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Bangladeshis swarming Uttar Pradesh; Alarming report, UP cops finding it tough to act against them

Posted by jagoindia on February 25, 2009

While Bangladeshis are busy populating India, they are at the same time busy depopulating their country of Hindus.  Read  Ethnic Cleansing of Hindus in Bangladesh

UP cops finding it tough to act against Bangladeshis
Feb 24, 2009

Lucknow With majority of the estimated 3.5 lakh Bangladeshi immigrants living in the state “managing” to procure electoral photo identity cards and ration cards, the Uttar Pradesh police is in a fix as to how to deal with the menace.

“Establishing identity of Bangladeshi living in the state is proving to be an uphill task, specially keeping in mind the fact that they have been living here from almost last one to three decades and have also managed to get identification proof of being Indian nationals”, informed official sources.

“During our drive we found electoral photo identity cards, ration cards and others proofs with them. Despite knowing that they are Bangladeshi and living illegally here, we are in a fix as how to deal with the issue,” the sources said.

According to an estimate of the intelligence department, which had carried an extensive drive across the state to identify Bangladeshi immigrants, there are over 3.5 lakh Bangladeshis living in the state, with temple city Varanasi topping the list with around 40,000 immigrants.

This is followed by around 30,000 Bangladeshis each in Aligarh and Ghaziabad, 20,000 each in Meerut and Muzaffarnagar and 25,000 each in Lucknow and Noida, the sources said.

“The population of Bangladeshis is increasing almost every day in the state…As their extradition is a tardy task we are keeping an eye on them”, the sources said.

On the directives of the Supreme Court to identify the Bangladeshi immigrants, the UP police launched a massive exercise in major cities of the state, wherein densely populated areas especially slums were searched extensively and an effort was made to identify those living there.

“But the problem is that majority of the immigrants claim themselves to be residents of Assam, West Bengal and areas adjoining the Indo-Bangladesh border. Cross checking their credentials is difficult as it involves time and manpower”, they said.

“Increasing population of the immigrants in the state capital and other district, including National Capital region is alarming”, the sources said.

From Lucknow only five Bangladeshis were deported in the past one year for living here illegally, official sources said.

When asked Additional Director General of Police (Law and Order) Brij Lal said the department was working on the identification of Bangladeshi immigrants living in the state.

“The intelligence department has some inputs and we are working on it. The department is keeping an eye on their activities and we will ensure that those living illegally in our territory are brought to book”, he said.

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  1. good said

    Most of them are thieves and decoits

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