Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

How Wahabbi virus fueled Islamic terrorism in India

Posted by jagoindia on April 12, 2009


The virulent Wahabi virus

Murad Ali Baig , Hindustan Times
April 10, 2009

Mumbai. Afghanistan. Pakistan. The ‘Islamist’ terror attacks in South Asia all had the hallmarks of Wahabi ideology. Its followers are blinded by faith to believe that they have the mandate of Allah to rid the world of ‘infidels’ and ‘heretics’. Combating terrorism may thus be impossible until this Wahabi cult is thoroughly discredited. 

Mohammed Abd Al Wahab, (1703-1794), redefined Islam in a narrow and intolerant way and injected into it such a virulent cult of hatred that, though repeatedly put down, it has risen to become the single greatest threat to world peace today.

A single rough Bedouin could so radically reinterpret Islam that his followers got away with destroying the tomb of Prophet Muhammad at Madina in 1803 and later stripped the sacred Kaaba at Makkah of the treasures that pilgrims had adorned it with. Wahab disallowed ceremonies for marriage or death, worship of saints, adorning of graves, tombs or other sacred objects, holding religious processions, art, music and dance and demanded the total suppression of women. 

The Islam of the Quran suffered in the hands of many revisionists who changed its direction over time. The holy book was supplemented with the Hadith written 200 years later with further interpretations. In the Quran, Muhammad had defined jihad after the battle of Badr … “We are now finished with the lesser jihad (struggle against oppression) and are beginning the greater jihad (struggle against our own weaknesses),” but jihad is mentioned 199 times in the Hadith in stronger terms. Wahab seems to have understood the tremendous power of hatred to unite and inflame its followers in an intense ‘holy war’. He urged followers to mercilessly exterminate ‘infidels’, ‘blasphemers’, ‘idol worshippers’, Christians and even ‘Muslim apostates’  like the Shias and Sufis. He made them believe that Allah and his angels would assure success with the joys of paradise guaranteed to any who fell as martyrs for the cause. This lust for violence soon overcame inhibitions about innovations and the Wahabis soon grew adept at using the latest weapons and technology. 

Wahab’s vision enshrined in his book ‘Kitab al-Tawhid’ (book of unity) encountered strong opposition when it was first preached around 1744. Religious teachers including his father and uncle were horrified but he was fortunate to find a patron in Muhammad Al-Saud who used this vitriolic new creed as a powerful weapon to propel his tribe forward. Al-Saud went on to win his descendents the kingdom of Arabia that they rule to this day. Then the discovery of oil in 1938 gave them the power to finance the spread of their creed.

With Indian Muslims making pilgrimages to Makkah, Wahabism spread to India by the 19th century. Wahabi, also called Salafi, centres were established in our country.

The ‘chhota (small) godown’ at Patna supplied funds, manpower weapons and materials to the ‘barra (big) godown’ at Sittana near Swat where the turbulent border tribes were drawn to this violent creed. The ‘Hindustani fanatics’ were rooted out several times by the British. 

These fanatics had great influence in the Indian madrasas where most Muslim children were educated. In 1866, two mullahs set up a madrasa at Deoband, north of Delhi, that was initially known as the Arab Madrasa, to preserve Islam from British oppression. Though Wahabism never had mass support, as it was too violent and intolerant, few Muslims dared to speak up against them though some mainstream mullahs  declared ‘fatwas’ against this heresy. After 1947 most Muslims in India were conscious of the need to fit in with a Hindu majority and the Wahabi influence diminished. 

In Pakistan however, the fanaticism was kept aflame on the issue of Muslims being oppressed in Kashmir. They were greatly encouraged when the USSR occupied Afghanistan in 1979 and the CIA collaborated with Pakistan to fund and train the Taliban to fight them. Madrasas preaching Wahabism then infected the children of some three million Afghan refugees. 

Deoband’s Dar ul Uloom, followed by a college of 6,000 Indian mullahs, recently condemned this terrorism. The gathering clarified the meaning of jihad, saying that killing women, children and Muslims was un-Islamic and rejected all kinds of injustice, violence, breach of peace, bloodshed, murder and plunder in any form. Muhammad’s merciful and beneficent Allah was clearly not the god of Wahab. Wahabism does not have majority support in Pakistan. But because Wahabis give all Muslims a bad name, Muslims need to make the fanatics understand that Wahabis are not heroes but heretics against the words of Muhammad. Indian Muslims were  too intimidated by Wahabism to speak out fearlessly against this creed. It is time they did.

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  1. alertpak said

    Jehadi Militants’ safe sanctuaries in Pakistan :: A Sunni-Deobandi Group is the main source of Pak Terrorism

    By alertpak
    for details please see
    www dot alertpak dot wordpress dot com

    Military Supported Sunni-Deobanbdi Power Group is the Main Source of Pak Terrorism.

