hindus are coming! The Hindus are coming.” To make sure his point about Hindu devilry is not missed, Boyle has a shot of a child dressed as Rama, one of Hinduism’s most cherished gods. Imagine the outcry if Boyle had reversed the above & shot a child dressed as Mohammed or Jesus as Muslims/Christians hurried off to persecute members of another faith! But Boyle seems well on his way to awards and accolades.

Anti Hindu movie Slumdog source

A magnificent Mumbai slum, two Muslim brothers, a Hindu mob killing innocent Muslim women, criminally amputated children singing Surdas”s songs, Hindu policemen torturing an innocent Muslim boy and a diabolic Hindu game-show host who hands his Muslim contestant to his Hindu police which hates the Amnesty international, and voila, you have all the ingredients for a “secular” potboiler which is on the road to the Oscars! You might argue that it”s not realistic but only fantasy since there is greater probability of winning the jackpot on a lottery ticket without being abused by the police than winning the top prize on a quiz show with 15 unique questions.

But then you can be kidding with the graphic depiction of blood curdling anti Muslim riot in which a Hindu mob slits the children”s mother, the Indian policeman electrocuting the Muslim suspect or the gory scene of the amputation of the street children by the mafia who are then forced to sing Surdas”s bhajans. The book by Vikas Swarup has the main protagonist named as Ram Mohammad Thomas who was conveniently transformed into a Muslim boy, Jamal Malik who lost his mother to a Hindu mob to make it sound in the author”s own confession more “politically correct.”

When was the last time in Indian History when an unprovoked Hindu population took to violence? For the record the Mumbai riots were incited by fanatical Muslim mobs in the face of the Baburi Masjid demolition. Moreover, it beats me how the consequent Mumbai bomb blasts triggered by local Muslim gangs can be disassociated from the Mumbai riots? And the much maligned Bombay Police recently lost sixteen of its bravest men while defending the city”s freedom of speech and expression against Islamist zealots who wanted to replicate in India, a 7th century Arabia.

More disturbingly, you have the depiction of the blue bodied Rama whom Hindus consider as Maryada Puroshottam [the best among men] threatening to terminate the existence of the innocent Muslim children. To a question on with which weapons is Lord Rama depicted with in popular iconography, Jamal Malik the protagonist does not remember the grand Ram Lilas which happen across the country or Ram Kathas on televisions. Instead, a Hindu kid dressed like immaculately like Lord Rama stand in the mid of a slum in a threatening pose. And one cannot miss the hatred being portrayed in the face and looks of that young Hindu kid, younger than even Jamaal. Even a 5 year old Hindu kid is a communal bigot and Rama is responsible for all the communal crap. Muslims are seculars and victims by definition. And we need one white director to tell these things to the whole world. Not only this we have forcibly amputated children singing Surdas”s bhajan pining for a glimpse of illusory Krishna? This insensitive jaundiced anti Hindu view is reminiscent of Indian leftist cinema where Hindu male characters are black and Muslims white! Remember, Mr and Mrs Iyer where a Hindu mob was searching for circumcised dicks and didn”t even spare a Jew in true Nazi fashion! Never mind that in world history, Hindus are the only people who don”t carry an atom of anti-Semitism, but the director”s flight of “secularist” fancy won critical acclaim. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya in his film Uttara shows a band of Hindu goons burning a Christian church made in service of the lord”s lepers and raping an orphan girl in the process. Expectedly, this rather original gruesome way of story-telling won him the national awards! In the Tamil hit, Dasavathaaram, we find an anti-historical situation fantasizing Shaivite intolerance against Vaishnavs where Ramanujam”s disciple is shown fighting Kulothunga Chola. Based on a solitary description of Chola antagonism in Ramanujam”s writings, we discover the Chola fanatic stealing the idol of Vishnu from Srirangam, ironically the same temple complex which was plundered at least five times by Islamic armies. Similarly, Kamal Hassan in his movie “Anbe Sivam”, shows a pious Shiva devotee injuring the hero who is rescued by a group of benevolent Christian nuns. Previously, in the 70s when anti-Brahmana movement in Tamil Nadu was at its peak, we had Brahmana priests routinely paraded as rascals in Tamil movies.

“Islamic” sensitivities have extracted book bans from both British and Congress governments. Girja Kumar in his “Book on Trial” has reproduced dozens of cases where Hindu books critical of Islam or the Prophet were banned, and the authors faced arrest or were killed. Salman Rushdie”s flight and Taslima Nasrin”s plight is well known. Lajja almost faced a ban because she had exposed the genocide against Hindus in Bangladesh. Movies on the state of Kashmiri pundits, victims of Islamic genocide against Hindus of Bangladeshis, the Hindu victims of the North East against Christian separatism and also the historical crimes by the armies of Islam and inquisitory Christianity are taboo in a “secular country” They cannot see the light of the day because they are inimical to communal harmony and hurt minority sentiments.

This ostentatious display of anti Hindu sentiment is of course lost on the jingoists or those ABCDs who go gaga over such pernicious cinema. Sincere critics questioning the dumb plot where a slum boy grows up into a sophisticated leftist JNU product with a flawless English accent are censured by appealing to the authority of the Golden globe awards. They keenly forget the film was precisely designed for that, appeal to the racial sensitivities of those who really matter! Therefore, even the liberation of Jamal is not through out of any indigenous worth, but through an internationally funded poverty alleviation game show [Kaun Banega Crorepati recedes into its international avatar, Who wants to become a millionaire].

