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Cricket is an evil and sinful sport, say Pakistan’s Islamic extremists

Posted by jagoindia on March 12, 2009

“Cricket is an evil and sinful sport. Under the intoxication of cricket, Pakistanis have forgotten that these Hindu players come from the same nation that raped our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and daughters-in-law.”

Islamists wage war against cricket, ‘the other religion’

Amanda Hodge, South Asia correspondent | March 06, 2009
Article from: The Australian

CRICKET is akin to a religion in Pakistan, which might explain why it is so loathed by Islamic extremists there.

While few believe Tuesday’s terror strike on the Sri Lankan team was designed as a specific attack on the sport of cricket, the ambush has highlighted one of the more peculiar preoccupations of Islamic extremists.

Following the Indian cricket tour of Pakistan in 2004 — the first in a decade — the Lashkar-e-Toiba terror group in Pakistan issued what amounted to a fatwa against the sport.

“The British gave Muslims the bat, snatched the sword and said to them: ‘You take this bat and play cricket. Give us your sword. With its help we will kill you and rape your women’,” the LET magazine Zarb-e-Toiba said in its April 2004 edition.

The magazine article commented: “It is sad that Pakistanis are committing suicide after losing cricket matches to India. But they are not sacrificing their lives to protect the honour of the raped Kashmiri women. To watch a cricket match we would take a day off work. But for jihad, we have not time!”

More fitting for a mujahid (or holy fighter), the magazine said, were the sports of archery, horseriding and swimming.

“The above are not just sports but exercises for jihad,” Zarb-e-Toiba told its readers.

“Cricket is an evil and sinful sport. Under the intoxication of cricket, Pakistanis have forgotten that these Hindu players come from the same nation that raped our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and daughters-in-law.”

The Punjab-based LET is a prime suspect for the Lahore attack, with analysts suggesting it could be motivated by a desire to retaliate for the recent arrests of six top operatives linked to November’s Mumbai terror strike.

The other major suspect for the ambush, the Tehrik-e-Taliban — which has waged a bloody campaign for control of the northwestern tribal areas and Swat Valley — has also made clear its distaste for flannelled fools.

Just days before Tuesday’s attack, Sufi Mohammad, the Taliban-linked cleric who brokered the dubious peace deal between militants in the Swat Valley and the Islamabad Government in return for the imposition of sharia law, condemned cricket as a distraction that needed to be curbed.

But cricket is not universally condemned among Islamists. During its years in power, the Taliban regime in Afghanistan applied — unsuccessfully — for membership of the International Cricket Council. The sport was played in Afghanistan during that time, although with a distinct Talibani flavour. Players were forbidden from wearing short-sleeved shirts, and crowd participation of any sort was banned, as were women spectators.

Several of Pakistan’s national cricket team are devout Muslims.

But there is a growing movement against the sport among Pakistan’s increasingly powerful Islamist militants now waging war within Pakistan for the overthrow of the civilian Government.

The Hindu newspaper noted yesterday that the weekly radical Islamist magazine al-Qalam last year attacked Pakistan’s plans to reform its religious schools, or madrassas, which included plans for an inter-schools cricket tournament it branded as “evil”.

“We, the ulema (arbiters of sharia law) of the Deoband school, will have nothing to do with this tournament,” al-Qalam’s editors wrote in April last year, saying the West was “promoting obscenity” in Pakistan’s schools.

One Response to “Cricket is an evil and sinful sport, say Pakistan’s Islamic extremists”

  1. mijanur said

    Cricket,Music, Literature, Women Liberation, Free Thinking all are the targets of the Muslim Fundamentalists. And we are full of appetite with Jai Ho !!!
    The Pakistan based Talibani Attack upon Sri Lankan Cricket or Destruction of a Sufi Shrine Of Baba Rehaman in Peshawar, in the last week for allowing devout muslim women in it or Butchering one Hindu Youth in Sindhu Province or Eviction of 35 Hindus from NWFP or Continuous Torture upon Kadianis in Pakistan are nothing contrary to the spirit of Islam. This is the Art of Living per Islam & most of the muslims are proud of it !!!
    Playing Cricket or Offering one’s emotion through music in Sufism or Cosidering Allah-God-Bhagavan-Buddha-AhurMazda All One….is not permissible in Islam. Open participations in religious activities by other sects in 57 Islamic Countries are also intolerable in Islam. This is the view of the religion of fanatics in the name of pure Islam. I don’t believe it. You don’t also.
    Should we approve it ?
    Cricket is considered as a ‘game of peace’. Whoever wants to bold out cricket in the name of Fanatic Islam , let us join hand to hit a sixer to out them over the boundaries.
    To make Team of Peace against the so called Peace of Religion >>> Islam >>> 0r a big stack of Dead Bodies ,,, Pl vist my blog #Alertpak# www(dot)alerpak(dot)wordpress(dot)com regularly.

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