    ……………………… A Report of International Crisis Group, Belgium.

    New Delhi, March 15, 2009 :: A very much powerful Sunni group of Deoband school is the main source and god father of all Pakistan based terrorist activities with in Pakistan and outside.
    All the prime groups of action in the field of terrorist activities in Pakistan grossly rely upon the teachings of India’s Deoband based Dar-ul-uloom Deoband, an Islamic seminary over 100 years.

    This Sunni-Deobandi Group had the history of the rise and rise from the eighties with the generous help and support of Pakistani Military force. Now the group is so powerful , they can control and influence the inner mechanism of Pakistan and even the international relationship of
    Pakistan with India and Afghanistan including other foreign policies. This Group now operating from and outside Pakistan has the power to cast spell upon the Kashmir issue or various movements of the fanatic Islamist groups everywhere in the Indian sub-continent.

    The above picture has been brought to light by a Belgian based research institute , the International Crisis Group in their latest paper on Pakistan. The report captioned as “PAKISTAN – The Militant Jehadi Challenge” says many a crisis over the democratic processes being experimented in Pakistan.

    The Report also says that this rise of this Intellectual Group of Islamic Fanatics had their gradual growth record taking full support of the State under Military Regime and the situation on going. This Sunni-Deobandi Group has a close and intimate connection with the Talibanis and now they have spread their strong network beyond the territory of Pakistan. This Sunni group of Deobandi- Jehadis are operating many a numbers of communal conflicts, riots, separatism, explosions and genocides in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. This Sunni groups are the most challenges for the peace process in Punjab, North West Frontier Province (NWFP), Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and Baluchistan. The matter of Terrorist Jehadi activities of this fanatic Sunni-Deobandi group in those provinces and the rate of persecution upon the minorities in Pakistan and the opposition to the Snnis has made Pakistan as an offender to the international community.

    The experts on Bangladesh Affairs now reports that the recent mutiny in Bangladesh Rifles had a very evident connection and instigation from the ISI and Jehadi groups under same Sunni-Deobandi school to dismantle a democratic process won over there.

    Source : PTI , India under Attack , Agencies.

    Militants’ safe sanctuaries in Pak must be eliminated: US Gen

    Washington, Mar 18 (PTI) The safe sanctuaries of the militants in the tribal areas of Pakistan must be eliminated to achieve stability and security in the region, a top US military officer based in Afghanistan has said.
    “Unless there is a resolution of the militant sanctuaries that exist across the border in the tribal areas of Pakistan, it’s hard for me to envision a degree of stability and security in this region,” US Commander in Afghanistan General David McKiernan told PBS news channel in an interview.

    “So, I think that’s why there’s a regional outlook here, there’s an Afghan-Pakistan approach to this insurgency,” he said.

    When asked about talks with Taliban, he said the ISAF and the US military favour the idea that if an insurgent wants to lay down the weapon, supports the legitimate constitution of Afghanistan, then that probably is a legitimate reconciliation that should be led by the Afghan government.

    Gen McKiernan said he is not sure if the US ever should thought that it would win this war. “This is the region that sprung al-Qaeda operatives that attacked our country in 2001. Al-Qaeda still exists in this region,” he said.

    “If we don’t have a successful outcome in Pakistan and Afghanistan that will allow a terrorist organization like al-Qaeda to continue to have effects globally. That’s why we’re still here. As part of that, we are committed to achieving a level of security and stability in the country of Afghanistan,” he added. PTI

    These are the stories of Pak Deobandi Group active there for all the destuction of humanity in Pakistan. They have spread their activities through out the world. But Deoband in Uttar Pradesh State in is the main source of this Terrorism in force.
    So India is the Mother Land of Terrorism. And Congress, Communists, Bahujan Samaj Party, Samajbadi Party and all other Political Parties in India supporting Deoband should be banned at once.

    Pl log on

  2. S said

    Definition of Taqqiya


    It’s an arabic word.

    Taqqiya is the concept of doublespeak. kind of like a double entendre. but with taqqiya, it is specifically the skill of double speaking to infidels to deceive them. to get them to drop their guard. to bring about the circumstances allowing you to take advantage of them.

    The article above is written by a Taqqiya Master. Taqqiya is sanctioned by Islam in order to further its goals. The author of the article above tries to put all the blame for the global jihad at the Wahabis, which he defines as “a distortion of Islam”. I would like to ask the author of this article, if Wahabism was not present until the 18th century, what prompted Muhammad-bin-Qasim to loot and plunder his way through Western India (Now Afghanistan). What prompted Mahmud Ghaznavi in the year 1000 to massacre the Hindus of Kubha (now Kabul). What prompted him to murder all the Hindus of Thanesar in the year 1011 ?