Saurav Basu

Slumdog is about defaming Hindus

Kanchan Gupta

Similarly, Danny Boyle has made a film that portrays every possible bias against India and structured it within the matrix of Western lib-left perceptions of the Indian ‘reality’ which have little or nothing in common with the real India in which we live.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Boyle’s film is about a slum where extreme social exclusion, political suppression and economic deprivation define the lives of its inhabitants. He has made every effort to shock and awe the film’s audience by taking recourse to graphic and gory portrayal of bloodthirsty Hindu mobs on the rampage — the idiom that defines India as it is imagined by the lib-left Western mind — laying to waste Muslim lives (a Hindu is shown slitting a Muslim woman’s throat in an almost frame-by-frame remake of the videotape that was released by the killers of Daniel Pearl) and property. There’s more that makes you want to throw up the last meal you had: Hindu policemen torturing Muslims by giving them ‘electric shock therapy’, street children being physically disfigured and then forced to beg, and such other scenes of a medieval society where rule of law does not exist and every Hindu is a rapacious monster eager to make a feast of helpless Muslims.

Nor is it surprising that Boyle should have cunningly changed the name of the film’s — as also the book’s — protagonist from Vikas Swarup’s Ram Mohammad Thomas (a sort of tribute to the Amar Akbar Antony brand of ‘secularism’ which was fashionable in the 1970s) to Jamal Malik. The name implies a Kashmiri connection, and we can’t put it beyond Boyle suggesting a link between Jamal’s travails — it is his mother whose throat is shown as being slit by a Hindu — and the imagined victimhood of Kashmir’s Muslims who, the lib-left intelligentsia in the West insists, are ‘persecuted by Hindu India’. Asked about the protagonist’s name being changed, Swarup is believed to have said that it was done to “make it sound more politically correct”. There is a second hidden message: The Hindu quizmaster on the ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ show has doubts about Jamal, who gets all the questions right, not because he is a ‘slumdog’ but because he is a Muslim; so he sets India’s Hindu police on the hapless boy. Swarup did not quite put it that way in his book, but the film does so, and understandably the critics in Hollywood who sport Obama buttons are impressed.

The last time depravity was portrayed as the Indian ‘reality’ was when Roland Joffé did a cinematic version of Dominique Lapierre’s City of Joy. In that film, the Missionaries of Charity were shown as the saviours of an India trapped in filth, squalor, poverty and Hindu superstition. Some two decades later, Boyle has rediscovered Joffé’s India and made appropriate changes to fit his film into the Hindu-bad-Muslim-good mould so that it has a resonance in today’s America where it is now fashionable to look at the world through the eyes of Barack Hussein Obama.

In her review of the film, “Shocked by Slumdog’s poverty porn”, Alice Miles writes in The Times: “Like the bestselling novel by the Americanised Afghan Khaled Hosseini, A Thousand Splendid Suns, Slumdog Millionaire is not a million miles away from a form of pornographic voyeurism. Slumdog Millionaire is poverty porn.” Commenting on the BBFC’s decision to “place this work in the comedy genre”, she says, “Comedy? So maybe that’s it: I just didn’t get the joke.” It’s doubtful whether most Indians, Hindus and Muslims, would get it either if they were to watch Slumdog Millionaire.

48 Responses to “Anti Hindu film Slumdog Millionaire wins 8 Oscar”

  1. Your Mom said

    Awesome movie. Too bad you cow-piss drinking morons hated it. Don’t matter, didnt stop it from getting oscars, golden globes and a lot of other hardware. Muslims are taking over Bollywood as well. Amir Khan developed Lagaan while you guys have Akshay Kumar and his pathetic bullshit Chandni Chowk goes to China. HAHAHAHAHA.

  2. jagoindia said

    Can you add all these to your roster of Muslim achievements:-

    Muslims achievements in Democracy:
    There is no Moderate Muslim Country or Successful Islamic Democracy

    Muslims Achievements in Rape:
    Pan-European Arab Muslim Gang Rape Epidemic – IRIS Blog

    Muslim dominance in terrorism:
    All Muslims are not Terrorists , But Majority of Terrorists are Muslims , Its a Fact

    Islam is responsible for 75% of the violence in the world and has perpetrated more than 12,000 deadly terrorist attacks since 9/11.

    Muslims dominance in Prisons:
    India: Why Are So Many Muslims in Prison?

    Muslims are heavily over-represented in the prison populations of most European countries
    Too many Muslims in prison, Sachar edits this out

    In France, Prisons Filled with Muslims

    Muslim prisoners at Britain’s top security jail double in two years

  3. mah29001 said

    Never seen the movie, I don’t know what Hindus are complaining about the movie. Yet I do know one thing, if this film were aimed being critical of Islamic societies in general, the film maker would receive a death threat like Geert Wilders.

  4. jagoindia said
    Dutch filmmaker critical of Islam killed

    AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) — A filmmaker who was the great-grandnephew of the painter Vincent van Gogh was shot and stabbed to death on an Amsterdam street Tuesday after receiving death threats over a movie he made criticizing the treatment of women under Islam.

    A suspect, a 26-year-old man with dual Dutch-Moroccan nationality, was arrested after a shootout with officers that left him wounded, police said.

  5. TAP said


    Great job done, my friend!

    Thanks for your posts on the muslim achievements, exhaustive list, great “potential oscars” materials amongst them, maybe Danny boyle can make a series of movies and aptly title them “scumbag mutineers” and then we can sit back and watch him running for his life like a real slumdog himself!

  6. asif said

    Slumdog Millionaire is about to be declared the best movie of the year. However most Indians hate the movie because it shows them the reality that they are unable and unwilling to see. The India that exists in the minds of the minds of Indians does not really exist

    Talk to an Indian, any Indian, and he or she will talk to you about India the Superpower–convinced that India has already reached stardom because of its humongous IT industry and 6 Billionaires. Try to poke the bubble and be ready for a volatile reaction, abuse, and even threats.

    Try to remind an Indian about the reality of the “IT sector”(glorified call centers) and take your life in your own hands. Let them know that the “IT industry” is only $42 Billion, a drop in the ocean that effects only 6 million people in the land of the cow, and be ready for a death sentence.

    Bollywood movies are not filmed in India anymore, because Indians do not want to see the slums—most Indians have thus become oblivious to them, they ignore the penury stricken population and the poverty that makes the lives of millions hell on earth. Too busy blaming outside powers for their endemic problems, Indian politicians have a favorite whipping boy–Pakistan.

