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Muslims from mosque pelt stones at Hindu procession in Nanded

Posted by jagoindia on March 16, 2009

Procession sparks communal violence in Maharashtra

Sat, Mar 14 01:25 PM

Nanded (Maharashtra), Mar 14 (ANI): A religious procession turned violent when two communities clashed with each other in Nanded in Maharashtra on Friday.

Violence broke out when members of a community taking out a procession of a deity and chanting religious hymns and songs reached a mosque. They were suddenly caught in a flurry of stones pelted by a mob of another community from inside the mosque.

Soon the situation turned out of hand when both the community members started pelting stones each other. It spilled over to roads. Indulging in arson, the agitated members of both communities vented their fury on vehicles and shops in the area.

Police had to resort to baton charging and tear gassing to disperse the agitated mob and arrested around 30 people in connection with the incident.

“The incident took place within 100 meters from the police station. There was violence and stone pelting between people.

Although no cars were burnt but the people tried to set two motorcycles to fire.

We have so far arrested around 30 people in connection with the violence,” said Satyanarayan Chaudhry, Superintendent of Police (SP), Nanded.

The incident prompted the authorities to impose curfew in the region to avoid further trouble. (ANI)


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