Islamic Terrorism in India

Most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims

The Muslims of Bombay, UP and Bihar enthusiastically supported the creation of Pakistan

Posted by jagoindia on May 13, 2009

The Muslims of Bombay, U P and Bihar were the first to respond to the call of Jinnah for partition and enthusiastically supported the movement for Pakistan. They became its vanguard. They were so fanatically charged by Jinnah’s slogan of “Islam in danger” and frightened by the bogey of Hindu domination, constantly raised by him that they were easily misled. “What is to happen to us who are being left behind?” He assured them that if any harm came to them, Pakistan would retaliate against the Hindus under its control. But he could not have been serious about that for he must have known that after the hate campaign he had unleashed against the Hindus, few of them would have dared to stay on in his Pakistan. And they did not; they fled in the most excruciating circumstances many died on the way, the rest reached India with nothing.

Uttar Pradesh was the cultural home of the Muslims. Although they were in a minority in that State, if Uttar Pradesh had not gone over to the cause of separation, Pakistan would never have become a reality.

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