  7. Yukti said

    Dany Boyle is a western rich christian so he will show hindus and hindu gods in low light very tactfully using our own men under the guise of Art or Film or Commedy with the help of dollars.Most of westerns take interests in India only to reap the harvest of christianity as per pope of Italy. Such writters/ONGs/Film makers and painters are picked up for big prizes which defame/denigrate or
    belittle hindus so that a ground may be prepared for missionaries to convert them in more speed and more volume. No muslim country allows thier muslims to be converted.Only here in India a christian CM is thrusted upon Hindu majority so as to facilitate thier convertions thru different different hidden agendas and cocensions.Govt is giving lot of helps in many ways to missionaries and mullas/moulavees/maderssas to spread thier activities.And what about hindus ? Hindus are painthiests,idolators, kafirs,heathens, rioters,communalists,fascists,reactionary; they had no nation,they have no religion,no unity,no wisdome.They were slaves for a century.They are to be converted to Xtianity or Islam before they wake up from a long slavery.

  8. Manoj said

    Why dont Oscar give prize to film “Fitna” produced by great learned GEERT WILDERS who is fighting our war.He is also the biggest artist who is showing what are terrorists and from whome they are getting the inspirations to kill non-muslims.Which book guids them to work for islam and what that book says.So beautifully
    narrated thru koranic verses and real voilence and intolerence shown in live video along with.All the muslims are asking him to be dead.So called moderate muslims are calling for his arrest. He is actualy exposing the danger of islam in comming days with exposing mien-kanf of islam.It is a very very valuable and informative film
    which must be prized. will oscar-ppl dare to do it? HUUUUNNN—
    getting feared of muslims?

  9. Richard the Lionheart said

    i haven’t seen this movie but even though india is relatively famous for its wealth disparity and suchlike, i have never heard of angry mobs of indians running through the streets murdering muslims in broad daylight. im sorry but the only place where that kind crap happens is in muslim countries and the the victims are almost always jewish or christian or someone else. this guy is just another western apologist retard who loves shariah law and the holocaust but won’t admit to being an asshole cuz he’s just way too progressive for any truly forward thinking and thusly is trying to lay the blame for a major terror campaign against india on the victims. and yes he doesn’t realize the irony that if he made fun of any religion (be it christianity, judaism, hinduism, even satanism) nobodys really gonna do much more then make posts like this but if he made the same movie about islam (which would be far more truthful and accurate) he would be spending the rest of his life under armed guard. and it receiving an oscar is just another show of how everyone in good ol hollywood (always a place of higher thinking and accurate morals if you ask me) is really good at patting themselves on the back when they stand up to a tyrant (george bush, tony blair, the american first amendment etc.) but are actually a buncha pussies who are afraid to actually denounce someone who deserves it because they know they’ll just end up like vincent van gogh who actually had a pair.

  10. Richard the Lionheart said

    i haven’t seen this movie but even though india is relatively famous for its wealth disparity and suchlike, i have never heard of angry mobs of indians running through the streets murdering muslims in broad daylight. im sorry but the only place where that kind crap happens is in muslim countries and the the victims are almost always jewish or christian or someone else. this guy is just another western apologist retard who loves shariah law and the holocaust but won’t admit to being an asshole cuz he’s just way too progressive for any truly forward thinking and thusly is trying to lay the blame for a major terror campaign against india on the victims. and yes he doesn’t realize the irony that if he made fun of any religion (be it christianity, judaism, hinduism, even satanism) nobodys really gonna do much more then make posts like this but if he made the same movie about islam (which would be far more truthful and accurate) he would be spending the rest of his life under armed guard. and it receiving an oscar is just another show of how everyone in good ol hollywood (always a place of higher thinking and accurate morals if you ask me) is really good at patting themselves on the back when they stand up to a tyrant (george bush, tony blair, the american first amendment etc.) but are actually a buncha pussies who are afraid to actually denounce someone who deserves it because they know they’ll just end up like theo van gogh who actually had a pair.

  11. siraj said

    u know nothing about islam and muslims..the religion of peace and love..not terror..the ultimate truth which u guys will eventualy come to know after death..vaada he mera..u know what..u r abusing the same God and his path, who created you, blessed u with all the universal facilities..and u worship all that he created except him..muslims can never forgive or tolerate u guys abusing their God or his beloved prophet, because they know they are in the right path and they are fighting for the real God..they why should they fear anyone who are against the God???this is the secret behind the so called ‘intolerance’ more thing, muslims never abuse ur ‘Gods’, they only sympathise.. seeing ur foolish senseless ur eyes brothers..before others do it for u..

  12. siraj said

    hey,u know nothing about islam and muslims..the religion of peace and love..not terror..the ultimate truth which u guys will eventualy come to know after death..vaada he mera..u know what..u r abusing the same God and his path, who created you, blessed u with all the universal facilities..and u worship all that he created except him..muslims can never forgive or tolerate u guys abusing their God or his beloved prophet, because they know they are in the right path and they are fighting for the real God..they why should they fear anyone who are against the God???this is the secret behind the so called ‘intolerance’ more thing, muslims never abuse ur ‘Gods’, they only sympathise.. seeing ur foolish senseless ur eyes brothers..before others do it for u.

  13. analyst said

    It has been seen, the more Islam is defamed, the more it spreads. It is the fastest growing religion in the world and the also the most massacred people in the world(out of jealously of this fact)!!

  14. Joel B. said

    I haven’t yet seen the film, and I didn’t realize the principle character was Muslim.

