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Muslim fascists beat up Hindu, damage Hindu houses in Krishnapur, West Bengal

Posted by jagoindia on April 18, 2009

Krishnapur tense after clash

Thursday 16 April 2009, The Statesman

MALDA, April 15: Communal tension prevails in Krishnapur gram panchayat area, close to the Indo-Bangladesh border, after a clash broke out between two communities last midnight.

A large contingent of police rushed to the spot when a group of people attacked and damaged several houses belonging to BJP and Sangha supporters in three villages of Krishnapur GP, under Baishnabnagar police station.

According to BJP leaders, trouble broke out when a Hindu youth claimed due amount from a Muslim youth who had previously taken a loan from him. The Muslim youth and his group then beat up the Hindu youth when he began demanding the money. The victim was beaten up again yesterday evening, after he complained about the incident to his father.

The BJP leaders, including the candidate for South Malda Mr Dipak Chowdhury, informed the Malda SP last night, seeking administrative help and requesting him to take action against the culprits.

4 Responses to “Muslim fascists beat up Hindu, damage Hindu houses in Krishnapur, West Bengal”

  1. S said lists all the jihad attacks, and there have been more than 13,000 since Sept. 11, 2001. What goes unreported is these incidents of jihad and Sudden Jihad Syndrome that are hallmarks of islamic societies worldwide. Everywhere there are muslims, there is a territorial dispute. In India, it is in Kashmir ; in Europe, there is Serbia where in parts Muslims have ethnically cleansed the Serbians and claimed the territory for their own ; in Africa, in Sudan and Somalia, muslims have wiped out more than 4 million African Animists.

    Then there are the smaller wars, incidents of the type reported above ; wherever there are muslims, they invade the Kaffirs and most of the times get away with it because “they are a minority”. How long do the native populations put up with this death cult of islam ?

  2. Hudson said

    This is typical of muslims neither they live in peace nor they allow others to live in peace. Muslims can never co-exist with other religion and are intolerante of even fellow shite muslims
    I’m sure that even after this incidents the secularist CONGRESS & atheist COMMIES will say that BJP is tryingto communalise the situation.

  3. Shalom said

    So typical of Muslims, all they can do is beat, rape and kill all those who don’t agree with them. The list includes other Muslims as well. I say get the Muslims the hell out of India and the non-Muslim countries

  4. Rajesh said

    You are correct, Muslims attack on Hindus are certainly on rise in Bengal ( and Names of 45,000 Hindus have been removed from electorate list in JK (, thanks to secular politicians.

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