Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

Alertpak: Blog on Pakistan terrorism

Posted by jagoindia on May 11, 2009

Many articles on the mother of terrorist countries: Pakistan


4 Responses to “Alertpak: Blog on Pakistan terrorism”

  1. tanisha said

    Alertpak is an excellent blog upon Pakistani Terrorism.

    But we do not want to see Pakistan as Terroristan.

    Pakistan has the scope to be a Peacestan.

    But that can be only upon the basis of real friendship with India.

    We want united India-Pakistan. Long live Akhand Bharat.

  2. Mahendra said

    Pakistan has no scope to be a Peacestan as long as it it remains an Islamic state. Akhand Bharat will be possible only after the Constitution of Pakistan is changed to make it secular and the philosophy of oneness of the mankind is taught to them. I wonder why none of the secular Muslims of India ever raise a voice for secularism in Pakistan.

  3. #Alertpak# said

    @ 2 above.


    Now the Pakistani People are getting disillusioned from the vague concept of Pan Islamism as they see the dire consequences of both innocent Pakistani Muslims and Non Mulims in the name of Sharia and Talibanism in Pakistan.

    They day may come in future when the muslim mass will say something against the unholy spirit of Islam. Before that we have to crush the anti-Indian and anti-Pakistani mentality from this sub-continent.

  4. K T said

    I read your blog yesterday. Truly praiseworthy. Amazing piece of work. God Bless..

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