    I’m not fully educated on the situation in India, and I don’t doubt that there are elements of violence in Hindu society. However, it doesn’t take much more than a cursory reading of the daily news to understand that worldwide (and I’m sure this includes India), the vast majority of violence and terrorist acts have been perpetrated by Muslims. It is also evident that in most Muslim-dominated societies, the vast majority of the populations live in less than desirable circumstances. I believe this is self-inflicted, either thorough ignorance (unable or unwilling to fully educate their children), choice of political systems (medieval rule by corrupt kings and tribal leaders), or a combination of both. Based on this I would conclude that Muslims in India probably do not live “under the thumb” of Hindus, but rather they bring themselves down by supporting, or at the very least not objecting to, the violence which is wrought by their Muslim brothers.

    I will still see the film, but will view it with a critical eye.

  15. buddy winston said

    i’m sure glad i live in santa barbara, CA and far from all the muzzie sand monkeys

  16. parasocks said

    I am so sick of well fed white people sitting at a computer in a safe country yabbering on about people they have never met, never tried to meet, never spoken to, never encountered, and of whom they know absolutely nothing about.

    Your opinions are useless. Stop filling up the internet with your garbage.

    (it will be full soon)

  17. tusk said

    we can make a movie about America and show every possible issues in American society like teenage pregnancy,bankruptcy, greedy people buying home they cant afford, high school drop outs busy with drugs, drinks and sex, divorce, single parent family, obesity, heart disease, materialistic people, no family values, lonely old people with no one to care for, racism, treatment of black and immigrants bla bla.. make a movie with all the bad elements of America happening to a single person and show that as a reality of America.. will that be the real America? That is exactly what they have done is slumdog millionaire. If they want to show real India why don’t they show the real muslim terrorism as well which is more real than anything else in India. without knowing the muslims terrorism how can people understand how hindus feel towards muslims. Shame on cowards who are too scared to name Islam as the root cause of Terrorism. Shame on such cowards. Soon America is going to be bankrupt and Europe will be taken over by muslims. Then we can also make realistic movies about American stupidity and European cowards

  18. will said

    Unlike some of the commentators, I have actually seen this film, can confirm that the Islam/Hindu issue is NOT a defining feature of the plot and there is no sense in which the director comments upon Islamic Terrorism.

    The usual orthodoxy in our culture is that Hinduism is peaceful, beautiful, innocent, and mystical, in contrast to Islam’s fiery angriness and of course links to terrorism; but we do like to challenge our own prejudices from time to time.

    As far as ‘poverty porn’, well as far as I can tell it was not wholly unrealistic although of course it was slightly ‘romanticised’, this after all being a film telling a story. If the injustice / poverty element was emphasised, it was no different to what we see in Charles Dickens, and the eventual triumph of our hero would not have been as meaningful if he had not come through extreme difficulties.

    British cinema draws upon the traditions of writers like Dickens, and British society is by no means safe from the film maker who casts his lens onto societal problems in our own country – the director, Danny Boyle’s breakthrough film was about heroin addicts and criminals living in appalling squalor and depravity in Glasgow. As far as I am aware, there was no outcry from Scottish citizens about the way their country was portrayed!

    Lol – I guess a Bollywood version of this film would have had the hero come from a nice middle class home, covering up the lack of plot progression or meaning with lots of musical numbers!

  19. K T said

    I am quite taken aback by Indians taking offence and getting defensive about a movie that depicts poverty and a guy who is hopelessly in love with his childhood friend. Its just another movie, and it doesn’t change equations on either side. FYI-Am not being an apologist. Never was, never will be. The longer we debate on whether Scumdog denigrated Hindus, the more “positive” publicity it gets and the longer it stays in the limelight. It was an awfully overrated movie is all I can say.
    Are Hindus shown as a violent lot? No. They only show scenes from a riot where a Hindu mob is on the rampage because the story revolves around two muslim boys who lost their mother in a riot. We would’ve lapped it up had it been the other way around – Hindu boys who lost their mother at the hands of marauding muslims.
    Guys, its just a movie. Nobody is stopping you from making a move on one of the numerous riots started by Moslems pre/post independence.
    Didn’t we sing hosannas of Anurag Kashyap for making a movie on the Mumbai blast investigations where muslims were involved?

    @Siraj – We have met ambassadors of your so called religion of “piece” and trust me, it certainly wasn’t a very pleasant experience. So, why don’t you go preach about “your” understanding of Islam to your fanatical half-brothers who have been persecuting non-muslims for centuries? If you cannot agree with someone’s faith or beliefs, you either give them an ultimatum or chop their heads off. This is Islam the whole world knows. Maybe we should send you as an Emissary to Osama Bin Laden and you can perhaps talk him out of his murderous ways. Heck, forget idolaters and pagans, you guys can’t even tolerate Shiites. The only silver lining in the cloud I see is Al-Qaeda and its cronies attacking Iran for being a Shiite(shit) state.
    @Analyst – Islam is spreading more by intimidation and hate mongering than by peaceful preaching. Your USP is – “Religion of Peace”. Now that the mask is off your so called religion of peace, you cleverly indulge in Taqiya. Ever thought why most new converts are extremely radical and violent? What are your thoughts on the moron Zakir Naik who considers himself a SCHOLAR of Islam? If you hate non-muslims so much, why don’t you guys just leave “kafirs” alone and migrate to one of the 60 and rapidly growing islamic countries of your choice? Leave us alone in our ignorance and our sins. Go save yourself and stop playing dogooder!

  20. jagoindia said

    The question is will any international director of repute, make a movie showing Hindus/Christians etc as victims of Muslim oppression. A Hindu slumdog so to speak. Will they show Allah in the way they hideously portrayed Lord Rama in this film? Will they show riot scenes where a Muslim mob is on a rampage? No, they never will. They know what will their fate be

    Here is the fate of Dutch film maker (photo of killing included) who made a 10 minute film on Islamic abuse of women

    Here is the fate of Stateman editor which had an article criticizing Islam

    The Statesman’’s editor, publisher arrested for hurting Muslim feelings, out on bail

    Taslima Nasrin has provided many factual accounts of desecration and destruction of Hindu temples and atrocities against the Hindu minority in her book. (source:

    Here is what happened

    Army out in Kolkata after street riots over Nandigram, Taslima

    Here is her fate:

    Bangladeshi writer ‘exiled again’

    Here is the fate of Salman Rushdie for “The Satanic Verses”
    Fatwa on Rushdie Turns 20, Still in Force

  21. CJ said

    Richard-‘ i have never heard of angry mobs of indians running through the streets murdering muslims in broad daylight.’

    that is what exactly happened in the gujrat riots and it is an internationally accepted fact.

