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The origin and rise of Taliban in Pakistan

Posted by jagoindia on March 11, 2009

In the spring of 1994, a new military force appeared in Afghanistan, the graveyard of empires. Legend has it that its first public action was in
Kandahar. A local warlord had abducted two girls for serving his troops. One night, a group of young, bearded Pashtuns, wearing black turbans emerged from the darkness, stormed the base, rescued the girls and hanged the warlord from the turret of a tank.

They were called the Taliban
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3 Responses to “The origin and rise of Taliban in Pakistan”

  1. Its well known fact that pakistan is the breeding ground for terrorism. Pakistan means holy land , how such a country could be still named like that.

    Pakistan and Terrorism

  2. Rani Nayyer said

    The title ” No Islam , No Terrorism” seems quite attractive but it seems a bit influenced from Facisit Sinhala phrase ( i saw it on wall chalking in colombo in last year trip) ” No LTTE , No Terrorim”. Take some thing original.

  3. #Alertpak# said

    Rani Nayyer @ 2 above.

    “Know Islam, Know Terror; No Islam, No Terror”- sub-title for the Islamic Terrorism Blog has been used since 2007, so far.

    And “No LTTE , No Terrorism” – campaign by the Sri Lankan Govt. was introduced in early 2008.

    So, Smt. Nayyerr’s advice, ”Take some thing original” has no substancial value as per record of the history.

    Though Islamic Terrorism Blog frequently uses to quote the other sources from different authenticated sites/blogs, it never bothered the viewers anyway.

    This blog has its originality in its spirit and effort to fight against the Islamic Terrorism in India and in this sub-continent.

    Smt. Nayyer may go through the very interesting, unique and original blogs and sites given direct paths to those from the present blog.

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