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Islamic terrorists use Nepal route to come to India

Posted by jagoindia on April 4, 2009

How terror travels to India in a bus
Vicky Nanjappa in Bengaluru

April 02, 2009 15:07 IST

The arrest of Rashid Malabari may have opened a can of worms. But what is more startling is how this man managed to slip into India despite a red corner alert by the Interpol against him.

Investigating officials firmly believe that this man could have used the Nepal route to enter into India. It may be noted that Nepal is the favourite route for both members of the D Gang as well as dreaded Lashkar-e-Tayiba [Images] terrorists. In fact, all it takes is just Rs 5,000 to cross over from Nepal into India.

Sources told that the Nepal route is preferred by terrorists since the ISI has a well-organised syndicate there.

Sabahuddin, an accused in the Mumbai [Images] attack who was also the chief of operations for the LeT in Nepal, too confirmed this during his interrogation.

Once the green signal is given by the LeT or chiefs of the D gang, the operatives fly into Doha from Lahore [Images] on a fake passport. A member of the terror outfit is usually accompanied by an ISI member. In Sabahuddin’s case, it was a man by the name Major Doggar.

In Doha, the operative needs to wait three more hours before boarding the flight to Kathmandu. The entire process is monitored by the ISI, Sabahuddin adds.

This is, however, the last time that these operatives are asked to contact the ISI. They are instructed never to contact the ISI in future as it could prove to be dangerous.

Once in Kathmandu, these operatives are directed to destroy the Pakistani passport and then flush it down the toilet. Then, they are instructed to mail their higher ups using coded language.

After staying over in Kathmandu for a day, they are asked to meet a local person at a particular location. A cash payment of Rs 5,000 is made to this person, who in turn helps these operatives cross over to India on a motorcycle. The person who helps them cross the border ensures that the operative has boarded a bus and only then leaves the place.

The bus journey is most preferred by both terror and underworld operatives once within India. They are asked to destroy anything that they possess that is even remotely related to Pakistan and asked only to use the bus since there is hardly any checking while boarding a bus.

2 Responses to “Islamic terrorists use Nepal route to come to India”

  1. mah29001 said

    I would think that the ruling Nepali Maoists whom also send a friendly message to the Islamists would probably be involved in allowing them to head toward India.

  2. S said

    As if our own muslim population was not enough. Muhammadans are trouble, wherever they are, be it India or Netherlands or Britain or Denmark. Checkout The Religion Of Peace.

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