  22. jagoindia said

    Hindus do react to eternal Muslim, violence, bomb blasts, attacks and riot Gujarat riots were a consequence of brutal Muslim attack on Sabarmati Express.

    Muslim mob attacked train: Nanavati Commission
    GANDHINAGAR: The Nanavati-Mehta judicial inquiry commission has based its conclusion that the Godhra train carnage was a “pre-planned conspiracy” on the recorded evidence of over 100 witnesses, who claimed to having heard a crowd of about a 1,000 Muslims shouting “set the train on fire and kill the Hindus.” The report said “instigating slogans” were also made over loudspeakers from a nearby mosque to attack Hindus.

    The evidence recorded by the commission also claimed that a mob of Muslims attacked the train and stoned the coaches so heavily that the passengers could not come out. This was to ensure maximum casualties when the S-6 coach of the Sabarmati Express was “set afire.”

    And it was not only Muslims who were killed. Islamofascists targeted Hindus with great gusto.
    Attacks on Hindus
    Attacks on Hindus by Muslim mobs in Danilimda, Modasa, Himmatnagar, Bharuch, Sindhi Market, Bhanderi Pole, and other localities in the city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat were perpetrated by Muslim mobs.[42] There was a significant loss of property.[43][44] Late in March, more than one thousand Hindus in Dariyapur and Kalupur, including 550 dalits, fled their homes to stay in makeshift shelters after being attacked by Muslims mobs.[45] According to the HRW report, over ten thousand Hindus were made homeless.[42]

    Several Hindu residential areas, including Mahajan No Vaado, a fortified enclave in Muslim dominated Jamalpur, were targeted following calls for retaliation.

    In the morning the mosques began announcing that Islam was in danger, that there was poison in the milk. This is their code word. We are the only Hindus here, poison here means us. The rioting lasted between 2:15 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.[42]

    Residents were unable go to work, fearing attacks. A Hindu temple in the area was destroyed. In Himmatnagar, a young man was killed when he went to a Muslim enclave on business.[42]

    Finally to keep things in perspective here is Islamic record of their butchery in India
    The Saga of Islamic Atrocities in India

    The Magnitude of Muslim Atrocities

  23. K T said

    For all those biased, internet savvy, media fed bigots –
    Go read for yourself, but no, you would rather choose to play victim or apologist instead. Sadly, your lot will accept only what appeals to your senses and till your warped sense of judgment and justice is throughly satiated like the scoundrel Antulay who should have been deported out of India for making that preposterous statement post Karkare’s demise in the line of duty. 2000 muslims killed in Gujarat? Bollocks. Kiss my ASS.

  24. Adam said

    Some of the comments written here are astonishing. What so many seem to have overlooked is that THIS IS A MOVIE. God forbid that a movie should step beyond the bounds of reality and fact. With this kind of outcry, The Wizard of Oz would probably be criticized for portraying Western Witches unfairly or Alien would be boycotted for making outer space seem scarier than it actually is.
    The purpose of Slumdog Millionaire is to tell a remarkable tale of how the events of a boy’s life allowed him to know the answers to a series of questions on a game show that ultimately reunites him with his long lost love. More important than this, it was meant to entertain. It was meant to trigger an emotional response. It was meant to make the viewer ask questions. Would you have felt better if both a Muslim riot AND a Hindu riot had been depicted in the movie? Perhaps Danny Boyle should direct a movie about a young Hindu boy? You’d feel better if an equal number of both groups had died? There’s no reason for Danny Boyle to do this when the story was told only from the perspective of the young boy. The story is told as the boy remembers it. Meybe he remembers some things wrong, but who cares, because IT’S A MOVIE.

    What scares me, however, is the comment by Tusk, who wrote, “Shame on cowards who are too scared to name Islam as the root cause of Terrorism.” Islam is not the root cause of terrorism. FEAR and POWER are the root causes of terrorism. Terrorism is perpetrated by people of all faiths. The truth, however is deeper. In the case of a terrorist that claims to be Musilm, that person is using their own twisted interpretation of Islam as an excuse for their terrorist acts. To perpetrate a terrorist act in the name of one’s faith is the most perverted thing I have ever heard of. Especially when the core of almost every faith on the planet is a belief in treating others in a way that you would like others to treat you. An example is the Roman Catholic Church’s historical policy of “convert or die”. Although the Crusades were sold as a Holy War and intended to return Christian lands to the Church’s empire, they were nothing more than a very bloody power struggle that used the name of God as an excuse and justification. They seemed to very conveniently fogret to “love thy neighbour” regardless of whether that neighbour was Jewish, Muslim, or Pagan. Terrorism has been happening as long as, and probably longer than, religion has existed. It just so happens that religion has often provided a means of justifying such acts.

    Religion was created as a way of fighting fear. Fear of the unkonwn. Fear of things that are beyond one’s control. Fear of things that can’t be explained. A primitive society could take its collective fear and place it in the hands of a greater power. That way, they’d be able to explain why they did not catch many fish and why so many died during the winter and why the crops failed. It amuses me when I realize now that some of the most fervently religious people seem to harbour the greatest amount of fear and feel most threatened by any challenge to their faith. At the same time, some of the most well-adjusted people I know don’t ascribe to any faith in particular.

