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Left moots pension for Madrassa teachers to please Muslims

Posted by jagoindia on February 23, 2009

KOCHI | Sunday, February 22, 2009
Left moots pension for Madrassa teachers to please Muslims

Pioneer News Service | Kozhikode

The CPI(M)-led LDF Government in Kerala are planning some quick pre-poll measures to regain the trust of the minorities, especially Muslims, which has been affected of late by moves like the one by the Law Reforms Commission which has suggested strict controls on polygamy.

Local Administration Minister Paloli Muhammad Kutty, who had headed a panel for studying the possibilities of implementing the Sachar Committee recommendations in Kerala, announced on Saturday that the Government wanted to implement a programme for providing a handsome pension to those who retired as full-time Madrassa teachers.

At a function organized here to announce the formation of a welfare fund for the Madrassa teachers, Paloli said the plan was to give a sum of at least Rs 4,000 a month as pension to those who had completed at least ten years’ service as full-time Madrassa teachers.

He also said that the Government was also considering to institute 5,000 scholarships for students from the minority community. There was also a plan to provide Rs 1,000 towards hostel fee for minority students in the higher education sector. Centres would be started for imparting training to minority candidates for preparing for civil service examinations, he said.

The Paloli-headed committee appointed to study the ways to implement the Sachar Committee recommendations in Kerala had in February 2008 last suggested that all Muslim children below poverty line should be given all the educational concessions presently enjoyed by those in the scheduled tribes. The committee’s report had said special scholarships of up to Rs 2,000 should be given to these children on the basis of an income ceiling.

The report had also asked for a hike in the grant for children living in orphanages (Yateem Khanas) from the present Rs 175 to Rs 250 per month and for increasing this by Rs 25 every year. The LDF Government, disregarding the serious concerns and criticisms raised by leading political parties and community organizations in the State, had on April 30 last decided to implement the report of the Paloli committee. Various organizations had complained that the CPI(M) effort to implement the report was part of its efforts to win the Muslim vote-bank even by jeopardizing the religious harmony in the State.

The report had recommended creation of a Muslim Development Corporation, establishment of an Arabic university and more government schools in Muslim majority areas, etc. The committee also recommended constitution of minority cells in the district level. It also suggested starting of more educational institutions in the Government or aided sector in places with higher density of Muslim population.

Paloli’s new announcements have come just when several Muslim outfits, including Jama’at-e-Islami and the Sunni sect led by Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker Musliar, have indicated that they could not support the Left in the coming elections. Jama’at-e-Islami’s Kerala Amir T Arifali had recently said that they might reconsider their association with the CPI(M)-led LDF.

Meanwhile, violence re-erupted at Veliyamkode, Ponnani in Muslim-majority Malappuram district on Saturday afternoon between activists of the CPI(M) and Popular Front, the new organization launched by Islamist outfit NDF. Tension had been prevailing between CPI(M) and Popular front in Veliyamkode, a coastal village, for the past few weeks.

The house and a car of a Popular Front activist were set afire in Saturday’s violence. The attack was suspected to be a retaliation for hacking a CPI(M) activist earlier.

2 Responses to “Left moots pension for Madrassa teachers to please Muslims”

  1. Sivakumar.G said

    pls. note that it is sonia gandhis govt who introduced the system of pension to madrasa teachers in india and giving from the central fund thru State Govt. It is a classic example of fake secularism by the congress govt. to destabilise the country since the vast majority of poor muslims will study upto the age of 8 in madrsas only not knowing about their brothers religion and the hatred towards other religions preached by madrasas will create lakhs of terrorists in india . Pls preay to the god to save our brothers ie indians . Try to identify the real terrorism by congress govts in india.

  2. bkztvp said

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