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Pakistani Hindu kidnapped and murdered in Sindh

Posted by jagoindia on March 12, 2009

Pakistani Hindu youth murdered in Sindh
Tue, Mar 10 08:18 PM

Islamabad, Mar 10 (PTI) A Pakistani Hindu youth from the country’s southern Sindh province was killed after being kidnapped along with three other members of his family, prompting President Asif Ali Zardari to seek a report on the crime from the government. Mender, a youth hailing from a village near Sukkur in Sindh, was kidnapped along with three other members of his family about a month ago.

The kidnappers informed Mender’s family to collect his body from the railway tracks near the Sangi railway station today. The whereabouts of the other kidnapped persons are still not known, said an official statement.

President Zardari condemned the murder of the Hindu youth by his abductors and called for his killers to be arrested and punished. In a message from Tehran, where he is on a two-day official visit, Zardari expressed shock and grief over the killing of the kidnapped youth on the eve of the Holi.

Describing the murder as barbaric, Zardari sought a report on the crime from the Sindh government. He also directed it to recover the other kidnapped persons and to bring the culprits to justice.

Zardari also conveyed his condolences to Mender’s family and directed Ramesh Lal, a minority parliamentarian from the ruling Pakistan People’s Party, to visit the youth’s kin. PTI.  End

Last year another Hindu youth was tortured and killed in Sindh. Possibly the Mohameddan fascists were showing the kindess and mercy of their religion.

Sindh govt orders probe into Hindu youth’s murder
Sunday, April 27, 2008 12:41 [IST]
Islamabad: Pakistan’s Sindh provincial government has ordered a probe into the recent killing of a Hindu youth by his Muslim colleagues in a Karachi factory for allegedly making blasphemous remarks about Prophet Mohammed.

After the probe was ordered by Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah, minority legislator Petambar Sehwani from the province’s ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) went to Jagdish Kumar’s home in Mirpurkhas last night to ascertain the facts about his death. Kumar was beaten to death on April 8 by his co-workers, who accused him of making blasphemous remarks about Prophet Mohammed.

His relatives and several NGOs have organised protests and demanded that the government conduct an inquiry into his murder. Sehwani met Kumar’s relatives, including his father and mother.

The legislator also met local Human Rights Commission of Pakistan representative Kanji Ranomal Bheel and rights activist Asghar Narejo and exchanged views about the incident.

The legislator said he had been deputed by the Sindh government to inquire into Kumar’s killing. Sehwani said after completing his inquiry, he would submit a report to Chief Minister Shah for taking action in the matter.
Source : PTI

2 Responses to “Pakistani Hindu kidnapped and murdered in Sindh”

  1. *****************************************************************
    These are not the Story of MENDER or KUMAR,the Two Unfortunate Hindus in Pakistan :: There are so many untold :: Believe Me ::

    MENDER in Sukkur in Sindh Province or KUMAR in a Karachi Factory were brutally murdered by Isamist Terrorist for various reasons with a single agenda >>> Finish the Kaffirs in Pakistan. I do not know the reasons whether Mender disagreed to give the booty to the Pakistani Talibans for running his shop or he denied to allow his any female members to those Propagator of Peace for their temporal enjoyment in a imagery of Behast >> Islamic Paradise or…or I don’t know whether Kumar was Killed in Karachi for his any blasphemous activities. But I surely know They were Hindus >>>> Non Muslims >>> Kaffirs. AND KAFFIRS ARE NOT BE ALLOWED TO LIVE ANY MORE IN PAKISTAN. Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Kadianis No Bodies Are Safe in Pakistan.
    Reports say that there were 16% Hindus in Pakistan around 1947. And they are now only 1.85% in the total Pakistani Population as per latest census there.
    For details of Plight of Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan alongwith inside story of Pakistani Sate Sponsored Terrorism please vist #ALertPak# at www(dot)alertpak(dot)wordpress(dot)com regularly.

  2. Pankaj said

    I found this article about the “kindness” of Islam that you speak of:

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