  25. CattusMagnus said

    I’m an American and I really enjoyed Slumdog Millionaire. But I admit, the scene where the Hindu mob goes on a rampage to kill Muslims seemed a bit backwards. And I did notice that when Jamal saw the kid dressed as Rama during the raid that might have been a stab at Hindus, but I didn’t think that theme was extended throughout the film. I didn’t know that the children were being made to sing Hindu songs before they were disfigured. I just read that the author changed the protagonist’s name from Ram Mohammad Thomas to Jamal Malik to make him Muslim and more politically correct. But would a Hindu name have Mohammad in it? But anyways, it seems to me that having the characters as Muslims came about because some guy in an office was afraid of the reaction that Muslims might have if they were portrayed negatively in a blockbuster film, so they portrayed the Hindus as the aggressors. Could it be that political correctness is at fault and not that the filmmakers/author had a vendetta against Hindus? Also, I believe that Dev Patel is Hindu, and that Freida Pinto is Catholic, so would it be likely that they would knowingly participate in a Hindu-bashing film? But then again, I don’t know much about Hindu and Muslims conflicts in India.

  26. Joel B. said

    Sorry Adam, what you say about the Catholic church may have been true hundreds of years ago, but it is no longer the case. You are right that Terrorism is about power, but in today’s world Islam stands out as the one religion/political system that routinely practices terrorism to accomplish it’s goals, which is to submit all non-Muslims to it’s power.

    Again, I believe that the majority of Muslims world-wide view Islam strictly as a personal faith, but there is a very large minority, perhaps numbering in the millions, that view it as a political system which is destined to reign supreme over the entire world.

  27. jagoindia said

    The majority of Muslims do silently support the agenda of the violent minority Muslims. Let us not forget this vital point. So the majority Muslims are not quite innocent, but actually work hand in glove with Islamofascists. Of course they would rebel against extreme Talibanic measures, but measures against the Non Muslims, they become silent or active supporters or participants.

    Take for example in Pakistan, where one Hindu employee was lynched by Muslim workers in a factory in Pakistan. These Muslim workers are by no means a fringe minority and are an example of what the majority Muslim mindset is about and is capable of doing

    Muslim workers beat Hindu man to death for alleged blasphemy

    Hindu Factory Worker Tortured and Killed in Karachi Blasphemy Dispute

    Here is another example in India when a Hindu man was beheaded by villagers for marrying a Muslim girl. Note these villagers again constitute the “silent” majority. And they are certainly not peaceful!

    Youth killed for marrying Muslim.

  28. Sushama said

    Asif (#6) you clearly have an anti-Hindu, anti-Indian agenda because EVERYTHING you posted is just plain wrong. Let me start by stating I am an educated professional Indian. However I do not live in a bubble and you will see no threats in this post because *my* culture and religion do not promote that kind of behavior.

    – We Indians are aware of the slums and other unfortunate characteristics of India. True, we don’t like to think about them as much as we should, but we as a country are working to change it through education.

    – Many of the Indians I know liked this film or were at least neutral about it. Not loved it, but liked it. Liked that it showcased our culture, even if it was not always in a positive light. The few that did not like it had valid criticisms such as the Bollywood-style song at the end which they felt was inappropriate after the seriousness; or the elder trio’s wooden acting; or some gaping plot holes.

    – As Will (#18) said, Hindu/Muslim relations are NOT a major theme of this movie. In fact you could argue that this movie promoted Hindu/Muslim relations because Latika appeared to be Hindu and Jamal was Muslim. I (and most of my friends and relatives) were not concerned that a Hindu-on-Muslim attack was depicted, because they DO happen along with the Muslim-on-Hindu attacks.

    So, in conclusion, we Indians and Hindus aren’t ostriches with our heads in the sand as you would like to believe. Perhaps you should get your head out once in a while and get a strong dose of reality. Peace.

  29. Vishnu Sharma said

    I think Slumdog millionaire should be banned in India totally.

    We Hindus are tired of not only being victims of genocide by muslims but also the constant stream
    of lies that is being dished out by the marxist media and pseudo-intelligentsia in the country.

    Unless we take matters into our hands, our persecution will reach astronomical levels and we will be accused of persecuting others.

  30. Binoy Chowdary said

    This is a reply for #11 (Siraj)’s post.
    He says “…muslims can never forgive or tolerate u guys abusing their God or his beloved prophet, because they know they are in the right path and they are fighting for the real God…”

    Oh really? why don’t you just read below?

    This question should open a can of worms… Muslims believe their god (allah) is the most powerful god. Let’s just say for argument’s sake they’re right. If that’s true, can he not take care of himself? I mean if anyone mocks/blasphemes against him, why does a Muslim have to go after that person and kill/destroy him? If he is god himself, doh’t you think anyone who mocks him will surely get his punishment according to his(god’s) timing? This is what separates me from you, my friend! You can say all you want against my God, but I will not say/do anything against you because I know my God will have His revenge in His time. You can torture me, kill me in the name of allah because I believe in Jesus Christ, I will not lift my finger, you know why? Because I KNOW I believe in one true God, and I don’t have to fight/prove it to you… This should be true about anyone who believes in any religion, right? If his/her god is THE god, then they would have comfort & peace in knowing that their God would avenge all them that mocked him & persecuted his followers? If someone doesn’t have that assurance, I’d say his/her faith is in vain. Don’t you agree?

    Everyone likes to believe what his/her beliefs are right. Any time anyone questions someone’s such beliefs would make them uncomfortable, insecure, and most of all, angry because everyone likes to stay in that little comfort zone of blind belief. And the only solution to such anger/discomfort/insecurity is to silence the person who raises the question… correct me if I am wrong.

    Can any single muslim stand up and say, I know my god is all powerful, so if you mock me/my god/my prophet, I will not say/do anything because I know my faith is right… Can any one?

    Another thing is, koran tells you you can lie about your faith when your life is in danger. But my friend, you will never find such statements in the Bible… we will suffer till the end…

    My Muslim brothers, let’s be civil. Both you, me and whomever reading this, we’re all educated, and knowledgible… Otherwise we won’t be on this site… Please don’t tell me things such as “may allah grand you wisdom” or “I hope you burn in hell” and such. Let’s have some educated discussion. I hope at least one person sees my points, then I’ll be glad.

