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How to break Pakistan, the world’s most dangerous failed state

Posted by jagoindia on May 12, 2009

Should Pakistan Exist?

Posted By Dr. Jack Wheeler
Dr. Jack Wheeler is a leading conservative pro-western civilization intellectual. He runs the bog, andwrites intelligent and to the point articles. The following is a brilliant solution to the Gordian Knot of Pakistan.   (only for members)

Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler

Let’s cut to the chase. The answer is no. Pakistan should never have existed in the first place. There is no reason for it to continue to exist now.

The place to start here is with The Lunacy of a British Legacy from July 2006, which gives you the background on Pakistan’s creation, and that of the Taliban.

You could follow that up with Moslem Terrorist Drug Lords With Nukes from November 2007, which explains the Afghan heroin production as a joint operation between the Taliban and the ISI – the Pakistan military’s InterServices Intelligence Agency – and how Afghan president Hamid Karzai and his family are in on the heroin take.

Mr. Karzai met with Mr. Zero in the White House yesterday (5/06), along with the leader of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari.All three men privately despise each other, and publicly professed mutual admiration and support.

Ostensibly, they were meeting because the Taliban are now destabilizing Pakistan as well as Afghanistan. You can be sure Zero did not insist on solving the heart of the Taliban problem, any more than did his predecessor. Mr. Bush refused to order Afghanistan’s poppy fields be wiped out via high-altitude spraying of a micro-herbicide developed by DARPA. And so has Zero.

The poppy-killing fungus will cause the entire Afghan poppy crop (which supplies 90% of the world’s heroin) to disappear for decades – with no other crop being affected. Doing so would wipe out the Taliban and the ISI financially. But as it would also wipe out lots of powerful folks on the take in the Afghan and Pak governments, it will not be used, and the Taliban will expand its power until it takes over both governments.

So let’s talk about India instead. There are indications India is about to take matters into its own hands, with or without Washington’s approval.This is particularly true since, as noted by former US ambassador to India Robert Blackwill in a speech in New Delhi this week (5/05), Zero is abandoning the efforts of George Bush to build a strong US-India relationship in favor of currying favor with China.

Pakistan is a make-believe country. Take a look at this official map which the Pak government delineates its borders:

First look at the area in the upper right labeled “Jammu & Kashmir.” See that faint dotted line starting at the China border, goes across the area underneath Skardu and wraps around Srinigar? That’s the real border: below it (Srinigar) is India, above it (Skardu) is Pak. The Skardu-Gilgit area is composed of ancient tribal peoples such as Baltits and Hunzukuts who just want to be left alone by the rest of the world, including Islamabad.

The NWFP, or North West Frontier Province is Pushtun, the same tribe that populates 42% of Afghanistan, forming that country’s largest ethnic group. That nice dark line between Afghanistan and the NWFP, which Islamabad pretends is its border, is an illusion. There is no border, the entire region on both sides of it are Pushtun, and Islamabad has never exercised any control over it.

The pretend line continues, claiming to divide Afghanistan and Iran from the Pak province of Baluchistan, a huge region that takes up almost 45% of Pakistan yet contains only 10% of the country’s population, mostly split between Pushtuns in the north and wild Baluchi nomads in the southern desert wastelands.
The Pak government has never controlled the Baluchis any more than the Pushtuns. It’s all Apache country over which it has little real sovereignty.

So we come to the core of the country, Punjab and Sindh, and the unending hatred between Punjabis and Sindhis.

First a famous story that I can’t resist relating. India, including what is now Pakistan, was created by the imperial British, and when the region of Sindh was conquered by British General Sir Charles Napier in 1842, he sent a one-word message back to Delhi headquarters announcing his victory: peccavi.

In those days, all British officers were classically educated, so they knew instantly what Napier was saying. Peccavi is Latin for “we sinned.” Napier had Sindh.

Sindh is a feudal region dominated by wealthy land-owning families (of which the Bhutto and Zardari families are among) who control the lives of 40 million poverty-stricken illiterate farmers.
It also contains Pakistan’s largest city (12m) and business center, Karachi, where the Mohajirs are concentrated, the Indian Moslems who fled to Pakistan during 1947 Partition and their descendents. The hatred is mutual between them and native Sindhis.

While Sindhis are farmers ruled by a land-owning aristocracy and Mohajirs are business folk, Punjabis consider themselves warriors. Half the Pak population is Punjabi, some 80 m- .90% of the Pak Army officer corps in Punjabi.

Not only is the Punjabi Pak military so politically powerful that , as Alex Alexiev observes this week in The Real Problem in Pakistan, “Pakistan is not a sovereign state with a military, but a sovereign military with a state at its disposal to use as it sees fit.” It is that the Punjabi Pak military is so economically powerful that it controls most business activity like a mafia.

