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Muslim women being trained for terror acts in India: Army

Posted by jagoindia on April 30, 2009

Women being trained for terror acts in India: Army

April 14, 2009 13:29 IST

Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor on Tuesday said that women were being “trained” on the other side of the Line of Control to infiltrate into India for terror acts.

“We have information that women are being trained on the other side to infiltrate into Jammu and Kashmir ,” the Army Chief said, when asked about the possibility of involvement of women handlers in the Pulwama encounter that ended with the killing of two.

“It is possible that women may be involved in giving directions to the terrorists,” he added.

Kapoor said that Army was “fully prepared” if there was any information about the infiltration of women in the country.

On the issue of infiltration of Taliban in India, Kapoor said, “As far as the Indian Army  is concerned, we have had no trace of Taliban.”

The Army Chief said the force would continue to “neutralise” elements trying to disturb peace and security in the country.

“Whether it is LeT, JeM or HUJI militant or Taliban, whosoever tries to disturb peace and stability of the region, he will be dealt with in the same fashion and will be neutralised,” he said.

Kapoor said the Army had “foreseen” the rise in the infiltration of militants and was prepared to tackle it.

“We had already foreseen all this happening and we were quite well prepared for it and that is why our troops were there on the Line of Control and deployed in three tiers to be able to check infiltration,” he said.

Kapoor said the Army had expected “calibration” in infiltration around the election time.

“We did expect that there would be a certain amount of calibration from the other side to push in infiltrators because of elections, which is what they are trying,” he said.

One Response to “Muslim women being trained for terror acts in India: Army”

  1. S said

    We know that the Kuran promises the Muslims 72 virgins and 24 young boys in Jannat if they would only wage the Jihad and fight and kill the Kafirs (Infidels). What do the women get for waging the Jihad ?
    Guess I’ll go have to read the Kuran some more. It must be in there somewhere.

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