  31. Binoy Chowdary said

    Oh I have more comments…

    I have many family & friends in Bahrain, Dubai etc, and there will be numerous Muslims from Saudi Arabia traveling to Bahrain/Dubai every week for, you guessed it: women & alcohol.. and some of those women are from my State of Kerala, India, and are cheated/tricked by some dirty agents promising them work in such places (I am disgusted!) and they’re sex salves now. I mean, why the double standards?

    Don’t get me started on Arabic Muslims’ treatment of lesser class Muslims from India, Pakistah, and especially from Bangladesh!

    I know my Muslim brothers will be angry at me for saying this, but here comes the next double standard: Almost all muslims in south east Asia and many in the middle east like North Indian actors(Bollywood), and approve their career. (Examples are Shah Ruk Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Imran Khan and more, all are Muslims). It’s okay for them to hug/kiss/roll around/make love to other non-Muslim actresses(they’re all non-Muslim! and you wonder why!); It’s approved by the Muslim Majority! But oh no, Sania Mirsa gets death threats because she plays tennis wearing short skirts, or Shakeela in South Indian movie gets death threats/acid shower threats from Muslims for acting in sexy movies? Why the double standard?

    Sometimes I feel Muslims are like some Communists in the state of Kerala, India. Any time someone convinces them they’re wrong, those communists will get violent against him/her.. In addition, their blatant hypocrisy and opposition to any new changes have destroyed & delayed progress in that little state of kerala (I am sad) in the last 50 years…

    The bottom line is, if someone were to do the same thing to a muslim and to a non-muslim, you bet the muslim victim will get more support and media coverage and approval because it’s the politically correct thing to do! In addition, all of you “peace-loving” muslims, we’ve never heard you condemning any of the terrorist acts or outrage against attacks! But we did see people dancing and handing out candy the day the twin towers fell!

    I also believe some of this is our fault… Let me clear my point: If you watch movies/read books/watch tv shows, you will find in many movies/books/shows that their own people mocking the religious figures… We have seen movies where hindu priests are being mocked, their chantings were mimiced by others, their religious text being quoted for mockery in the wrong place, christian priests being mocked, getting no respect, mimiced & mocked by other people, bible verses being used for making the show funny, but no one says anything about it! They get away with pretty much anything against any religion except Islam… Both you and I know that if any producer/directer made any piece that does even a little bit of criticism against muslims, they will have their funeral shortly…

    Isn’t it true if the story of the Slumdog Millionare was Hindu boys being attacked by Muslim mobs, the response/reaction to this film would’ve been different?

    my hindu brother, in the recent years your acts have been murderous as well… hope you remember all those atrocities against christians in the state of Orissa recently, saying they killed a hindu high priest, when everyone knew it was done by Maoists in that state…

  32. S said

    islam is the religion of peace.

    History of jihad.

  33. PB said

    Even though communal violence is not a central part of the movie and Hindu-on-Muslim violence does happen, the way they altered the story really put me off. There is no reason why they should change the aggressors from Muslim to Hindu and the main character from an Indian everyman to a Muslim. The only reason is to appease Islamic sensitivities and Hindus are an easy target being a largely peaceful group.

    I’m boycotting the movie for this act of craven dhimmitude. If the original story had been that way, I wouldn’t have minded. As it is, these changes are like a slap in the face to the Hindu community which have been on the receiving end of Muslim bigotry for centuries. (In case anyone’s wondering, I’m not a Hindu so my opinion has nothing to do with communal loyalty).

  34. vercingetorix said

    In Europe we have “Eurabia”, as the title of a wellknown essay, islamic propaganda is increasing, I think they want to try something similar for India, the USA have got the Barack Hussein the mix islamo-christian president who want discuss with Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah etc…,”USARABIA” is rising too, and now they want an “Indiarabia”.
    The politically correct with islamic propaganda, that’s too much.

    Un français qui aime l’Inde, frenchman who loves Bharat, India.

  35. The Final Solution said

    Oh for heavens sake guys.. wait for another 20 years when oil fields dry out in Arabia and the other Islamic countries… These guys wont have anything to barter with.. The only reason the Western World puts up with these 7th century fanatics is that they need the “OIL”.

    Secondly, Why do you think There is Poverty in India? Lets cut back five or six centuries.. India was the wealthiest region in the whole wide world.. The only source of Diamonds.. Travelers report of Emeralds and Sapphires sold like popcorn in baskets in the streets of cities! Mahmud of ghazini, Mohammad ghori, The Mughals, The Persians all plundered the great country made it poor and by the time the Brits pillaged the land, it s already poor and barren..

    93 Bombay Blasts- Masterminded by MUSLIMS(The perpetuator lives in karachi, the same city Daniel Pearl was beheaded. Now, 26/11 – Masterminded by MUSLIMS.. They kill people in the name of “GOD”! Does Allah love their children more than he loves mine? Better change yourselves my friends cause after the oil runs out and We find alternate sources of Power, Your acts will not be tolerated like now..

    About the movie though.. Historically, Lord Ram was born in Ayodhya and numerous literary and geographical evidences exist to confirm his existence. He may have not been GOD, but he definitely existed as a King. His Birthplace was sacked by Muslims and they built a Mosque which was brought down in the early 90s. consider this, after some 50 years, what if someone destroyed the Mecca and Medina mosques and build some church or Temple on that place? Wont u go back and raze it down? Think.. And don’t ever consider yourselves above any race. The Jews and Hindus are far more intelligent and rational minded and peaceful than you zealots(The Intelligent Muslims are not zealots by the way).

    Muslims have destroyed India friends.. Please dont let them destroy the US or Europe(They are half infested with muslims already!).

  36. Joel B. said

    Back to the movie…..

