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Muslim standard of living in Gujarat best in India

Posted by jagoindia on April 28, 2009

Guj Muslims are educated, economically sound: Modi
17 Apr 2009, 2142 hrs IST, Harish Joshi, TNN

BHARUCH: Reacting to Manmohan Singh’s statement about Muslims in  Gujarat being financially backward, Chief Minister Narendra Modi said, “It is very unfortunate that our so-called learned Prime Minister has not referred to his own government-appointed Sacchar Committee Report. He was addressing an election rally in Bharuch on Friday.

Modi said a study was conducted by a committee about the status of minorities in various states and the same report of UPA government stated that Muslims’ saving and per capita income in Gujarat is much higher than the national average. He added Muslims’ education level is higher than other states, even employment to Muslims in state government establishments are higher than other states.

Modi added, “Congress is playing vote politics, whereas we, in Gujarat, talk about equality and progress to all. They cannot see progress of Gujarat and hence, they make statements to misguide the people of this country. Now it is enough, Gujarat is blamed too much for no reason.”

“During my tenure as chief minister, I never uttered a single word which divides caste and community but they are the people who have not left any effort to blame me,” Modi said.

It was the fourth public really Modi addressed here on Friday.

2 Responses to “Muslim standard of living in Gujarat best in India”

  1. S said

    So the prime minister of India is concerned that the living standard of Muhammadans is low as compared to that of Hindus, I suppose ? Is he totally unaware of the living standards in any islamic country that does not have oil, a geological accident that made the gulf states rich. One only has to look at the living standard of Muhammadans in countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Morocco, Sudan, Somalia, and the numerous stans that broke out of the U.S.S.R. to comprehend that they are complete failures economically, socially and morally. The complete failure of Muhammadans is due to Islam and the inshaallah fatalism that it instills in its followers.

  2. #alertpak# said

    Muslims of India want the status of Swat Valley in Pakistan.

    They want 47 flogging to a teen gal for going to marketing with a lad who is not her relative.

    They want shoot out of a couple for some impugned relationship.

    They want spraying of acid to the students and mistress of a girl’s school as it is un-islamic.

    They want taxes and ransoms from minorities for business and utilisation of that for Islamic holy entertainment.

    They want blasting in the prayer house when men at prayer.

    They want full course illicit affairs and porno like activities under Burkha under talibani control after satisfying the debauchery of Talibans.

    No, these are not possible for muslims in Gujrat or even anywhere in India. Narendra Modi believes in Modern-age instead of stone-age. But Muslims in India always praise the condition of Pakistan and Afghanistan for pure Islamic Regime, not the good governance of Narendra Modi. Let them go to Pakistan. Indian Muslims Welcome to Pakistan and Afghanistan. Come here to taste the recipe of Talibani Foods.

    Please visit to reach there the abode of Islam

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