There is no way to untie this Gordian Knot of ethnic hatreds, fanatical stone-age Islamism, a heroin-smuggling mafia military, corruption at every level of society, feudal poverty, and an arsenal of nuclear weapons. The solution is to let India cut the Gordian Knot of Pakistan asunder.

This is tricky. India has no desire to conquer and absorb Pakistan, which would double the number of Moslems within it (there are 160 million Moslems in each). It needs to rather break the place apart into pieces.

The first object should be a quick in-and-out military operation to seize Pakistan’s nukes.They are dispersed so it’s complicated – and more so because there will be no help from the US military under Zero. So India will be smart about it and take advantage of the Pak military’s greatest vulnerability: it’s officers and key personnel are for sale, they can be bought.

The Punjabis have always looked upon Afghanistan as theirs, and the Pushtuns as barbarian inferiors. (The disgust is returned.The greatest insult a Pushtun parent can give a misbehaving child is: “Stop that – you’re behaving as a Punjabi.”) Simultaneously, they are in constant fear of Pushtuns on either side of the border joining together to form an independent “Pushtunistan.”

Yet Pushtuns don’t want their own political entity apart from Afghanistan. The solution is to move the border east, so that Afghanistan encompasses the NWFP and the Pushtun region of northern Baluchistan.

This is not difficult to broker. The Pushtuns would jump at the chance to be unified, and it would deny the Taliban of the fig leaf of a Pak sanctuary. After India seizes the Pak nukes and engenders a period of chaotic destabilization, India has Kabul claim all of Pushtunistan and the Pushtuns declare for it.The US military, commanded by David Petraeus, is then free to nail the Taliban with no concern over violating “Pakistan sovereignty.”

During the same chaotic time, the Baluchis can get the independence from Islamabad they’ve fought decades for. The capital would be Quetta, and the Baluchis could make a go of it, as one of the world’s largest gold and copper deposits is at Reko Diq in the west near Iran (it’s being developed by the Australian mining giant BHP Billiton). Further, the Chinese have spent $2 billion developing the Baluchi port of Gwadar (spelled Gawadar on the map) with state-of-the-art import/export facilities.

What would be left is a rump state of Sindh-Punjab plus the Gilgit-Skardu northern territory. If the Sindhis and Punjabis and Mohajirs can get along sufficiently, they could still have a single country however reduced in size and power – for the chaos should be used to shrink concomitantly the size and power of the Punjabi Pak military.

Such a plan is being worked on right now at the South Block headquarters of the Indian Defense Ministry in New Delhi. The generals all realize now they have to act alone without America. It is the same situation that Israel is in regarding Iran.There is even some talk – for there is a great deal of communication between the Indian and Israeli militaries – of coordinating attacks, Israel upon Iran’s nukes, Indian upon Pakistan’s nukes, simultaneously.

“Your president would be like a deer in the headlights if this occurred,” says one US-educated Defense Ministry fellow I know.“He’d be paralyzed.”

Pakistan has become the world’s most dangerous failed state. It needs to be disarmed and dismantled. Just like Iran.Working together and ignoring Zero, India and Israel may kill two nuclear birds with one cooperative stone.

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7 Responses to “How to break Pakistan, the world’s most dangerous failed state”

  1. K T said

    Finally an article that provides comic relief. LOL
    “Stop that – you’re behaving as a Punjabi.” I cracked up good at that one. People in India have the luxury of 25 such lines LOL.
    Funny article. Nice imagination, but impossible to achieve. Let US deal with the state they created. We will have nothing to do with Pakistan or its people.
    The same US wanted China to attack India in 1971 to prevent us from liberating East Pakistan. The same US now wants to kowtow to China to keep India and Pakistan under check. Pakistan is China’s bitch and America’s whore. US desperately needs Chinese dollar reserves to keep its economy going. China wants to curb India’s growth at any cost and the evil three – US,Pakistan and China have a common goal – An unstable India is in their interest. India should develop a strong look East policy and an equally strong look west policy.

  2. S said

    I do not agree with you. Regarding America – these people are completely removed from the threat of islam, and prior to 9/11 were not aware that such a vile ideology exists. Europe on the other hand is fast turning into Eurabia and so far no mainstream politician over there is speaking out against it. Geert Wilders is, but his is a lonely voice and Britain won’t let him into their country because his presence might cause the British muslims to riot. The situation is worsening by the day, and it is time that India, Israel and the U.S. joined hands to combat this menace. China has always sided with the jihadis, and it remains a threat, not only to India, but also to the U.S. It might interest you to know that China has territorial disputes with all its neighbours, including Russia and Pakistan.

    The global jihad is for every civilized country to worry about, and it is no use bringing up issues of 1971, when Indira was carrying the Nehruvian legacy of socialism instead of capitalism and stupidly leaning towards Russia. The Cold War is over, but most Americans remain suspicious of Russia, itself a victim of jihad.

