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The origin and rise of Taliban in Pakistan

Posted by jagoindia on March 11, 2009

In the spring of 1994, a new military force appeared in Afghanistan, the graveyard of empires. Legend has it that its first public action was in
Kandahar. A local warlord had abducted two girls for serving his troops. One night, a group of young, bearded Pashtuns, wearing black turbans emerged from the darkness, stormed the base, rescued the girls and hanged the warlord from the turret of a tank.

They were called the Taliban
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Mohammedan fascists pelt stones at police and burn Hindu houses in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

Posted by jagoindia on March 11, 2009

1 killed, 37 injured in MP communal clash

Tuesday, 10 March , 2009, 23:30

Ujjain: One person was killed and 37 people including three police officers were injured in a communal clash in a Madhya Pradesh town on Tuesday, police said.

Indefinite curfew was imposed in Mahidpura sub-district following the clash which erupted after police stopped members of a Muslim group, returning from a religious procession, from going towards the area where Hindus were holding a religious programme, police said.

The trouble started when a few people returning from Milad-un-Nabi procession, on being stopped from going on a particular road, pelted stones at police,” Inspector General of Police Pawan Jain said.”The police baton-charged and used teargas to control them. They burnt houses of another community,” Jain said.

“The police opened fire to take control of the situation. At least 37 people have been reported injured and one person was killed. The youth succumbed while being rushed to the district hospital. The situation is tense but under control,” Jain said.

Three critically injured people were rushed to Indore.

The injured include sub-divisional officers of police Pradeep Shende and M S Dabar and inspector Upmanyu Saxena. end

Curfew in M.P. town after communal clash

Ujjain (M.P.): One person was killed in firing and 17 others, including six policemen, were injured as members of two communities clashed at Mahidpur in this district on Tuesday. An indefinite curfew has been clamped in the town.

The clash occurred when a religious procession, taken out on the occasion of Milad-un-Nabi, was returning from the Ram Mandir area of the town, where people were taking part in an ‘Akhand Ramayan Path,’ the police said.

The police said their appeal to the processionists to take a different route went unheeded, leading to the clash. The mob indulged in heavy stone throwing and arson, and the police lobbed teargas shells and fired in the air to contain the violence.

The police also canecharged the rioters. A person was shot dead during the clash, the police said. However, it was not clear whether the person was killed in the firing by the police or someone else.

Nearly two dozen people were arrested, official sources said, adding the situation in the town was tense but under control. An extra police force has been deployed at Mahidpur in view of Holi on Wednesday. — PTI

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Muslims clash with police in Lucknow

Posted by jagoindia on March 11, 2009

Cops foil banned religious procession with lathis
Express News Service
Mar 11, 2009

Lucknow Police and paramilitary forces had to resort to lathicharge to stop a group of Muslims from taking out a banned procession in Lucknow on Tuesday.
The police had to fire tear-gas shells to disperse the marchers, causing injuries to over half-a-dozen. Ten people have been arrested and have been charged under various Sections of the IPC, including rioting, attacking government employees on duty and causing disturbance during government work, said CO Chowk Vinay Chandra.

Lucknow District Magistrate Chandra Bhanu said: “A sect among Sunni community, called Barelvis, insist on taking out a ‘Juloos-e-Mohammadi’ every year. This procession is mentioned nowhere in the list of agreement between the district administration and both sects Muslims, Shias and Sunnis.”

Every year, Barelvis raise the demand to take out a procession from the Shahmina Shah shrine in Chowk to Dada Mian ki Mazar in Sadar locality, but the police stop them from marching out of the Shahmina Shah shrine. Following this, they used to hand over their memorandum to the officials and return to the shrine.

But on Tuesday on the occasion of Barawafat, a crowd marched out of the shrine after engaging in fisticuffs with police. The mob destroyed three barricades and efforts made by officials to dissuade the marchers went in vain.

This led police to use force to prevent them from proceeding beyond the Haathi Park crossing. But when the mob retaliated by throwing bricks and stones, police had to fire tear-gas shells and rubber bullets.

SP (Law & Order) Raghuvir Lal said the injured among the mob suffered splinter injuries from tear gas shells. A few policemen were also injured by bricks thrown at them.

Three injured in Lucknow clash

Atiq Khan, March 11, 2009
LUCKNOW: Members of the Mohammadi Mission clashed with the police here on Tuesday when they were stopped from taking out the ‘Juloos-e-Mohammadi’ march on the occasion of the Id Milad-un-Nabi (Barawafat). Permission for the procession had been denied by the district administration. Three people were injured in the clash.

Members of the Mission started assembling near the Dargah Shahmina under the Chowk police station area in the old city since morning.

Trouble started when they were prevented by the heavy police force from taking out the march along a route with a history of Shia-Sunni riots.

According to a Home Department spokesman, a heated exchange ensued between officials and leaders of the ‘juloos.’

Some participants resorted to violence and broke the windscreens of some police vehicles parked nearby, the spokesman said.

Crowd lathicharged

As the incident threatened to snowball, the police resorted to lathicharge and burst tear gas shells to disperse the mob at the Shahmina crossing near the Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University. Police denied anyone was injured.

A ban on the ‘Juloos-e-Mohammadi’ procession is in force for the last several years. The main Barawafat procession, ‘Madh-e-Sahaba,’ meanwhile, passed off peacefully. It began from Jhandewala Park in Aminabad in the morning and ended in the afternoon.

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Lahore terror attack bus hero’s brother a jihadi killed in Kashmir

Posted by jagoindia on March 11, 2009

Pak bus hero’s brother a jihadi killed in J&K
7 Mar 2009,  TNN

NEW DELHI: Mehar Mohammed Khalil, the bus driver whose smart thinking and rapid reaction saved the lives of Sri Lankan cricketers on Tuesday, is the  brother of a mujahideen fighter killed by the Indian army in Kashmir in 1995, reports The Times, London.

And back home, Khalil himself is a supporter of the Jamaat-e-Islami, a legal Islamist political party that wants to impose sharia across Pakistan. He also believes that the 03/03 attackers were Indians. Khalil’s story hardly detracts his act of courage. But it does typify the curious contradictions that exist in Pakistan society.

The 38-year-old Khalil lives with his parents and brothers in a small house built by his grandfather in Lahore’s overcrowded Yateem Khana district. As he spoke to the reporter, a relative whisked away a photograph of his dead brother, Shakil, “with a Kalashnikov rifle over his shoulder, a camouflage cap on his head and a radio in one hand”, The Times reported. “Printed in Urdu across the photograph were the words: Mujahid martyred in Kashmir. Died in Udhampur, India, 25 August 1995. Codename: Abdullah.”

Newspaper records show that on August 24, 1995, a terrorist codenamed Abdullah, owing allegiance to the Harkat-ul-Ansar, was indeed killed during an attack on an army camp in Bandipore. But Bandipore is in Kashmir whereas Udhampur (mentioned in the photograph, is in Jammu.

In between posing for photographs with the Sri Lankan team shirt given by the grateful players, the staunch Jamaat supporter told The Times, “this attack would never have happened under Jamaat”.

The bus driver works for New Diamond travel agency and earns 15,000 Pakistani rupees per month. Father of two sons and two daughters, Khalil was rewarded with Rs 5 lakh for his heroic action.

Like most Pakistanis, he was unwilling to consider the possibility that the attackers were homegrown. He seemed convinced that they were from India. “Their complexions were Indian-type,” he said authoritatively. “They were definitely not Pakistani. Foreign forces are involved in this.”

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