    Now that I have seen it I must say I don’t see what all the fuss is about. I can see how Hindus might be offended by the scene of the Hindu mob attacking the Muslims, but this was a few moments of the film and served as a plot element to explain how the boys were orphaned. And as to the “Hindu” cops torturing Jamal – there wasn’t much to indicate the religion of the cops, and they were obviously torturing him to get him to confess to cheating, not because of his religion. I’m sure India has their share of corrupt police, as do all other nations on this planet.

    Given that in any good story a fully-developed character will have a religious background, there were some elements to the story that reflected this. But bottom line, this film does not come from a political or religious point of view – it is a love story, and a coming-of-age story, which are timeless themes that cut across religious/ethnic boundaries. I think this is the reason for it’s wide appeal.

  37. jewel said

    I find it interesting that there is so much controversy about the religious aspect of this film. To me, it had absolutely nothing to do with religion. The meaning is so much deeper than that and it is a meaning that is profound for every human being on this planet. What I took from the film is that no matter what happens to each of us; no matter how traumatic, tragic or horrific those things are — they all benefit us at some point in time. Let’s stop arguing about whose religion is right and recognize that we are all one.

  38. brian said

    Slumdog is a great film. Its a pity that people cant enjoy it as that,without getting workede upover political issues. It does NOT insult hinduism…it does show the anti-muslim riots of the early 1990s, which did take place,and only serve to get the boys on the road.
    Films on islam….People may notice the absence of films on the israeli genocide of the palestinians. Ive not seen one come out either in hollywood, bollywood or europe. Its nice to see a film that relects feal history: that in india,Muslims are by and large the victims of fundamentalist violence.

  39. brian said

    Jagoindia, only confirms that he would have been one of those who attacked muslims as shown in Slumdog. Thanks for confirming the authenticity of the film Jag! And may your karma teach you a bit about love thy neighbours.

  40. brian said

    The police inspector may be tough at the start, but he soon is ready to sit down and listen to Jamals tale. At the end , he commends Jamals honesty and truthfulness and lets him go!
    So the portrayl is not as negative as people seem to believe.

  41. Brad said

    The 1982 film entitled “Ghandi” certainly shows that which you wish to see – and also focuses on the amazing person of Ghandi, whom God used to do remarkable things DESPITE horrible things around him. Why turn a good film and great story into another thing to be upset about? I have both Indian and Muslim friends, and I do not feel that either was portrayed exclusively negatively in this film. Neither do my Indian neighbors across the street.

  42. slumdog said

    Indians are so happy at a film that has won so many oscars, accolades and praise in foreign lands. A film that portrays India as one big slum is very popular both inside and outside the country. Sacrificing their self pride at having their image once again destroyed for a greater monetary gain I would not be surprised if they start selling their own families for financial benefit.

  43. Joel B. said


    Maybe the reason that you haven’t seen any films on the “Israeli genocide of the palestinians” is because it NEVER HAPPENED. Far more “palestinians” have been killed by fellow Arabs then by Israelis. Check your facts.

  44. Muski said

    what the hell are these muslims going on about as if they have accomplished anything great. Look at pakistan and bangladesh, even satan would not inhabit those countries, let alone any human being with any trace amount of sanity. India may not be the richest country yet, but unlike any muslim country, the few and many who have made it rich do not rely on natural resources like oil or gas to make their country rich. Apart from Arabia and perhaps malaysia, most of the muslims countries have the worst human rights record and poor development index. Muslims accuse Hindus of disliking this movie because it depicts our gods and religion in poor light, but I have not seen any Hindu leader put a death sentence on Daniel Boyle nor have there ever been any threats from Hindus on his life. I think Danny Boyle should be greatefull for the fact that any denigration he makes on Hindus and Hinduism will not result in any repercution whatsoever. The only time that we ever see muslims portrayed in a positive light is in fiction and slumdog millionaire while it has good production value and story line, is still after all a fictional tale. A Muslim victim is a fiction and so is the concept of a Muslim hero. I say to the muslims, the only reason people portray falsified positive depictions of you people is simply because your community have already established a reputation for barbarity where any slight negative depiction of your god or prophet will result in the loss of life. I really dont see any pride in the fact that people fear you because you have the potential to take their life. When you guys evolve into homo sapiens, you might want to take that into consideration.

  45. adam said

    To be honest i dont really see what all the fuss is about, it was like a 45 second scene showing riots, its not like it went on through the whole films geez sum people need to get out more :)

  46. forestky said

    well I am from london, my origin is from equador, I converted to islam last 6 months ago, as a new muslim, I wud say to such people don’t be so narrow minded on hating each others religions, I too watched the movie, it doesn’t got any such stereotyping. I know why some hindus hate the movie slum dog millionaire! Its because A.R Rahman produced music for the film and won an oscar award. Its simply becz A.R Rahman was a ex-hindu converted to Islam, u guyz try to boycott the film,

  47. Amit said

    Slumdog is very average movie…i think the dark knight will win oscar..but those oscar judges are most idiot people on planet…they declined our great bollywood movie “tare zameen par”and given oscar to this shit movie…and YES this is not showing real picture of india…i am an indian i seen those slums..but the people live in there are not good humans as shown in movie..goverment give them houses in many areas of mumbai but they declined..why…?coz how will they run there criminal activities from there..? so no way these people deserv to be orn,live and died in those slums…..and 94 percent of them are muslims…

  48. Ankit said

    Not all Hindus are idiots like the poster. This was an excellent movie and showed how in India people can get over their handicaps and succeed.
    Where the hell does it depict Hinduism in bad light. It shows how crazy mobs and fanatics can cause misery to poor people and its a fact that muslims have suffered the brunt of communal violence in India. Just like hindus have suffered the brunt in say Pakistan or Blacks in the US. Or the killing of six million Jews in Europe. People tend to forget the reality in their hate.
    I am not Islamophobic like most people here and can see the same faults in my country and religion and choose to improve.
    Daniel Pipes is a known ignoramous and quoting him means that you are calling yourself an idiot
    For example, there are more honor killings in India than any other muslim country, any articles on that?

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