    A lot of people have to wake up, both in the East as well as the West. With Pak’s nukes within the reach of Taliban, we don’t have much time left.

  3. Hina Kabir said

    Oh your blog is so much full of hatred…and you got quite a handsome gathering of foolish people who endorse your equally foolish ideas. When i read your blog; i was seriously hurt. Thought i should better knock some sense into you…whoever you are. How can you associate the dirt of one group with the wholesome image of a religion? Who are you to decide the fate of one nation? Your blog is surely a disappointment. For no good reason, you are generating negative vibes for yourself from around the world…for no reason, you are hurting your own self.

    Hats off to you for wasting your life and your time on spreading hatred. You are no less than a Taliban. I’m sure you haven’t read Quran, you haven’t seen the real Pakistan and you haven’t been given the chance to associate yourself with knowledgeable people who can talk some logic and sense with you. Taliban is not a religion but an institution. What they say or do has nothing to do with Islam. This group was specifically nurtured to do the killing. That institution is now backfiring, affecting everyone of us…including the Muslims. Everyone knows the truth; if they or people like you still want to live in fool’s paradise then you are most welcome!

    No religion is fool-proof. I have ample of sites and authentic sources to prove that Hinduism is totally absurd but i still respect the people who believe in it. I dont see any reason to put up a website and start calling you people or the country where you dwell in as a source of terror or danger coz this act is not only wrong but well below human level. Christians, Buddhists, Atheists, Hindus and Muslims…they are all human beings…Some good, other bad. If someone does mass killing, suicidal attacks then how sane does this idea look to put up a blog and start associating all the bad with the religion or country, the terrorists claim to belong to. Start respecting the differences and try making a difference in the life of people around you through good. Hatred and bad words is not going to give you anything. If a handful of people, having similar ideologies as you have would start dictating what should or should not be done then im sure only two, three people will remain in this world…others will be wiped out.

    I might not re-visit your site again…I might not give you any reasoning…(Why?: because im neither interested nor find any logic in you) The only motive behind giving you my precious five minutes is the fact that in our religion it is said that if you see anything wrong happening, then a) stop him from doing wrong b) if he don’t listen, then tell him its wrong c) if you can’t correct him then do feel bad about the wrong which is being done. I have played my part.

    The country you belonged to had Mother Theresa…her name will remain in this world coz she believed in humanity…for her, there were no Muslims, Pakis, Indians, Christians and Hindus…for her, it was just a service of humanity. She will be remembered and respected by each one of us. But I seriously don’t know how long will your preaching last…who will remember you once you will die (after all this is the fate of every living being).

    If you have so much ‘farigh’ time then do some social work. Help people…there is so much poverty and hatred all around us. Sponsor a child’s education, a patient. Think above those stereotypical ‘bad country’, ‘terrorist nation’ type things (Btw, you and Talibans share quite many similarities, you both think on the same lines :P ) and I’m sure you will find this world beautiful and less ugly.

    My prayers for you!
    A humble Muslim and a Proud Pakistani!

  4. K T said

    Hina, take your doublespeak and shove it up you self righteous rear :)
    We are at the end of our teether as far as cordial relations go with the TSP. Yes, you heard right – Terrorist State of Pakistan. Tell you what, save your five minutes, stay away from VILE Indian portals, and use your five minutes wisely tightening your bomb vest and make sure you go through the safety procedure well enough lest you self detonate :)

  5. K T said

    The global Jihad dates back by a good 1400 years. The world has been enduring this political ideology of hate for centuries. Whether the world wakes up to it or not is not our headache. We’ve faced the brunt of Islamofascists for centuries and fought them at every bend and will continue to do so till the logical end is reached. People are only just waking up… which is a good sign. The Americans chose to ignore the threat willfully. Let them face the music if they feel 9/11 was the handiwork of just a bunch of disgruntled Moslems despite mounting evidence linking it to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.
    US should really stop bothering about the Arab World. Let these savages kill themselves. Let them invade each other… for all the free world cares. Wilders and Spencer are real men who deserve to walk in the pants they wear. The rest are a bunch of pansies. Bunch of Dhimmis, no better than our Indian Netas who will never mend their ways and take a stand to say “ENOUGH”.
    Anyways, now that the election result is out, the leftists are definitely going to distance themselves from the Mullah brigade. Interesting times in store…

  6. K T said

    Prior to 9/11, US marine barracks was bombed in Beirut killing 299 service personnel including 220 US marines.
    USS Cole was bombed a year before 9/11.
    WTC Bombing in 1993(Islamic terrorism on american soil).
    Its a never ending saga from the Religion of Peace.
    People turn a blind eye as the wanton killing by Moslems continues for world dominance.

  7. S said

    K T,
    You might appreciate this site –

    Scroll down the country menu on the right side of the page, India’s history of jihad is there, as well as that of other countries. The USA’s first encounter with jihad was during the time of the Barbary pirates.

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