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Delhi Madrassa cleric arrested for allegedly sodomising 10 year old

Posted by jagoindia on May 2, 2009

10-yr-old alleges sodomy, Delhi cleric arrested

IANS, May 01, 2009

New Delhi: A 21-year-old cleric of a madrassa was arrested on Friday for allegedly sodomising a 10-year-old boy in the national capital, police said.

Mohammad Shehzad, who had joined the madrassa of Kali Masjid in Hazrat Nizamuddin a fortnight ago, was arrested for sodomising one of the students on Tuesday night.

Shehzad has been sent to the jail, police said.

The police said the boy could only muster the courage to tell his mother about the incident Thursday.

The boy’s mother along with few other locals then went to the madrassa and thrashed the cleric.

The boy’s father died some time back and since then he has been living with his mother.

2 Responses to “Delhi Madrassa cleric arrested for allegedly sodomising 10 year old”

  1. srikumar said

    F@#$ the mozzies…it is high time v tolerated mozzies in india..throw the pigs out

  2. S said

    While psychotics exist in all faiths, it is islam that turns individuals into homicidal maniacs, by making every single one of its followers behead animals. This practice, called by the devout as “kurbani” (sacrifice) is actually no sacrifice at all on the part of the individual himself, and the practice was introduced into mainstream islam by the prophet muhammad himself for desensitizing his followers who were no more and no less than a bunch of caravan robbers and murderers.

    The practice of paedophilia is also encouraged in islam. Because the example of the supreme being prophet muhammad is before them as described in the kuran, the hadiths, and the sira. Muhammad himself “married” a 6 year old child (Ayesha) and “consummated” that marriage when she was 9 (raped her). Because the islamics regard muhammad as the role model to imitate, most muhammadans marry a child when they are 50. This practice of muhammadans is somewhat hidden in the dar-ul-harb, but in dar-ul-islam it is openly followed. Read the accounts coming out of Iran, where the legal age of marriage for girls is 9. Same for Saudi Arabia.

    The texts of islam also encourage intercourse with animals, though they do maintain that after this an animal is “impure” and its meat must be sold to people of the nearby village.

    If people reading this post think that I am a psycho writing this in order to make islam look bad, believe me, you just can’t make the stuff up that is in the kuran, the hadiths, and the sira. Please search for these online and read them. Offline, one can get a Pickethall edition of the kuran, which is regarded as correct (Sahih) by the Muhammadans.

    There is nothing spiritual at all in the cult of Muhammad, and its followers can safely be regarded as homicidal maniacs. Once this is done, it would be somewhat easier to relocate them from all dar-ul-harbs to any dar-ul-islams.

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