    “In 1008 AD he captured Nagarkot (Kangra). The loot amounted to 70,000,000 dirhams in coins and 700,400 mans of gold and silver, besides plenty of precious stones and embroidered cloths. In 1011 AD he plundered Thanesar which was undefended, destroyed many temples, and broke a large number of idols. The chief idol, that of Chakraswamin, was taken to Ghazni and thrown into the public square for defilement under the feet of the faithful. According to Tarikh-i-Yamini of Utbi, Mahmud’s secretary,

    “The blood of the infidels flowed so copiously [at Thanesar] that the stream was discolored, notwithstanding its purity, and people were unable to drink it. The Sultan returned with plunder which is impossible to count. Praise he to Allah for the honor he bestows on Islam and Muslims.”

    (From the link below)

    “In 1013 AD Mahmud advanced against Nandana where the Shahiya king, Anandapal, had established his new capital. The Hindus fought very hard but lost. Again, the temples were destroyed, and innocent citizens slaughtered. Utbi provides an account of the plunder and the prisoners of war:

    “The Sultan returned in the rear of immense booty, and slaves were so plentiful that they became very cheap and men of respectability in their native land were degraded by becoming slaves of common shopkeepers. But this is the goodness of Allah, who bestows honor on his own religion and degrades infidelity.”

    The road was now clear for an assault on the heartland of Hindustan. In December 1018 AD Mahmud crossed the Yamuna, collected 1,000,000 dirhams from Baran (Bulandshahar), and marched to Mahaban in Mathura district. Utbi records:

    “The infidels…deserted the fort and tried to cross the foaming river…but many of them were slain, taken or drowned… Nearly fifty thousand men were killed.”

    Mathura was the next victim. Mahmud seized five gold idols weighing 89,300 missals and 200 silver idols. According to Utbi, “The Sultan gave orders that all the temples should be burnt with naptha and fire, and levelled with the ground.” The pillage of the city continued for 20 days. Mahmud now turned towards Kanauj which had been the seat of several Hindu dynasties. Utbi continues: “In Kanauj there were nearly ten thousand temples… Many of the inhabitants of the place fled in consequence of witnessing the fate of their deaf and dumb idols. Those who did not fly were put to death. The Sultan gave his soldiers leave to plunder and take prisoners.”

    The Brahmins of Munj, which was attacked next, fought to the last man after throwing their wives and children into fire. The fate of Asi was sealed when its ruler took fright and fled. According to Utbi, “…. the Sultan ordered that his five forts should be demolished from their foundations, the inhabitants buried in their ruins, and the soldiers of the garrison plundered, slain and captured”.

    Shrawa, the next important place to be invaded, met the same fate. Utbi concludes:

    “The Muslims paid no regard to the booty till they had satiated themselves with the slaughter of the infidels and worshipers of sun and fire. The friends of Allah searched the bodies of the slain for three days in order to obtain booty…The booty amounted in gold and silver, rubies and pearls nearly to three hundred thousand dirhams, and the number of prisoners may be conceived from the fact that each was sold for two to ten dirhams. These were afterwards taken to Ghazni and merchants came from distant cities to purchase them, so that the countries of Mawaraun-Nahr, Iraq and Khurasan were filled with them, and the fair and the dark, the rich and the poor, were commingled in one common slavery.”

    All the atrocities mentioned above were not due to Wahabism, but due to Islam itself. Islam orders that Kaffirs (Infidels) be subjugated, converted, or killed. Can the author (Taqqiya Master) explain what drove these genocidal maniacs nearly one thousand years before Muhammad abd al Wahab was born ? Islam and the example of the mass murderer, rapist, paedophile Prophet Muhammad drove them. The prophet that is described in the Kuran as Uswa-hasana, Al-Insan, Al-Kamil, the perfect man to be imitated in all respects and deeds. Since Uswa hasana was a looter and mass-murderer (he personally beheaded 600 bound Jews in one of the battles that he led in his life), all that these muslims have been doing is imitating him. Wahabism is just another way of interpreting the Kuran, and cults like this have been the hallmark of islam since its beginnings. For example – Shias are considered heretics and worthy of murder by Sunnis and vice-versa. The Ahmadis are another sect that is not regarded as pure enough. The Sufis are another type that the Sunnis regard as unclean (najis). Wahabism is not responsible for all jihad, though the author tries to put all the blame at its door.

    Just about a few years ago, Taqqiya Masters like Zakaria were writing that islam means peace (it does not, the meaning of the word islam is “submission”). Now that more people are learning about the death cult of islam, Taqqiya Masters are trying to prove that islam was about peace until Wahabism came along. It was never about peace. It was submit (to islam) or die.

  3. I would have given a fitting reply to you Mr whoever you are but your jago india will not publish my comment.

    Moderator Reply: Kashmir Center, your comments are not worthy of being published here. So don’t waste your time.

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